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  1. WetCanvas Live! With Larry Seiler
  2. Sessions and Outline of Up and Coming Lessons
  3. A Glimpse of Some of My Work...
  4. Robert's Notes (Do NOT post here)
  5. Session 1- Composition for the Painter...discussion, assignment
  6. Session 2- 120 Paintings... Outline, discussion
  7. Session 3-From the Literal...to the Suggestive- Painterly Realism
  8. Recommended books by Larry- (Do Not Post Here)
  9. Post Your Dailies here...120 Paintings
  11. Literal to the Suggestive...discussion...session 3
  12. Session 4- Imbuing Harmony & Unity with Undertones
  13. Session 5- Color, Values, Brushwork- Strategies to Improve Painterly Realism
  14. Ideas for NEW Series...???
  15. Experiments with Mediums...pushes and stretches
  16. 1st Webinar Recorded Series...available for purchase soon!
  17. End of quarter...my High School Paint student efforts..
  18. Up and Coming Webinar to Feature GOUACHE
  19. Announcement- repeat of first series Foundations...starting March 6th...
  20. Mar 6 elements of design assignment- share studies here
  21. My Go To Meeting Series on Foundations- For Reasons Paintings Work...NOW AVAILABLE!!!
  22. Sept 11- New Course- Plein Air Essentials- Take Control With A Values Driven Palette
  23. My Own Pushes...out of that Comfort Zone!
  24. Dec 11- Repeat Offering- Take Control With A Values Driven Palette
  25. Dealing with the Mid-Values Crisis...a malady more common than you might believe!
  26. Foundations in Plein Air starting April 30th...ANU
  27. Past Links to my helps, step by step WC threads
  28. Great Alaskan Plein Air Cruise...next June 2014...
  29. My son's painting for Time Magazine
  30. ANU- Artist Network University course of mine starting up April 22nd
  31. Aug 26th- Artist Network University- Plein Air...Fixing Value Issues...
  32. The Necessity of Interpretation...Especially painting outdoors!
  33. October 14th... Gaining Control with a Values Driven Palette- ANU course
  34. Working on New Advanced Painting Content for ANU courses
  35. a new Portrait Drawing Course with ANU..
  36. Good to Go...My First Portrait ANU course to start April 28th
  37. My Twelfth offering of four week ANU course on Plein Air painting foundations
  38. UP and Coming- Oil Painting BOOTcamp F&W Online Course...soon!
  39. Alla Prima Bootcamp- (oil painting online course now ready to sign up!)
  40. Building a Four Week Online Alla Prima Portrait Painting course...!
  41. Old Archived Step by Step and How to helps links of mine
  42. December 26th...two ANU courses starting up
  43. A .gif animation of a small Alla Prima study