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  1. Maroger's
  2. Oil on board without gesso?
  3. walnut oil to make "Magic White"?
  4. Titanium White oil paint consistency
  5. Flake white, which brand to use?
  6. Another flake white question
  7. synthetic brushes
  8. chemnitz white hazardous by inhalation???..
  9. gesso
  10. does retouch varnish fade?
  11. Varnish Qualities Matte vs Gloss
  12. Clear Acrylic Gesso
  13. Maimeri Puro oils and Wax Medium,??
  14. Newbie questions - mediums, framing, support...etc
  15. Daler-Rowney alkyd vs Liquin
  16. Question about Varnish
  17. Strange Lead White Results
  18. What Is The Best Replacment For Vermilion
  19. Spackle on canvas for smooth surface?
  20. Let's Look At Lead - Really
  21. gesso on dibond?
  22. Okay to cover Alkyd ground with acrylic gesso?
  23. gesso and oils
  24. Varnish for Water Soluble Oils
  25. retouch varnish
  26. medium with Damar AND Alkyd OK?
  27. Oil Mediums
  28. Turpenoid vs. Odorless Mineral Spirits
  29. Squeeze bottle for medium
  30. a lazy way to a clean pallet
  31. MUSSINI oil paints?
  32. how best to "force" cracking?
  33. arsenic in oil paints
  34. arsenic in oil paints
  35. Unknown White Pigment
  36. Varnish techniques in oil painting.
  37. Why does my medium gel over night
  38. Medium for fine detail?
  39. Thinning alkyds with a medium
  40. Can I mix Turps with Odorless Mineral Spirits?
  41. grumbacher gel, fat or lean?
  42. Painting over varnish?
  43. Finishing Varnish
  44. Zinc white to buy or not to buy?
  45. Zinc the most transparent?
  46. The most transparent pigments in each color
  47. Questions on using slow drying mediums
  48. Best medium for clear, transparent layers ??
  49. how can i clean my pallete?
  50. Brand Spanking New at Oil Painting
  51. Whos got the best Venice Turpentine on the market?
  52. Calcium Carbonate vs. Calcium Bicarbonate
  53. lead white ground over pre-primed shop canvas?
  54. How do you clean your brushes
  55. Furniture varnish on oil paintiing
  56. Brush Length
  57. How to safely dispose of Turpenoid & other chemicals?
  58. Oil Modified Alkyd Resin? Oil Bars?
  59. need new solvent for making varnish
  60. Acrylic on Oil: faux-pas?
  61. Alklyd Painting Medium..h__e__l__p__!
  62. Fredrix white lead primer
  63. Using wax in mediums
  64. rabbit skin glue?
  65. Thoughts about medium usage
  66. Unusual supports- amber, lexan
  67. is there a difference in quality of paint depending on where it was made?
  68. large tubes
  69. The best way to clean paint stains on carpet?
  70. Oil paint over acrylic paint?
  71. What priming Oil or Acrylic and why your choice ?
  72. Lead Primed Canvas
  73. Oil Paint Medium 3
  74. Do Acrylics with Glaze Medium Serve Just As Good As Oils?
  75. varnishing oil paintings
  76. Oil Primer
  77. Qestion about varnish
  78. Varnishing - Recent Historical Differences of Thought
  79. basic question about turpentine
  80. The Nature of Pigments and: Sorry - another color safety question
  81. VENTILATION in the basement
  82. Varnishing acrylic with damar or
  83. Flake white over Slower drying pigments
  84. W & N Ultramarine Blue Versus Rembrandt Ultramarine blue deep
  85. Question on stand oil...
  86. Problems making Damar Varnish
  87. Extending Drying Time
  88. Can I Use Dirt As An Oil Paint Pigment?
  89. One Coat or Many? Acrylic Gesso
  90. to varnish or not.
  91. badger-haired softening brush!?
  92. To improve my painting should I lean to draw with my brush?
  93. Can you suggest a good satin or matte varnish?
  94. Rublev Colours
  95. varnish problems
  96. Turpenoid or Gamsol
  97. Help - Oil painting is cracking and peeling
  98. Lukas Berlin Water Soluble Oils
  99. What happened to Permanent Pigments, OH?
  100. Galkyd Lite: can it dry faster?
  101. Painting with lead
  102. removing rabbit skin glue from linen, how to?
  103. A question about mixing oil and acrylic
  104. Genuine Vermilion compared to Cadmium Reds
  105. Walnut oil
  106. Lukas Sorte 1 vs Lukas 1862
  107. ? about masonite board
  108. How long will oils last in the tube?
  109. Oil content of pigments and other questions
  110. Varnish?
  111. Turpenoid instead of Turpentine in a medium
  112. Alizarin Crimson Vs. Permanent Alizarin Crimson
  113. Amazed by Drying Times
  114. Liquin Fine Detail and Light Gel
  115. Varnishing....must client wait six months?
  116. Flake White won't dry?!
  117. White Lead Ground
  118. Doak's cristallo medium
  119. What is a good oil based primer?
  120. Hardware/paint store low-odor solvent?
  121. Oil Painting Primer Application?
  122. shipping mediums overseas
  123. Preparing Masonite for oil painting
  124. Silverpoint on oil primer?
  125. Gamblin Art Sketching Oil Colors
  126. Drying Oil Paintings
  127. linseed Stand Oil
  128. too much glazing medium and near tragedy
  129. Winsor-Newton Water-Mixable Oils or M. Graham Oils
  130. New container for Liquin?
  131. New to oil painting - fire safety question
  132. toning canvas with acrylic
  133. Quality of oils used to paint...
  134. matte medium instead of gesso
  135. Dammar in oil medium, What's it for ?
  136. before i carrey a brush....
  137. Paints with safflower and poppy oil
  138. Drying Time
  139. sennelier paints and safflower oil vs standoil
  140. liquin is it to good to be true?
  141. Varnishing Liquin added paints
  142. Acrylic or Oil -HwyMan/scene
  143. How to Carry Solvent?
  144. Fat over lean theory
  145. Question re Linseed Oil yellowing..
  146. Any helpful links to brush care?
  147. Egg yolk medium for impasto effect
  148. bottles for mediums...
  149. WARNING- Holbein Genuine Vermilions not lightfast!!!
  150. I have a ? about stand oil
  151. Daler Rowney Medium
  152. Daler Rowney Medium
  153. GRUMBACHER Gum Spirits of Turpentine
  154. Damar Varnish Cracking
  155. Contact Winsor & Newton?!
  156. Venice Turpentine from horse and tack suppliers???
  157. Canola Oil as medium???
  158. Drying times of pigments
  159. venetian turpentine and mineral spirits?
  160. Drying paint quicker?
  161. Another brush washing question
  162. Brush cleaning- environmental question
  163. oil layers cracking and drying times
  164. Stretcher Bars
  165. Blockx Amber Varnish
  166. Where to buy Safflower oil?
  167. SP Gesso. What is it?
  168. oil painting w/o turpentine?
  169. Oil painting with earth pigments
  170. Help needed with earth pigments
  171. alternate mediums ...
  172. Painting Help
  173. Mineral Spirit
  174. Applying Rabbit Skin Glue
  175. Michael Harding Foundation White
  176. Tips On Stretching An Archival Canvas
  177. Most opaque titanium white?
  178. I need a REALLY thick medium that dries clear
  179. Help! Liquin is dissolving my brushes.
  180. Winsor Newton Oils
  181. Help!!! with gesso and oils
  182. Poll: Varnish
  183. Damar in mediums
  184. Aluminium oil paint tube
  185. Hasten paint drying time
  186. a fast drying paint over a slow dryer
  187. Bright verses Flat Brush
  188. strange question on intentional cracking
  189. Liquin as a protective finish? (instead of varnish??)
  190. Painting with oil and pigments
  191. oil paint over acrylic
  192. paint thinner
  193. Is there a way to clean/filter thinner?
  194. Mastic Tears
  195. Fast drying oils
  196. Turpenoid or the like availability ?
  197. Grumbacher retouch varnish spray: stale?
  198. Liquin Fine Detail combustion problem?
  199. Need info on W&N griffin alkyd fast drying oil paints??
  200. background liquin problem, please help.
  201. White Spirits vs Odourless Mineral Spirits
  202. problem with varnish
  203. Any Advice on helping quicken drying time
  204. Ventilation
  205. Sanding vs. damp rubbing gesso
  206. Need advice about gesso
  207. How toxic is turps?
  208. An oil paint brand question...
  209. Cheap but good (industrial) pigments?
  210. Speeding up the drying of walnut oil?
  211. Glazing Medium
  212. Rabbit skin glue query - liquid at room temperature
  213. What brand gallery wrap canvas?
  214. Medium For Oils (When you don't Have Liquin)?
  215. Gesso over old oils?
  216. What is the best ARCHIVAL CANVAS/CANVAS BOARD?
  217. preparing MDF or masonite for oils
  218. Varnishing and packing oil paintings
  219. Does anyone remember smaller tubes?
  220. Brittle Zinc
  221. Looking for a recipe
  222. Amber
  223. gel medium as glue
  224. Liquin Help please
  225. Masonite Boards
  226. Alkyds vs Acrylics - when you can't use REAL oils
  227. M. Graham paint on sale
  228. Objective tests of oil paint brands?
  229. Mixing paint with varnish to speed up drying time
  230. Who would do a malicious thing like this?
  231. Liquid Lead and Cobalt medium fumes toxic???
  232. Acrylic fingernails and turp?
  233. Damar varnish problems
  234. Lead primer over acrylic primer
  235. Clean UP
  236. lightfast test, chalking oil paint?
  237. What Medium Will Make Winton Oils Flow?
  238. i really like turps !!!!
  239. Lead Tin Yellows from Natural Pigments
  240. Grumbacher Copal Medium
  241. Canvas archival problem-help!
  242. Q re fast drying pigments, Williamsburg earth tones
  243. Surface finish on completed painting...
  244. Painting distance /length of brush ?
  245. Need feedback on brush care
  246. What's the difference between Cadmium Ye
  247. Oil Absorption Rate for Various Pigments
  248. Cold-pressed Linseed Oil - yum yum.
  249. Painting on a black primer surface
  250. Resins and Varnishes - what can you recommend?