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  1. Old oil paint
  2. comparing water soluble oils
  3. Thick, sticky oil?
  4. Oiling out still tacky after weeks...what next
  5. low toxicity oil paints & mediums
  6. is linseed more flexible than walnut?
  7. Long term users of alkyd mediums
  8. Holbein Duo Technical Difficulties
  9. Silica
  10. lead pencil lead oil paint do they marry well?
  11. Oil painting issues article
  12. Quincridone Violet or Permanent Magenta
  13. linen on board with RSG doesn't need another stretch?
  14. Removal of stubborn/ yellowed old varnish/ varnish run from old painting.
  15. Does Mussini have OMS / Mineral Spirits In It?
  16. Claessens oil prime with zinc
  17. Pigment migration with saponification
  18. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 as primer on wood?
  19. An Excellent Article
  20. Tell me how long, do I have to wait
  21. Transporting Oil Paintings of Various Sizes
  22. Sealing Mixed Media
  23. Another rank beginner question...
  24. Dumb question ? could u paint on linen attached to sollid panel then remove put onto
  25. Can a painting on canvas panel be removed from the backing?
  26. Purple pigment and Cobalt dryer
  27. "Structures" in Oil Paint if it gets too hot? Any idea what that means?
  28. Paint over this acrylic painting with oil? Afraid to ruin! Advice to finish!?
  29. Golden Open Acrylics vs. Oil Paints for portraits
  30. A Colour Checker
  31. Anybody tried the newish Sennelier Rive Gauche oils?
  32. I've fallen in love!
  33. Sunlight to remove yellowing
  34. Toning the canvas with a handful of dirt.
  35. Painting on wood: varnish
  36. How do you paint in a heatwave?
  37. Affordable demo...
  38. Water Mixable Oils
  39. Oil or Acrylic Primer for Water Mixable Oils?
  40. Something in the drying process of oil paint is making me sick.
  41. Retouching / Exhibition varnish HELP???
  42. Beard Growth for maximum painting potential
  43. thick paint....
  44. Oil of Spike Lavender - Tad Spurgeon pulls no punches
  45. Can you "season" wood palette with walnut oil?
  46. Solvent Free Painting
  47. advise for a beginner
  48. Stronger, lighter cradles
  49. New and looking for supplies advice.
  50. Can I final varnish touch dry water mixable oil paintings?
  51. Mixing Neo-Meglip with Liquin safe?
  52. My signature stinks!
  53. Mixing Oil Paint Brands
  54. Drying time for acrylic gesso
  55. Oil Paint Brand Review
  56. Full on Darth Vadar for sanding lead paint?
  57. Attaching linen to panels
  58. Questions about gel mediums
  59. Purpose of Pine Rosin pieces?
  60. When can I varnish?
  61. Refined Linseed oil + Mars Black + Flake White = dry to the touch within the hour???
  62. Old Holland oil set at Jackson's
  63. Label on Jack Richeson hardboard panels
  64. cobalt drier
  65. Interesting side effect from experiment re: yellowing
  66. Weber RESIN-OIL MEDIUM 789
  67. Interesting article from Just Paint
  68. Does Liquin generally dry to an even sheen?
  69. Why I don't use natural resins
  70. Outdoor Painter article on WMOs: "Working Out the Kinks of Water-Mixable OIls"
  71. gessoing over sanded down oil paint
  72. oil vs water
  73. Walnut oil slipperiness question
  74. Tech Forum thoughts.
  75. mediums
  76. Gesso reactivating or becoming sticky
  77. Oiling out with Galkyd Lite and Gamsol
  78. Dibond, Primer and Adhesion question
  79. Technically Off-Topic
  80. Why do oil paints dry pale and dull
  81. Your favorite sites for conservation, techniques, materials
  82. Have any of you tried India Ink as an underpainting?
  83. trying to save some space
  84. Recommended Student Grade paints for Opaque Synthetic Earth colours
  85. Varnishing WMO paintings
  86. best synthetic alternative to hog bristle brushes?
  87. Problem with oil being sucked dry
  88. Interesting paper on Oils & Pigments by Danish painter w/ BSc in Art Restoration
  89. what ingredient difference between artists/ house paint please having a brain fart mo
  90. what Are Utrechtís Cadmium-Free Oil Colors made of?!!!. . .
  91. Shiva transparent marble white-experiences?
  92. More SPECIFIC TIME allowed to paint wet on wet using Gamblin Galkyd Slow Dry?
  93. couple of questions.....need some help please
  94. Continuing from the Sennelier green thinner discussion
  95. Student Grade Titanium White query
  96. Lights, darks, deeps, pales
  97. Latex Paint as a ground?
  98. Scumble defined
  99. The paint adhesion thread
  100. Difference between paper and panel support
  101. Oiling out
  102. the virtual palette
  103. Ivory Rosemary brushes.
  104. What are the drying agents in paints?
  105. Earth Tones Palette?
  106. "Cadmium-barium" labelling vs "cadmium"
  107. Staples tacks and corrosion (oh my)
  108. Paint making-silica and wax
  109. Possible Non-lightfast colours in Student Oil Ranges
  110. How are Hog hair brushes made for oil painting ?
  111. Linseed oil/turpentine ratio for a matt finish in oil paintings
  112. natural greens
  113. VOC in oil paint? sorry to be a party pooper ;?
  114. Daniel Smith Bismuth Yellow
  115. Varnish is streaky
  116. even coverage on stretched canvas
  117. Is this mixed media?
  118. Making your own filbert brush
  119. Metallic and neon paint
  120. Crystal-like grit forming in oil paint tube threads?
  121. Black Oil: NP vs OM
  122. best bristle brushes
  123. Measuring proportion of liquid medium added to paint
  124. Medium
  125. Oil Bleed Canvas Conservation- What would you do
  126. Prohibition Oil Medium
  127. Flemish technique - oiling out problem
  128. Soft brushes for oil painting ....
  129. devoe raynolds emerald green
  130. how thickly did various artists paint?
  131. Zinc White
  132. Lost the link
  133. How to make an opaque and vibrant magenta?
  134. migration of pigment...?
  135. Pigment Content
  136. Possible to paint on plastic?
  137. Linseed Oil Splotches - Help!
  138. First layers= Paint+Turpenoid..Later Layers= Paint+Stand Oil/Turpenoid Medium
  139. Gamsol
  140. Gamsol
  141. Damar varnish as retouch varnish?
  142. Indian Yellow WAS made from Cows Urine
  143. Utrecht Cadmium-Free oil paints
  144. Spatula style painting/palette knife
  145. Best Brushes
  146. using leftover paint to stain next canvas?
  147. Help find an easel
  148. Hi Everyone...I have a question.
  149. Repair Advice for 80 Yr Old Painting
  150. Abram Arkhipov technique ....
  151. monetary aspects of technique
  152. The type of aluminum support
  153. deep reds
  154. WMO fat over lean question
  155. tell me how to use reds
  156. any abstract oil painters around?
  157. will Spaying charcoal fixative on canvas disrupt the paint bond?
  158. Fingers
  159. Totally surprised
  160. Impasto Medium
  161. Maroger/Neo Megilp/Liquin Light Gel
  162. Holbein Duo medium drying rate test
  163. Gamblin Galkyd Gel vs Solvent Free
  164. favorite natural earth brands
  165. Who makes the largest oil painting disposable palette?
  166. What! Black in my Burnt Umber? Why?
  167. Water based oil paints
  168. Blick email: "Try the First-Ever Cadmium-Free Oil Paint!"
  169. Making Liquid Clear
  170. Something besides turpentine indoors?
  171. Clove oil drying experiment
  172. Discovering Solventfree Solvents
  173. oil paint drying weirdly
  174. How was this painted?
  175. Problem with Cold Wax Medium
  176. An Article about Artists
  177. Rembrandt Gold and Orange Ochre
  178. Blick's new color swatches
  179. Concentration of medium in layers when following fat-over-lean
  180. New to oils 1) transparency?? 2) Kama paints?
  181. Strathmore Oil Painting Paper 400
  182. Oils on Strathmore 500 illustration board
  183. Larger Oil Paint Tubes Banged Up/Distorted
  184. Oil Over Acrylic
  185. Cleaning dried oil brushes
  186. The price of ACM panels is going up
  187. Varnishing TIPS
  188. Printing reference or from screen?
  189. can I mix venice turpentine with winsor and newton blending and glazing medium?
  190. Soluvar Varnish.....Never again!
  191. Need help - First layer still wet after 4 weeks
  192. Is oil paint airplane safe?
  193. So I bought the Sennelier green products...
  194. Flexible Alkyd Varnish Recipe'
  195. Water mixable medium and regular oil paint
  196. Cad-Free Oils from Utrecht
  197. Oils on Masonite in Humid Climates
  198. Illumination color temperature
  199. Daylight Studio Lighting
  200. armenian earths - hi Gigalot!
  201. Help for a big white painting
  202. Quick question about mixing oils
  203. Amber Varnish - Different brands
  204. Glue/adhesive suggestion between oil painting layers?
  205. Casein underpainting on oil primed linen panels?
  206. Question about alkyd mediums
  207. Toxicity of Solvents
  208. Titanium White pigment is a photocatalyst
  209. Potentially bad news for those who do acrylic underpaintings...
  210. Pigment load - numbers
  211. Real gesso vs acrylic gesso for oils
  212. rembrandt carmine vs. perm madder dp X-post
  213. Interesting history behind Magic White (the original Liquid White)
  214. Oiling out.. for acrylics
  215. Paint not drying. Why?
  216. Safe concentration of Zinc and Aluminum stearate
  217. Jacksons professional oil paints
  218. Harding Titanium Oil- did you ever compare the whites?
  219. DaVinci Pro Panel Ultra Smooth
  220. Interesting article about pigments
  221. Gesso Oil Ground recipe or link?
  222. Resurrected Manganese Blue for those who can't live without it
  223. Alternative brush cleaners
  224. Brush making DIY tools
  225. Philosophical Musings about the Quest for the Holy Grail, using Maroger as an Example
  226. Hello I'm new to oils
  227. A question about lighting. The right temperature for paintings vs viewing
  228. Sum Dope Black Paint
  229. differences between talc, lime and chalk as an additive to oil paint
  230. Digital art projector for smaller work
  231. Liquin Drying Problem
  232. An Investigation Of The Removability Of Naturally Aged Synthetic Picture Varnishes
  233. Yellow Ochre / Yellow Oxide (PY43/PY42) question
  234. Can W&N Retouching Varnish be used over Gesso?
  235. What to use in between layers of oil paint?
  236. Any way to speed up the sun-thickening process of oils?
  237. Old Mediums
  238. Odd Interior Lamp Color-rendering and Perception
  239. WMO paints & mediums with 'real' oils
  240. Cold Wax and varnish
  241. cracked canvas
  242. Oil Painting Tool: Suspension Stick?
  243. Tearing Sized Canvas
  244. oil paint on top of acrylic?
  245. how to paint a purplish sunset
  246. Cold in the studio
  247. Marseille Soap Pellets - For brush cleaning
  248. Beginner Questions
  249. Lead whites
  250. Allergy perhaps to ingredient in acrylics?