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  1. marble dust absobent?
  2. Lefranc & Bourgeois Revamp?
  3. Leading oil with fishing weights
  4. Warped panel - help urgent
  5. Disappointed in the small sizes of Mixacryl Brushes
  6. Liquin is super smelly! Alternatives?
  7. Solvent-Free Gels with Schmincke Mussini Colors
  8. Michael Harding non-absorbant acrylic primer
  9. painting over old canvas?
  10. Questions about Schmincke Medium W
  11. Single Pigment Paints (Alkyd)
  12. Making your own Schminke W?
  13. Drying glaze?
  14. Opinion of Masters Touch Fine Art Studio Paints?
  15. Oil Paint Brands Product Life Cycle
  16. Surely there must be some brushes out there that last more than 5 mins!
  17. Gamvar Question
  18. Colors of Nature Oil Paints from Canada
  19. A Few Questions Re. Mediums and Varnish
  20. Omege Frames - Xpost from Studio Tips
  21. How do you store leftover paint?
  22. Looking to talk to Fresco Artist I am going to school
  23. Benjamin Moore artists oil paints
  24. oil paint mediums
  25. Do you have a black on your palette?
  26. Oil painting over unprimed canvas. Can I save it?
  27. Colour Alternatives
  28. Differences in oil paints
  29. Mahogany Panels
  30. Glazing mediums for oil painting
  31. Tinting strength of Yellows
  32. Favorite Oil Paint Colors by M Graham & Old Holland
  33. How do you SLOW drying time?
  34. Paint no good after 24 hours out of the tube?
  35. Final varnish
  36. consistent large volume of glazing paint
  37. Water Damage
  38. Cleaning Paint Tubes and Caps?
  39. Fading oils on primed wood
  40. varnish/ glaze?
  41. pre-stretched canvas
  42. Alla prima painting- addition of oil versus solvent
  43. Are 'good' painting sessions merely delusional?
  44. Mulling paint - websites, info and advice
  45. thining down palette knives?
  46. Fast Drying Glaze Medium
  47. Carole Marine idea for taboret
  48. Attaching an oil painting to a board question
  49. What is in Gamblin paints?
  50. Rubber Gloves
  51. Cleaning Confusion
  52. Dry mounting canvas
  53. Vegan-friendly brushes?
  54. Student Vs Artist Paint in Lower Saturation Paintings
  55. Scheveningen colors take forever to dry?
  56. glazin' medium outta' Sun-Thickened. . .
  57. Yellowing of Oil and reversing it with diffused sunlight
  58. Old Holland Driebergen Violet
  59. Dry time before varnish - specific case
  60. Isaro Oil Paints
  61. Mars black matte?
  62. Making your own Impasto Medium
  63. Painting on plywood
  64. Are any markers safe to use UNDER an oil painting?
  65. Acrylics without using water in the formulation?
  66. PVA - rubbish and needs to be avoided... or ok?
  67. Acqyla water based resin paint- any good?
  68. I need my oils to dry fast... how?
  69. Question about toner
  70. Gamblin Modern Organic paints
  71. Turps residue (as my brush cleaner)
  72. Possible solution to the Maroger/meguilp debate ???
  73. Removing oilpaint and using acryllic after
  74. Painting oil over acrylic medium, primed polystyrene board?
  75. Unmixable colour list?
  76. Painting Technique of Lucian Freud
  77. Beading up...and how to combat it?
  78. Varnish type for light valued paintings?
  79. Pigment for Red Gold Lake?
  80. Gluing a finished Oil painting to board
  81. Paint question
  82. Who sells oil paint in cans?
  83. good quality 200ml? 10eur price class
  84. Chalk
  85. Need advice on keeping brushes and palette wet for many days
  86. Looking to identify this brand of linen...
  87. What WSO mediums would replicate my traditional Liquin/turps combination for glazing
  88. New zinc article and testing from Golden.
  89. How to open this can? LOL
  90. Winsor & Newton Mediums
  91. What are your favorite tubes of oil color?
  92. Oiling out and glazing - which comes first?
  93. Adding a leveling agent to Acrylic Gesso
  94. Triangle Coatings Classic oils ?
  95. Airbrush medium analog?
  96. Largest Canvas : Primed or raw
  97. Glazing with Transparent Oils
  98. My new favorite drawing sealing method
  99. Solvent free underpainting
  100. what support to use for oil pastels?
  101. Opinions of Burnt Umber in landscape painting
  102. New technical development for 'non-yellowing' linseed oil
  103. the langnickel 5090 in the 70s and 00s. Short-handled?
  104. Percentage of Zinc in Titanium White Oil Paints - more information
  105. Titanium White - a way to make it "stiffer" and fast drying
  106. Experience with Raphael Kevrin
  107. Deciding between Art Treehouse and Gamblin mediums and need input...
  108. Noob: What is a solvent and what is a medium?
  109. Mediums and the like
  110. Is there a matte or satin oil painting medium?
  111. Fat and Lean
  112. onions and alkyds
  113. Safflower oil - Clear or Yellow?
  114. Seriously: Does alizarin crimson ever dry?
  115. Terminology
  116. Safflower oil - Clear or Yellow?
  117. brush care. Soap vs. special cleansing agents
  118. Sealing wood
  119. Walnut Oil as Medium
  120. Toxicity in Pigments- Regardless of Medium
  121. Questions about varnishing and oiling out
  122. Thoughts on Sennelier (and first post)
  123. Warped Ampersand Gessoboard
  124. Feel of brushes after cleaning
  125. Varnish lifting off oil color? Varnish Woes!!!
  126. Is it okay to NOT USE MEDUIMS?!
  127. Question about alkyd mediums
  128. Glaze Mediums and recipes, what do you use?
  129. W&N Cobalt Violet Dark (PV14) - found some!
  130. Cat's tongue, dagger and round brushes
  131. Liquitex Solvuar Varnish on oil paintings?
  132. Jetty Street Cromer 1890
  133. High Gloss Varnish - Not Satisfied with W&N Artisan "Vernis Brillant"
  134. What glue to use for collage on oil painting
  135. Has anyone tried mixing spirit based enamel paint with oil paints?
  136. Oil painting in Historical times
  137. soft brush with oil paint
  138. Holbein MX knives
  139. Is ink-like consistency possible?
  140. Retarding burnt umber
  141. Working on the Same Canvas Daily / Matisse and Picasso's Oil Medium
  142. Question regarding the use of clove oil on cotton balls
  143. Longer brush strokes?
  144. Gummy brushes won't come clean
  145. Titanium White: Old Holland and Talens Rembrandt zinc oxide percentages
  146. YELLOWING OF OIL-BASED PAINTS Jacky Mallégol, Jacques Lemaire and Jean-Luc Gardette
  147. where to buy hair to make your own brushes?
  148. The 'Warmest Brightest Yellow' You Know?
  149. Solvent free gel?
  150. Glossiness why?
  151. cold wax (dorland's wax) as finish or seal on oil paintings
  152. First WSO experience using Weber w-oils..I have questions
  153. Alla Prima question
  154. Using Liquin to continue work on dried canvas
  155. Reclaimed pollution for oil paint
  156. Has anyone used artificial flowers for still life oil paintings?
  157. Making a Book with Oil Painting Canvases?
  158. Mars Black and White
  159. Sanding oil paint surface? Attempt to remove texture of brush stroke
  160. liquin vs alkyd gloss
  161. Unifying glazes and "oiling" a surface
  162. dry times
  163. Your opinion on 'hue' pigments. (ie Cerulean Blue Hue)
  164. Drying oils with "Light"
  165. Better PERMANENT Alizarin Crimson than Gamblin?
  166. Flying with oil paint
  167. Bouncing back and forth from water to oil?
  168. Talens Cobra WMO video lessons on YouTube
  169. Your Brightest Opaque Orange-Red ...
  170. Any acrylic painters here?
  171. "Final" oiling out before varnishing?
  172. Onestroke oil painting
  173. Retouch varnish that is not tacky
  174. Modern replacement for Copal Picture Varnish
  175. Water evaporation through oil film answered
  176. Removing fixative?
  177. Water mixable oils?
  178. Liquin and Stand Oil or?
  179. Masterpiece linen canvas, perhaps?
  180. Painting on smooth panels question
  181. HELP: Glazing and fast drying (liquin, etc)
  182. Help: Oil Painting on wood Dark Spots
  183. Convert Oil paint to Alkyd?
  184. Oil paint waste disposal .
  185. dry time for acrylic toning/under painting
  186. W&N Prussian Blue + Various Orange Reds ==> Grays
  187. Linseed? Turpentine? Liquin? Gamsol? .....
  188. Fat over lean rule
  189. Gamsol substitute: Holbein?
  190. Does PVA shrink the canvas like rabbit skin glue...
  191. Natural Bristle Brush Care?
  192. What to do with palette scrappings that has cads ...
  193. Is this a safe area to paint?
  194. Painting on Rawest Possible Canvas
  195. Non-toxic solvent
  196. Cold Wax and Fat Over Lean
  197. Replacement palette for french easel?
  198. Painting Straight From the Tube?
  199. Potter's pink
  200. Woes with white
  201. Glossy varnish on top of matte varnish?
  202. Oil Paint
  203. Some beginner questions
  204. Paint remains sticky, please help!
  205. Why did Turner use wax on canvas?
  206. grindin gems.. any practical books on these please help :)
  207. Water Sand Salt method refine oil...has anyone had succes with this?
  208. Pros and cons for both oil and acrylics for portrait paintings
  209. WMO + Acrylics doubts
  210. Question from Newbie
  211. Is oil paint still toxic when wet...?
  212. Oil Paint Tube Burst Like A Snake Gag
  213. WMOs Grainy When Diluted?
  214. painting straight from the tube...another question from another person
  215. Which lead white?
  216. Sensitive colours in linseed oil...Why?
  217. Glazes using no solvent but sanding possible? :/
  218. Finishing a painting started years ago
  219. Cleaning a very old oil painting
  220. The Acrylic/Oil mixing thread, maybe
  221. Surfaces-slippery or soft?
  222. Water Mixable Oil Research
  223. What Are The Disadvantages Of Lead White?
  224. Is india ink drawing on Oil underpainting ?
  225. Have you used more than one size of muller?
  226. Question about sinking in vs varnishing
  227. Turning Raw Umber into Burnt Umber
  228. The cost of impasto - artist or student grade?
  229. has any1 tried M.H STACK lead white please? worth it?
  230. looking for color
  231. Do painters sometimes have "off days"?
  232. Best Non-Toxic Glazing Medium?
  233. Sunflower oil? Really?
  234. Oil paint seems to be the safest paint.
  235. What do you use for drawing on canvas?
  236. Lesson Learnt - MDF prep for oil painting
  237. Canvases
  238. wet sanding canvas
  239. Canvas Recommendations
  240. Please, relieve me from this silly state of confusion
  241. sizing & lead oil ground to 'unprimed' linen onto 1/8" thick wood panels
  242. Varnish using?
  243. Favorite Burnt Umber for underpainting...
  244. Embedding Dura-Lar film in epoxy/resins
  245. Oil Ground
  246. Oil paint drier question
  247. mundane question any1 paid to have their work varnished
  248. on matters of colour & absorbancy
  249. Painting To Get Cracks
  250. if correct flexibility rules used can long drying paints be layered without wait