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  1. Help for new online auctions
  2. This is choice.
  3. Free Agent Nation
  4. STUDY RESULTS: $1 opening bid NR (3 months)
  5. Im so mad I could cry!
  6. New Website
  7. eBay UK Changes Reserve-Price Policy
  8. help requested/ 2 fp or not 2 fp
  9. OK -I did it !!!!!!!!!
  10. New Orange nUde
  11. Why we make art
  12. If you are bored.
  13. The commission I'm working On
  14. Guess who is exhibiting at Atlanta ArtExpo?
  15. PayPal's auto (yeah, right) invoicing
  16. IMPORTANT!!! Check your Ebay account after paying!
  17. ebay just bought...........
  18. 2nd chance offer?
  19. Have you been noticing more views....
  20. New website up and running
  21. new update at ebay boards
  22. Bidding amounts now public on ebay.
  23. Should I fp this?
  24. Talking of prints and reproductions ...
  25. Online gallery dilemma.
  26. Ebay SRA changing to ASR?
  27. Promoting and posting artwork
  28. Modern day Venus de Milo
  29. Sellathon lock out
  30. Do you want to have a game for September?
  31. Pricing Dilemma
  32. Question on using Art By Us....
  33. eBay allow any price differences with other sites?
  34. how to paint edges black?
  35. Tip for Cafepress NonPremium Stores
  36. How do you finish your paintings sold on ebay?
  37. Are you happy with your internet sales?
  38. Labor Day weekend - Sept. 3 - Sept.6
  39. curry's canvases - shipping cost?
  40. Commissions and pricing
  41. New NPB process
  42. Trouble With E-Bay Search and Browse Yesterday
  43. to ebay or not to ebay???
  44. Internet art classes
  45. relisting a return
  46. Art Teacher!
  47. This sale feels good
  48. New eBay Layout?
  49. Do you think that this one will get things moving?
  50. Interesting
  51. I denounce ebay
  52. ebay slow to react to complaint
  53. Sale from website/money conversion question
  54. Game for September/Any Subject in Purple
  55. E-bay or Artbyus for my miniatures?
  56. reference photo site
  57. am I seeing things?
  58. shill bidding......would you report it???
  59. Off Topic New Kitty Her name is Elsa.
  60. Ebay FP - where is it
  61. method of shipping from U.S to U.K with insurance
  62. I wonder if this is paying his domain registration, at least... :)
  63. I need your opinion...
  64. I wish I hadn't done it.
  65. When eBay changed the bid history...
  66. Is it to early to prepare for holiday sales?
  67. Is it better to stick to one style selling art on Ebay?
  68. tips for organizing photos?
  69. Hi Sandra (sandge)
  70. Another Scam
  71. Print your own money series....
  72. Paypal Cart
  73. How important are good photos when selling on line?
  74. If you stopped selling on ebay, how are you marketing your art online?
  75. I think I will have a Labor Day Sale on some of my art
  76. I'm Lazy
  77. Today's Scam
  78. My first spoof email
  79. Look what I did
  80. What do you think about this one?
  81. Is It Okey To FP A Print?
  82. Billed for cancelled auctions?
  83. Small oil painting, should I paint a larger one?
  84. Sent Customers Paintings to the wrong person...
  85. another poll - 3 choices - to fp or not
  86. delay for international money order
  87. Desperation!
  88. How many "original" copies can you find?
  89. Anybody know anything about these guys?
  90. confused about top picture in listing
  91. Offline advertising and magazines
  92. Question for the Oil painters
  93. Buyer Naru'd - bid canceled
  94. Ebay Drop Down Sort Boxs Dont Work Now Unless You
  95. I can trump anyone's desperation.
  96. Red Rose for ebay!
  97. Please help me with store photo confusion
  98. Im Selling Up And Shipping Out !!!
  99. New Variation on an Old Scam
  100. Ebay at Atlanta Art Expo
  101. I don't think I can handle this anymore!
  102. discussion on eBay sell-through and profit margin
  103. ABU slow down
  104. First Listings on eBay and ABU
  105. Trying something off line
  106. Question On Folks "Watching" On E-bay
  107. ebay Power Seller Question
  108. What Is The Secret To Be A POWERSELLER????
  109. Why does EBay protect copyright for recording artists and software but not for visual
  110. need help getting 2 more feedback ratings
  111. My Auction format is to wide, help please
  112. Can You combine 2 ebay accounts?
  113. how do you close an ebay store?
  114. What a weird way to get a sale!
  115. how to ship from UK?
  116. Suggestions Requested for Websites
  117. Slides questions
  118. closing store SALE
  119. eBay Thumbnail Question
  120. Guestbook Suggestions?
  121. Website stuff again
  122. Your Return Policy
  123. The Baby Commission
  124. Maybe eBay IS consciously trying to destroy the art category...
  125. Holiday Sales
  126. My "off line" brochures
  127. Networking and Online Sales
  128. Auction Template
  129. Oh Please!
  130. question - working with ebay stores...
  131. What happened to this artist?
  132. "search" gone?
  133. Would this be considered a miniature?
  134. Ebay Art Fraud Article
  135. malicious bidding spree story
  136. Out of the loop -- what eBay issues?
  137. 2 fp or not 2 fp
  138. Your images on U.S. Stamps/good idea or not
  139. Ending Auction Early-are fees credited?
  140. packing
  141. Website in eBay Store
  142. Anything Goes In China...?!
  143. Whole WORLD BIDS For An Aucttion!!!!!!!!!
  144. Every cloud has a silver lining..........
  145. my ebay page pulldown menus
  146. popula
  147. marketing strategy
  148. Was this a bad move? - Rita-please respond too
  149. Artists (self representing)
  150. users can't login on ebay.com but can on .ca or co.uk
  151. need email address for ebay accounting?
  152. Looking for Musicians & Performing Artists Florida Tampa Bay Area!
  153. Question about Selling on EBAY
  154. Question about copyright infringement on Ebay
  155. Now the Gallery Pics are down
  156. What Canvas To Paint Oil Attracts More Bids????
  157. Will I Get Paid??? Until Now No Payment Response!!!
  158. I'm so excited :)
  159. LOL ~ Tony's up for auction again!
  160. My Puss in boots :)
  161. My new business plan
  162. USPS insurance online but not via PayPal
  163. learning html? here's a place to check your code
  164. My little study on benefit of FP...worth a look!
  165. Calendars anyone?
  166. In a gambling mood ...
  167. Off the topic---Learning the French Language
  168. The Freelance Market
  169. Found a good site for getting exposure....
  170. Gallery almost finished, critiques welcomed
  171. SSN required to ship into U.S.?!?!?!
  172. Need help with a sale. ??? possible scam
  173. I'm no longer with eBay and they are STILL causing me trouble.
  174. Are you interested in a game for October?
  175. Huh?
  176. Store item on auction.
  177. trouble with Yahoo/PayDirect and their auctions
  178. free listing day on yahoo & overstock.com
  179. Anyone know who this is?
  180. A Sensitive subject: Taxes on auctions
  181. ArtWanted
  182. Perhaps Overstock.com will lend an ear.
  183. Boiling mad at seller
  184. eBay shipping options
  185. Bidder Wants Me To Use His Shipping Account. Need Advise!
  186. Game for October consists of................
  187. OT Dick Blick sale on presentation cases
  188. You won't believe this! Good news boys and girls!
  189. Ebay changes
  190. Ebay policy change on ending listings early
  191. How do I start a web page?
  192. I Sold A Few With FP's!!!!
  193. What do you think of these ideas?
  194. Stamps.com photo program cancelled
  195. YAY ~ I have a bid
  196. Buy now buyer naru...rats
  197. the whimsy of ebay
  198. Abu
  199. The 5 nudes Commission from AGM
  200. Where did this visitor come from?
  201. Is This Price Okey To FP????
  202. Hello Everyone, I'm new here-
  203. I know what I did wrong!!!
  204. Thoughts for the future?
  205. art category changes are coming!!
  206. It is soooo slow out there........
  207. Why do some bidders bid immediately and others....
  208. Foggy aspect with acrylics
  209. I've seen it all now.
  210. Category suggestions please?
  211. What size for gallery pic?
  212. commissions on ebay
  213. I am going to lie and bid shill!
  214. Two Questions
  215. Everybody wants to be my best friend!
  216. What do you s'pose this person's looking for ... ?
  217. A phone call...
  218. My first student!
  219. Internet Sales Help & Stories???
  220. Acrylic Beach Babes
  221. How can an artist sell the same painting twice??
  222. if you ever can't sign onto ebay, try this
  223. what about ioffer?
  224. Is NFP working?
  225. ABU and Starting Prices~WHY?
  226. I know this cannot be real!
  227. This has gotta take the cake. ~ Ignorance is not bliss!
  228. a sign that I'm spending too much time online
  229. anybody having trouble accessing ebay today?
  230. overstock.com
  231. Do you ever change your images in midstream?
  232. Going, Going, Gone
  233. Welcome New Guides
  234. DECOR magazine article is out
  235. Have you ever sold your art without it reaching its reserve price?
  236. PayPal not working today.
  237. Off Topic - freecycle
  238. How many people (customers) are on dial-up?
  239. drawing popularity on ebay
  240. My new male model
  241. using 4WC
  242. How do most eBay art buyers prefer to pay?
  243. We have the Product Finder Links! Go Look!
  244. sellathon gremlins
  245. Anyone gotten anything like this from Overstock?
  246. A thought on using Ebay.
  247. What is "Original - Listed by Artist" ?
  248. When an auction gets pulled for miscategorization...
  249. hmmmmm
  250. I just went Crazy!