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  1. Cleaning brushes with just oil?
  2. Oiling out over safflower oil?
  3. First bottle of Liquin
  4. Manganese Violet?
  5. Water mixable oil thinner and medium question
  6. Fixing pencil sketch on canvas for oil painting using thin gesso
  7. liquid white
  8. Fuzz Stuck to Varnished Oil Painting
  9. Repair dented/cracked masonite panel?
  10. painting on thick plastic
  11. Fat oil painting mediums
  12. Problem with tacking glaze
  13. Buying brushes online - bad idea?
  14. Oiling out lint free application material
  15. help with mediums for water mixable oils
  16. proper treatment of 2" canvas side, painted or taped?
  17. Water mixables losing their specialty
  18. Something new to try
  19. What is meant by "white spirits"?
  20. Do I need to wait a year to glaze?
  21. broken lids on tubes
  22. oil or acrylics-which 1?
  23. Lefranc extra fine oil paint
  24. Soapy water instead of turps to clean brushes?
  25. LED lighting
  26. Scratch marks on finished painting - how to fix?
  27. New Zinc white research
  28. Maroger and Liquin mediums
  29. Harding Whites will they dry out?
  30. Anyone tried cloves (the spice, not the oil)?
  31. Is it really necessary to use mediums in oil painting?
  32. Two questions about varnishing oil paintings
  33. Another varnish question.
  34. angled brushes
  35. Some tips for cleaning brushes with oil
  36. Using an "Oil Wash" technique?
  37. Seeking Help With Oil Paint Texture
  38. Gemline Aluminum Panels
  39. Traditional Gesso ground
  40. Hello! A few questions here
  41. Reversible Pigments.
  42. Painting is wrinkled and cracked
  43. Recycling OMS
  44. I made a wood pallet
  45. Underappreciated pigments
  46. WMO fast dry medium technique question
  47. Artisan Fast Drying Medium
  48. Need help with damaged painting
  49. Satin, Matte, Gloss
  50. Genuine Carmine NR4?
  51. A new one for me - Scent Dispenser Damages Painting
  52. Misconceptions about painting on panel/finely sanded canvas
  53. Wrong to use walnut alkyd medium and linseed on same painting?
  54. Gamvar on oil painting with silver leaf
  55. My mom's estate has a while bunch of Bellini paint
  56. It is now 2019. Do you know where your Transparent White is?
  57. Oil painting became too slick
  58. Small details
  59. Alkyd Resin Thickening in Storage
  60. Chemistry for Understanding Oil Painting
  61. Adding tooth to stand oil
  62. characteristics of pigment - using acryl and watercolor
  63. safflower oil becomes murky?
  64. oil over heavy acrylic paint
  65. DIY Brush and Palette Racks
  66. Long-term storage of paintings on panels
  67. If you could have only one brand new pigment..
  68. St Petersburg Master Class Oils, Langridge, and Maimeri Puro
  69. Winsor & Newton Artist oils tube design?
  70. Langridge paint - Titanium Grey - PW6.1
  71. Small bubbles in oil painting - any way to remove?
  72. Question for you slippery Ampersand people
  73. Can water miscible linseed oil be used with regular oils?
  74. Holbein Color Chart
  75. Results of Transparent White tests
  76. Winsor & Newton Artist Oil - Chrome Yellow Hue and Bright Red question
  77. Preparing HDF panel - why water?
  78. Best Black Pigment
  79. Failure with Winsor Newton Artisan Paints
  80. Question about painting in Oils using no turps or mineral spirits
  81. Problem with slick primed linen
  82. Brush conundrum
  83. Effectively cleaning brushes?
  84. Old tubes with lids stuck on
  85. Blue Ridge oils
  86. What's your ground?
  87. Whatís wrong with turpentine?
  88. Is it possible to remove pigment from oil used for cleaning brushes?
  89. Using M. Graham walnut oil
  90. Anyone have a good source for primed, fine-weave Linen canvases?
  91. Creating a cotton/linen like texture in gesso on a panel
  92. Genuine Van Dyke Brown (NBr 8)
  93. Help with Comparing paints, especially cadmiums
  94. Any Sources of Hooker's Green (PG8) in Oils?
  95. Permalba oil paints
  96. Any experience making your own mediums.
  97. Brightest Earth Red
  98. Rumor: Acrylic delaminating
  99. Best matte varnish for oil on canvas?
  100. Weber Turpenoid Natural MSDS
  101. Indoor air cleaning for solvents
  102. Your Paints May Contain Toxic Chemicals. ...How to Avoid Harming Yourself/Environment
  103. Cool/Black-Leaning Raw Umbers
  104. Underpainting style
  105. Back to Oil Painting Solvent Free
  106. Humongous disposable palette
  107. Can varnish be applied over cracked oil paintings?
  108. Have you purchased a demo video by Mark Boedges?
  109. Oil painting ventilation and mask help!
  110. Oil painting best team for non toxicity
  111. Grumbacher Gainsborough
  112. Best surface for professional work
  113. Book: Earthen Pigments: Hand-Gathering & Using Natural Colors in Art
  114. Diy palette. Which ground color ?
  115. Leave brushes full of paint without cleaning for next use
  116. Changing Aspect Ratio From Photo Reference to Support - x-posted Composition and Desi
  117. Winsor & Newton caps cracking
  118. WN Tubes Leaking
  119. Best gold oil paint?
  120. Are paper towels with oil on them closed in plastic a fire hazard?
  121. What's in a typical oil ground?
  122. Jackson's Artist Oils
  123. For making non or less absorbent grounds
  124. Nothing wrong with starting again.
  125. Flame risk?
  126. Question about alkyd based oil paints
  127. Anyone know of any historic record of paint brands/manufacturers?
  128. Anyone use paint tube extruders?
  129. Emulsion ground №443
  130. Isolating layers of paint, delamination risks
  131. Best Value Cadium Yellow
  132. Beginner: Picking a palette with 200ml tubes?
  133. List of artistís oil paint manufacturers
  134. Best Cheap Oil Paint
  135. Pochade easels: Strada vs Edge Pro
  136. The Green Death?
  137. Rough (Opposite of smooth) panel prep?
  138. Just how flat does a flat panel need to be? Projections on rear.
  139. Cold wax and oils
  140. Brushes for portraiture
  141. Still confused about oil mediums
  142. Bamboo panels as painting surfaces
  143. Masters Brush Cleaner Question
  144. Winsor & Newton - safflower or linseed
  145. Alkyd/Alkyd hybrid paints,Do they keep there color?
  146. Newbie oil question
  147. Full gloss enamels
  148. bit of handholding needed, gessoes
  149. A room just for paintings? Help
  150. Just Paint article from GOLDEN about the Yellowing of Oils
  151. Oil Painting On Paper
  152. Another grounds/gesso thread!
  153. Griffin Alkyd White
  154. Inky Oil Paint
  155. Some questions about Venitian Method
  156. Egg tempera, etc?
  157. Permalba with chalking and rabbit skin glue as grounds?
  158. Generic Gamsol/Sansodor
  159. Storage; drying time; commission questions
  160. Where does neo megilp go in layers?
  161. Alkyds vs artist grade Oil
  162. Dirty Oil
  163. Why add solvents to a slow drying medium recipe?
  164. I made a booboo. Will my painting fall off the canvas?
  165. Fixing a loose brush
  166. Oil Substrates
  167. Transparent form of PY110 (often called Indian Yellow)
  168. Palette or not
  169. Latest oily rag experiment
  170. Strange request: Help me figure out how I did this
  171. Slow drying oil mixture medium... Bad idea?
  172. Preserving paint
  173. How to seal oil painting with oil-based pencil too
  174. Gamsol more toxic than turps? (LC50 5g vs 12g)/M3
  175. Painting on Polyester or Sailcloth
  176. Technical question about accelerating drying oils
  177. incorportating drawing with my oil paintings
  178. Painting ergonomics - doing detail work
  179. Acrylic or Watercolor
  180. Spike lavender oil
  181. Do I need a white oil ground on panels if I tint them anyway?
  182. Technical question: have you ever painted over a varished painting?
  183. Is Zinc White really this bad?
  184. How are hog bristles harvested ?
  185. Safflower Oil Question
  186. Smooshing / blending tools for paint?
  187. Brushes for Water-Mixable oils
  188. Mahl Stick Alternatives
  189. Another thread about lead white
  190. Museum visit, how'd they get those whites?
  191. dummies guide to mixing and mediums needed
  192. Ink between oil layers
  193. Oil primer with paint and alkyd medium?
  194. WC Chemists! Can you assess Green for Oil thinner by the SDS? +First Impressions
  195. Old unused tubes drying out. Help!
  196. Water Based Turps
  197. Nifty Video - Making Stack Lead White Pigment
  198. Will Liquin Original overpower the slow drying time of stand oil?
  199. That old question again!
  200. Cennini Oil Paint?
  201. Un-stiffening Oil Paints
  202. Cobra v Holbein
  203. Walnut Oil Photo and Question
  204. Canvas Paper for Oil Painting
  205. Keep palette wet for next day or week
  206. Gesso surface, diluition?
  207. Can i paint on line cloth for lunch?
  208. Which black dries fastest?
  209. Is there enough gesso on my canvas?
  210. Bob Ross brand paints are not lightfast?
  211. Gesso/primer/ground for water soluble oils?
  212. Grocery Store Safflower Oil for Cleaning Brushes - Paint Drying Test
  213. Plywood as ground
  214. Why do metal tubes work so well at keeping paint fresh?
  215. Is Oil Paint suitable to be use on plastic model?
  216. Grisaille - Bistre - Brunaille - Chiaroscuro - Verdaccio - Verdaille
  217. Can I use watercolor medium on water mixable oil paint?