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  1. Testing acrylic coating under charcoal and Retouch varnish before oil painting
  2. Oil Tube Puncture Question
  3. Safflower Oil vs Poppyseed Oil
  4. Glaze Medium how fast should it dry?
  5. Newbie question: problem using brush cleaner to thin a wash...
  6. Over Varnished painting?
  7. gluing canvas to masonite?
  8. Holbein Duo water soluble oils?
  9. Michael Harding
  10. Glaze Medium Not Drying?
  11. Advice on using Liquin Impasto, please
  12. Quinacridones
  13. Leaving brushes in turps?
  14. Alkyds... Brown the painting?
  15. Best way to clean palette
  16. Glass as a siccative
  17. Safest solvent to thin standard oil paints?
  18. Damar varnish
  19. Anybody Here Not Use Solvents?
  20. What medium?
  21. Best Oils for Quality and Value Together?
  22. Drying Linseed vs Liquin?
  23. Classic Oils Brand
  24. oil paint pigment powder??
  25. Retouch Varnish - drying time
  26. Donation recipients needed for Wallis Archival Sanded Paper
  27. Walnut Oil Binder
  28. drying medums?
  29. Canvas paper and varnish?
  30. Masonite
  31. Interesting article on Maroger's medium
  32. Reworking a background on a damar sprayed surface?
  33. fat over lean
  34. Cracking water miscible oils
  35. stretcher strips and cross braces
  36. How to get plaster-like surface?
  37. M. Graham White is oily!
  38. Cleaning alkyd out of brushes
  39. Isolationlayer on gesso
  40. You Tube's Women in Art, have you seen this
  41. Questions on Flake White
  42. Winton Flake white for an underpainting?
  43. Brush Cleaning with Bob R.
  44. From student to artists grade...wow!
  45. Cadmium Safety
  46. A question about "Fat over Lean", and cracking
  47. Why do some pigments "dry" faster than others?
  48. Questions about Damar and archival qualities
  49. Is paint yellowing a big deal?
  50. Liquin as "Varnish" coating on Oil Paintings
  51. About making Maroger Medium
  52. Leanest, Lean, Fat, Fatter, Fattest?
  53. Winsor Newton paint on Ebay...cheap
  54. Water Mixable Impasto Cracking?
  55. question about venice turpentine
  56. Oil of Copal??
  57. pigments designations
  58. Liquin turns black
  59. Linseed oil OVER Copal?????????
  60. damar Retouch medium, walnut alkyd medium, fat over lean
  61. primer over oil paint?
  62. Fast drying reds and yellows for underpainting?
  63. Lightfast replacements to cads? PY184 PR254?
  64. how to keep liquin from going cloudy
  65. Pouring turpenoid w/o spilling, help needed
  66. first time here. Question on liquin problem
  67. White Varnish
  68. Dangers of Zinc white in Oil. Graham Alkyd White a solution?
  69. What is your preferred Brand of canvas?
  70. Curious about a couple brands of oil paint.
  71. Amber Or Copal
  72. Oil & acrylic dilemma
  73. Storing paint thinner
  74. Thickened Liquin
  75. Best vegetable oil for brush cleaning bath?
  76. Varnishing & its effects on medium... what to do
  77. High-Pigment-Load Alkyd Oils from Da Vinci?
  78. fungus on paintings!! how do i clean them?
  79. Retouch Varnish then Dammar?
  80. Classic Oil Painting Medium
  81. Repairing splayed synthetic brushes
  82. Acrylic V Gesso
  83. change color of White Gesso
  84. Grumbacher spray-on Damar varnish
  85. Pigment mediums
  86. Do you add gesso primer to primed canvas
  87. Painting solvent-free
  88. Acid Number of OH c.p. Linseed
  89. Acrylic Canvas
  90. Question RE: Stuck Caps on Paint Tubes
  91. masonite vs mdf
  92. Acrylic modeling paste under oil
  93. Gamvar Varnish
  94. is it ok to paint over a varnished oil painting
  95. Maimeri Classico Acqua
  96. Delq medium
  97. How to Repair Old Paintings
  98. Need help with dammar varnish
  99. Grahams paint plus walnut oil?
  100. Lightening cadmium yellow?
  101. Oil Paint toxicity warning question...
  102. Gamvar Varnish - Help requested
  103. Holbein Duo Aqua oils and WN Artisan mediums
  104. Applying varnish to oil paint
  105. Painting Over Cracks?
  106. Oil Medium Number Two Bosler No. 2
  107. I violated fat over lean............
  108. Cadmium yellow med from cadmium yellow?
  109. professional grade paint?
  110. help!...Acrylic as a second gesso layer?
  111. Q: Oiling out before final varnish?
  112. Varnishing - Who's Responsibility?
  113. Da Vinci Alkyd Medium
  114. She said...are we having rabbit stew dear...
  115. Olive Oil for a painting medium
  116. Venetian vs Venice Turps in Canada
  117. Could anyone give me a few pointers on maintaining my oil brush? (I'm a newbie)
  118. What do you put your medium in?
  119. Oil of Spike
  120. Does Mussini yellow sooner?
  121. retouch varnish and final varnish
  122. Cracks in primer - problem?
  123. New Michael Harding Whites & "Reds"
  124. medium
  125. Maroger Medium
  126. Liquin&Titanium White
  127. Another use for paper a stretcher
  128. Another use for a paper stretcher
  130. Underpainting with acrylic paint
  131. Walnut Oil?
  132. question about mediums....
  133. plein air brush washers
  134. Gesso..Has anyone used this brand?
  135. palette surface
  136. best medium....
  137. Uses for Gesso
  138. Varnishing too early?
  139. Pigments, serious questions...
  140. Blue Ridge Oil Paints -- An Introduction
  141. Alakali vs. Cold Pressed Linseed
  142. Oil on Alkyd?
  143. Brilliant Blue Oil paint
  144. Winsor and Newton Oil Paints.
  145. gesso! might of screwed up..
  146. spray gesso
  147. Looking for Artist Quality Hog Brushes? Any Rec's
  148. cleaning oil painting surface, restoring/replacing finish
  149. Chroma Archival Oils Anyone?
  150. How do you solve your damar Crystels
  151. How you make your glazing medium or paint medium
  152. Drying Rate of Pigments
  153. Impasto Medium
  154. Testing for lead in paint
  155. oil paint medium
  156. Varnish Bottle will not open!!
  157. Safe to oil paint over Kamar Varnish?
  158. Damar/Gum Turp/Boiled linseed compatibility
  159. How's About A' Using Black Oil Over Linseed?!. . .
  160. Retouch Varnish?
  161. Clean edge with tape?
  162. Masonite panel: tempered or untempered?
  163. How do you get the lid off WN medium bottle?
  164. Switching from oil paint to acrylic
  165. Schmid medium
  166. Inconsistent Oil Paint Drying
  167. Acrylic medium over old alkyd
  168. i need a medium that will make my paint sticky like tar
  169. The best oil brand?
  170. Aging and yellowing test
  171. Yellowing Whites
  172. Do frame shops varnish?
  173. Gamblin Galkyd Medium Question
  174. glazing medium what how why???
  175. ?? Oil of Spike :: In Canada ??
  176. Question re Alkyd based thinners.
  177. best alternative to terps?
  178. How the heck do you paint on Masonite?
  179. Maimeri Puro - help please!?
  180. oil mediums
  181. painting mediums
  182. Do Maimeri Puro paints dry to a gloss?
  183. Getting rid of OMS or Turpentine
  184. Are water soluble oils bad for health?
  185. Canvas or Masonite???
  186. Repair / Restore Advice Needed
  187. A question about oil mediums
  188. Gesso and oil painting
  189. Munsell Book of Color
  190. Munsell Book of Color
  191. Delayed brush cleaning
  192. medium question...please help..
  193. URGENT HELP! Liquin is everywhere!
  194. Copper vs. Lead
  195. What if you don't use any oils medium
  196. water mixable oil brush cleaning, brush types
  197. Pigment advice needed
  198. Using Turpenoid as a medium
  199. Alkyd oils
  200. Why your oil paint dries so slowly--it's the solvent that does it
  201. trouble with retouching varnish
  202. Medium with Damar turned white..technical question.
  203. Gamvar and cold wax medium
  204. Do alkyds change color as they dry like acrylics?
  205. Blockx Flake White versus their "Mixed White"
  206. Knife vs. brush
  207. Blick acrylic-primed panels?
  208. Help needed --- in a muddle about mediums.. (Newbie)
  209. Liquin - what happened to this
  210. Tech question: Cyclohexanon instead of Damar in mediums?
  211. Copal medium
  212. Seeking tips re: well-water, feline safety, septic tanks, brush cleaning paranoia!
  213. Quick question about Liquin for you all.
  214. Cleaning your paint tube threads
  215. So W&N’s Artists Oil Permanent Alizarin Crimson PR177 is it..
  216. Poll Do you use Pure or Mixed medium?
  217. oiling out / varnishing options
  218. Using medium as varnish?
  219. Standard damar-stand-turp medium, do you remove the Wax?
  220. Fat over Lean with W&N Artisan Paints--Need Advice
  221. How to use medium and terpenting while keeping everything clean and organized.
  222. Is there a strong tinting brand titanium white?
  223. Blending brush and how to use it
  224. Sanding down oil paint for corrections and primer
  225. Type of Gesso you use
  226. Talens medium in US?
  227. how to store brush while painting..
  228. Semi Urgeent Technical Question - Varnish
  229. Sennelier Flake White Pigment
  230. do old oils and medium go bad?
  231. Isolating varnish
  232. Help-need to clean oil painting
  233. Removing Retouch Varnish
  234. Dual varnishing technique
  235. Need to speed up drying time
  236. URGENT Question: Drying Time for Varnish?
  237. retouch varnish as extender dryer
  238. Chemical question about Linseed Oil
  239. Any Australian/NZ users of lead white PW1 here?
  240. How to paint w/o solvents
  241. Hardware Store Varnish
  242. Experiences with Dick Blick Oil Paint
  243. Whats your biggest brush
  244. Resins and Their Uses
  245. Munsell Color System Chart pdf download
  246. Alkyd versus water-based oils
  247. Ivory or Lamp Black
  248. Walnut medium?
  249. Linseed oil yellowing test
  250. Copal varnish medium