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  1. Shore A hardness and durometer scales and test
  2. Shipping Painting?
  3. Georgian underpainting white-bad batch?
  4. New WMO Painter - Safety Questions
  5. Order of Fatness
  6. Anyone Like Painting on Aluminum?
  7. Shiva Paintstiks: Dry brushing, scumbling, glazing, and fat over lean?
  8. Best way to mount a thick canvas?
  9. Artist Who Have Had Cataract Surgery
  10. Safely Disposing of Art Materials
  11. Safely Disposing of Art Materials
  12. Ratios for Galkyd Lite in mediums?
  13. Sennelier Gold Ochre "nr" lightfast rating?
  14. Books for study grisaille and classic painting techniques
  15. Any comparisons of opaque pigments across brands?
  16. Pellets in my lead white
  17. Erasing charcoal from dried oil paint, Best way?
  18. Would you recommend using oil paint to replicate Birth of Venus by Botticelli
  19. Any Schmincke Norma Users?
  20. Determining when oil is dry?
  21. Reputable source for Fossil or Sub-fossil Copal
  22. Fine detail brushes of intermediate stiffness?
  23. Can i speed up drying
  24. What kind of hair is in a Bob Ross floral filbert?
  25. Linseed Oil
  26. Gamvar brush recommendations
  27. Need Shading Advice
  28. heavy texture with oils
  29. Soluble Uranium
  30. New Brush Question?
  31. Over blending causes cracking?
  32. Taming PW1 Cremnitz/Lead White: Please Help with Recipes Etc.
  33. sticky tonal layer still 8 days after application
  34. What's in WMO fast dry mediums?
  35. Low cost source of Fumed Silica
  36. W&N Underpainting White
  37. sketching in pastel pencil under oil painting
  38. Questions about varnishing
  39. using different mediums in same painting
  40. Article by Brad Teare on using thick paint
  41. gamblin galkyd gel
  42. Copal Painting Medium
  43. Tyrian Purple - The royal pigment in oils!
  44. Can oil paint be used as tattoo pigment?
  45. Acrylic Panels
  46. Two Stage Brush Cleaning
  47. waking up an old painting
  48. HELP: How to Make Oils Flow Smoothly Using Refined Linseed Oil and Thinner
  49. Wondering about Buck-A-Brush.com
  50. Preserving Oil Paints
  51. Adhesion test - XIM UMA Primer / bonder for ACM Panels ( Dibond )
  52. Rubbish Press and Twist Plastic Caps.
  53. Thinnest type of Oil medium?
  54. Acrylic paint delamination on plastic
  55. Backing Stretched Canvas?
  56. How long will Dammar Varnish (gloss) dry?
  57. Glazing Book or Video
  58. Firm, (short) oil paint brands.
  59. Brands similar to Old Holland?
  60. Painting on Paper: Your Thoughts? Suggestions?
  61. Best siccative for impasto
  62. Acrylic on top of oil paint test
  63. Some great tips.
  64. Rosemary Evergreen vs Princeton Dakota 6300
  65. glazing with just linseed oil.
  66. Zinc and Lead soaps found in Vermeer's paintings
  67. questions on Artograph digital projector
  68. Safflower oil paint drying odor?
  69. Canvas type for oil painting
  70. Ground over Oil Primed
  71. Another source for 100% pure Walnut and Flaxseed Oils
  72. oms ?
  73. Are all empty paint tubes made the same way?
  74. Artisan Painting Medium
  75. Painting in layers question
  76. Possible zinc white replacement?
  77. What oil colors dry the fastest, not alykd
  78. How do you mix this color?
  79. Sealant to go over oil underpainting?
  80. Rough linen?
  81. Too late to correct need for additional gesso coats on canvas panels?
  82. Recipe for...oil ground? Is it important?
  83. Liquin
  84. What is the thinnest drying oil?
  85. WMO Nickel Azo (PY150), Green Gold (PY129), Pyrrole Orange (PO71 or PO73)?
  86. Lightfastness Article from Sarah Sands
  87. Gesso, help me to choose. and oil painting dry time.
  88. Safety of lead primed canvas panels
  89. Oil Painting in High Humidity?
  90. Measuring paints
  91. Mylar or Grafix Dura-Lar ... Better than Canvas?
  92. Oil paint dry time experiment with several mediums
  93. cold wax and oils, why?
  94. old tubes of Cadmium vermillion red medium and light
  95. WMO's over pre-printed canvas
  96. Gamblin whites
  97. Gesso photo
  98. Akyd Medium with the least "self leveling"
  99. Painting Pens for Fine Lines?
  100. Varnish
  101. Chroma Archival Oils
  102. Turpentine Turned Brown
  103. Calcium Carbonate (PW18) Oil Paint
  104. Gel Medium - M Graham Walnut Oil + Fumed Silica
  105. Holbein incompatible with W&N thinner???
  106. Plaza Artist's Oil Colors
  107. Long handled brushes
  108. Are acrylics akin to house paint?
  109. Oil paint brushes
  110. Impasto Lines?
  111. How to prepare cork board for oil painting ?
  112. Just for information
  113. How to make Violin varnish, old book
  114. Helppp!! Oil painting white spots..
  115. Painting with oil on paper
  116. Lead Tin Yellow - query
  117. what to paint on,
  118. Determining Oil Painting Price
  119. Maximum Recommended Ratio for M Graham Walnut Alkyd Medium
  120. AnnieA - I posted this for you - Gamblin Solvent-Free Fluid
  121. Oil painting on acrylic gesso
  122. Fine details in oils (brand recommendation)
  123. Updated my workspace-Finally
  124. My Magnetic Solution
  125. Matt or Gloss Varnish - which would you choose...
  126. Awesome magnetic easel idea from Dcam / Derek
  127. Looking for a varnish that doesn't dry tacky.
  128. OH Phthalo Blue
  129. Painting Over Glazed Sections?
  130. "The durability of the paint film"
  131. Is there a problem with WMOs tending to harden in the tube?
  132. Use of zinc white in linseed oil as a primer in Claessens canvases.
  133. Glazing without white
  134. Masking oils for crisp edges
  135. Lefranc & Bourgeois Louvre, Fine and Extra-Fine Oil Colors
  136. Lukas Painting Butter: Impasto: Ingredients? Methods?
  137. Oil medium made of a mix of traditional (linseed,walnut) & alkyd?
  138. Gigalot - Some Alkyd questions for you....
  139. Fungicide Glaze?
  140. Help!
  141. Easel Lamp
  142. Oiling Out with OMS + Gamblin's Sovent Free Medium?
  143. UK organic linseed/flax to wash?
  144. scumbling light over dark
  145. MDF weaknesses ? is this true?
  146. Surface for Small Daily Paintings?
  147. Haze in modern oil paintings
  148. Foam insulation sheets
  149. How long does impasto paintings take to be touch-dry
  150. Disappointing experience with sable brushes
  151. Clove oil substitutes
  152. Cobalt drier and water
  153. Question: Experimental Oil Painting
  154. Brightest oil paint
  155. Oil vs. Acrylic for outdoor projects?
  156. Brand with highest pigment load?
  157. Brand with highest pigment load?
  158. Question for Holbien folks
  159. Non-absorbent acrylic primer
  160. Gessoing paper or card stock for oil
  161. WMO questions
  162. Mixing oil with acrylics
  163. Advice from experienced oil painters please
  164. Layers over Liquin not sticking...
  165. Help! glazes washing away weaker underpainting.
  166. brushes advice
  167. Thin primer issue/ paint seeping onto canvas in spots
  168. Leaving bare support between brushstrokes?
  169. Gesso recipe question
  170. Alchemist Mediums website?
  171. Georgian oil paper
  172. Brush cleaning
  173. Classic Arts Oil
  174. Paint layer darkens when dry
  175. Where to find sun-thickened Walnut oil?
  176. Has anyone used Bob Ross' oil paints?
  177. can anyone refer me
  178. Eco-House Neutral Thin vs Gamsol
  179. Framing Oils behind Glass or Film?
  180. Wet-on-wet painting: how legitimate is this technique?
  181. Van Gogh Olive Trees example of Plein Air risks
  182. Sources for bulk pigments
  183. oil painting on aluminum or dibond
  184. Beginning sketch for an oil painting - pencil?
  185. Opinion: Rosemary Brushes/Natural Pigments
  186. Your favorite oil paint
  187. Jackson's (UK) have Cobra paints at half price right now
  188. Natural Pigments article - Painting for posterity with modern oil paints
  189. Cleaning an Unvarnished Oil Painting?
  190. retouch varnish or not?
  191. alkyd oil medium
  192. List of Single-pigment WMOs
  193. 'Acrylic Gouache' and oil over gouache?
  194. Liquefying Paintings
  195. Winsor Newton horrible (IMHO) glazing advice
  196. What Becomes of your Brushes?
  197. Oh God not another split primary thread
  198. Watercolour over oils
  199. Non toxic thinners
  200. Cleaning the jar.
  201. lead primers
  202. Removing alkyd paint
  203. Favorite brand
  204. Better flow
  205. Monini Grapeseed oil for brush cleaning
  206. 1/8" Thick Panels Bowing, Warping
  207. Cute story about a very toxic color
  208. FUMED SILICA GEL MEDIUM. I can't achieve the jelly consistency. Why?
  209. Linseed on rags - how to avoid FIRE?
  210. washing your palette
  211. Finishing spray advice
  212. Hand mulling with WM oil
  213. What happened to Acquasol?
  214. Easel Advice
  215. Is there a way to temporarily paste a Canvas to board?
  216. Greasy Finger Prints on watercolor paper
  217. Sensitivity to mineral spirits?
  218. Fumed silica to create gold paint
  219. Trying to reduce the effect of white yellowing
  220. Acrylic vs. Oil Primed
  221. Paint recommendations for portraits
  222. Blending wet-in-wet with darks and lights
  223. Making an acrylic based primer/ 'gesso'?
  224. Making an acrylic based primer/ 'gesso'?
  225. Prepping Painting Surface Prior to Painting Session
  226. FINAL VARNISH - How to get a homogeneous finish with mixed techniques?
  227. Fastest way to a make super smooth panel
  228. Palette Knife Scratching Glass Palette
  229. W&N Cremnitz White not available?
  230. priming cradled panels
  231. Using an old iMac computer monitor for painting
  232. Recommendation for solvent-free underpainting
  233. Sealing plywood
  234. Rustoleum/Tremclad in Canada
  235. Quality of Oil Paint and Affordability
  236. Can touch ups be done to a new painting thats been varnished? Christmas gift worries.
  237. Closed metal brush cleaner maintenance
  238. A little more on zinc.
  239. Temporary Varnishing?
  240. Help: Making Colored Gesso for Oil Painting
  241. An Alternative to Damar Varnish & Retouch Varnish
  242. Vintage Marshall's Oil Photo Paints - Reconstituting?
  243. Get the Lead IN?
  244. M Graham - new Titanium White in Sunflower oil
  245. Oil couching doubts
  246. Create lot of thin layers without cracking and much fat possibe?
  247. Which oil dries the most matte?
  248. Single Pigment Paints
  249. Mold stains on canvas - Safe to paint over this?
  250. Framing Aesthetics (Strategies) for Your Oils