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  1. Liquin and Other Mediums
  2. Varnishing problem
  3. Reinforcing 3D shaped canvas
  4. Winton oil colors with no info about pigment.
  5. Mixing In Medium
  6. Master's Brush Cleaner
  7. Your favourite Indian Yellow (py83) alternative.
  8. Artograph Tracer or Projector for photorealism?
  9. Help in removing yellow smoking stains from artwork
  10. Emerald Green- The results are mostly in!
  11. Gilding vs metallic bronze powder vs metallic oil paint
  12. Using only linseed oil
  13. Yet another lead-based-color-thread and additional get-angry-on-color-manufacturers
  14. Matt or glossy paint?
  15. how do i make such a surface?
  16. brush care or wrong brushes?
  17. If we glaze a mirror, what would we gain ?
  18. Firm Bristle Brushes
  19. Mummy Brown Oil Paint
  20. Homemade Brush Cleaner
  21. What canvas do I use for Ross style painting?
  22. Bob Ross Easel Fix
  23. MITRA - a technical resource for artists
  24. Speed Drying Oils - X
  25. A question about "sun oil"...
  26. want brush stroke in oil gesso
  27. Painting blanket with drying paint on it... Fire hazard?
  28. Cleaning Dried Oil Paints from an Old Wood Palette?
  29. Rublev Lead White question
  30. proper management of lead
  31. Question regarding Oil of Spike Lavender
  32. Linen on Dibond/aluminium vs wooden panels or stretched canvas
  33. Oil of Rosemary
  34. Diamond G Forest Products - Turpentine Pricing
  35. Shellac and oil painting
  36. structure in oil painting/impasto mediums/Rublev
  37. plextol b500; any experiences?
  38. Can I use grocery store safflower oil as a painting medium
  39. Creating Labels For Handmade Paint
  40. Adding Texture To Glass/ Marble Mulling Slab
  41. Paper for prints?
  42. Water Mixable
  43. Tricoya MDF
  44. Yellow ochre comparison
  45. Dipping In Medium
  46. questions about raw cotton canvas
  47. Turpentine Gone Bad?
  48. Linseed oil mystery: Color Alteration?
  49. Beginner materials
  50. Drying Time of Gamblin Solvent Free Gel
  51. Linseed Oil Mayonnaise
  52. Dissolving Canada Balsam
  53. Hockey Tape for canvas edges?
  54. Colour of Courtrai drier?
  55. Heat drying oil paintings
  56. Zest It and WMO
  57. Is Artisan WMO lightfast enough for professional use?
  58. Filler pigments in oil paint
  59. Georgian oil paints and solvent free gel
  60. Oil paint mediums
  61. Brushes ruined?
  62. Damar Varnish Proportions
  63. Cropping an oil painting with mat?
  64. Where do you get your art prints?
  65. Mussini base layer
  66. has anyone used these ?
  67. Sanding an Old Canvas: Toxic?
  68. Paynes Grey? Mix
  69. gesso peeling !
  70. Glitter
  71. Discarding a painting
  72. Grumbacher Mediums
  73. Adhesion Problem - Tacky paint
  74. About canvas board...
  75. painting over varnish
  76. Medium Evaporation Question
  77. A couple questions about canvas and revisions...
  78. Slow drying grisaille
  79. A fascinating conservator's report on a John Singer Sargent painting
  80. Alumina Stearate vs. Wax - Stabalizers in oil paint
  81. Bleaching Linseed Oil
  82. Favorite medium to use?
  84. drawing onto dry oil painting
  85. Drying Rack for oil Painting
  86. Water mixable oils - mix with oil-based?
  87. Odors of WMOs?
  88. Have you made your own Varnish?
  89. Acrylic Gesso adhesion to metal - video
  90. Small palette knives
  91. Suggestions on true primary paint?
  92. Favorite Blue?
  93. Reverse Psychology
  94. Paint Making Recommendations
  95. Vasari Oil Paints Quality of Tubes, Order from Jackson's Vs Vasari
  96. Android users might be happy to hear....
  97. need help choosing a large studio easel
  98. video: Turning Toxins into Art
  99. New kid on the block List of Supplies
  100. First effort with WMOs
  101. Chelsea Classical Studio Lavender Brush Cleaner
  102. How to embellish in oils over digital ["giclée"] print?
  103. Reconstituting semi dried oil paint?
  104. Extend Shelf life of medium
  105. Sunflower oil?
  106. W&N Alkyd White
  107. Sun thickened Oil - revisited
  108. Small brushes for oils - can't find any on the market
  109. Finishing frames
  110. What are the best brands & series of oil paint brushes?
  111. Medium/thinner question
  112. Ugly Dog
  113. Good synthetic alternative to hog bristle?
  114. store cobalt paint on palette in freezer?
  115. Slowing the drying time of oil paint
  116. Switching from acrylics to oil and feeling lost - help!
  117. Medium Question
  118. Review: Winsor & Newton Chrome Green Deep Hue
  119. How to make a medium with water mixable oils
  120. Glazing with Liquin Light - Important question.
  121. Is Maroger worth the purchase?
  122. Stiffest Premium tube oil paints
  123. Burnt Umber Cracks?
  124. Lead Oil Primed Linen Panels
  125. MDF max size
  126. Best panels for realistic painting?
  127. New member and quick question on canvas prep...
  128. Problems with painting over a primed surface (my gesso absorbs oil)
  129. Which brand of drying medium is better?
  130. Wet canvas vs dry canvas?
  131. Can you make wood into Gessobord?
  132. glueing one canvas to another?
  133. How can I fix buckles in an unpainted, stretched canvas?
  134. Glue one canvas to another?
  135. CSO - after Spurgeon, The sun of Oil-Calcite painting
  136. Oil > Varnish > Acrylic - unsafe?
  137. Sticky, icky, alkyd...or do I just not understand how to use it?
  138. Schmincke medium w
  139. WM Oil over very old, cured traditional oil
  140. PR67 Thioindigo Red Brown swatch
  141. My Pallet
  142. Lavender oil vs. Spike Lavender oil
  143. stretched canvas
  144. Firming up paint question
  145. Canada Balsam oil
  146. Gamvar Satin Varnish Issue
  147. First Oil Painting in 30 Years - "Valley Ford Cutoff Fields"
  148. Best Gold Paint
  149. Smoothest canvas for hyper detailed oil paintings
  150. Vasari swatches
  151. Michael Harding swatches
  152. oil painting on wood boards
  153. Turpintine, never throw away
  154. Masonite or Hardboard for painting surface
  155. Turpentine
  156. Cleaning Dammar From Brush
  157. Blockx Flake White
  158. Dropped it - when will it crack?
  159. Can you really clean oil paint with soap and water?
  160. How to incorporate dry medium in oil painting
  161. Lead Napthenate where to get?
  162. WN Rose Dore
  163. How do you tell if a Canvas will be Archival?
  164. Gamblin Gel or WN Liquin?
  165. How to Make a Plein Air Setup for ~100 bucks
  166. Still confused about preparing masonite. Will this method work?
  167. Old oil paint tubes - when were they made?
  168. Williamsburg Paint Swatches
  169. tubes safe at what temperature?
  170. Winsor and Newton French Ultramarine vs. Rembrandt Ultramarine Light
  171. What to do with paint scabs?
  172. Painting on paper
  173. Airtight Pallet Solutions
  174. Oil Color Palettes
  175. Problem with extender medium...
  176. Cobra Phthalo Blue Shade?
  177. Dried brishes
  178. Langridge Oil Paint review
  179. super oily paint? And brand/color curiosity
  180. Panel stretchers
  181. Fragonard (Pebeo) Earth Yellow, PBr24
  182. What is your favorite "Hardware Store" primer?
  183. help. oil paint dried to a solid gelantin like mass(Michael Harding)
  184. Anyone? Painting with oils while using oxygen?
  185. Getting the paint to stick - alla prima
  186. Can I still buy Ugly Dog Brush Soap?
  187. Oil based ink
  188. How to fix cobalt violet light darkened areas?
  189. How do you clean an unvarnished painting made of Artisan WMO?
  190. Williamsburg Alkyd Resin
  191. Gram strength rabbit skin glue for sizing
  192. Should I worry about the canvas with marks by folded?
  193. Medium W
  194. Oil Paint Drying Unevenly
  195. Oiling surface with Safflower oil
  196. Gamblin Fastmatte
  197. Lighting my Oil Painting Portrait. What is best to use?
  198. How long for your paint to dry?
  199. Lightfast PY3 alternative?
  200. A cheap safe solvent to use?
  201. Old Tube - Chrome Yellow Deep
  202. Recommend a brand of palette knife?
  203. Confusion over Oil Sizing, Priming, etc
  204. Palettes
  205. Transparent ground for linen?
  206. Loose Ferrules
  207. Pip Seymour?
  208. How do you photoshop your picture before using it as a reference for painting
  209. Grapewood oils .. any reviews?
  210. Amber Varnish- Making it
  211. Tinting B&W photos with transparent oils-medium?
  212. Glazing with a single color
  213. Reversing PVA adhesive and PVA size
  214. Krylon Kamar Varnish
  215. Cross-post: dark yellow, bad CMY and odd Raw Umber
  216. How to paint extremely thin lines
  217. Painting directly on Dibond / Aluminum
  218. Drying/adhesion on an unfortunate surface. salvageable?
  219. Diffused Highlights and Venice Turpentine
  220. Interesting fact...Kevin Hill painting
  221. How to Prepare Canvas Stretched Over Panel?
  222. Is lead white paint better when..?
  223. Doctoring Up a Pre Primed/Stretched Canvas
  224. "Studio" Setup help
  225. Another Medium Question
  226. Fat over lean thick over thin
  227. Flemish Maroger
  228. Liquin and Kremer Alkyd Medium
  229. how to soften a bristle brush
  230. Question stand oil/OMS medium
  231. Best Manhattan easel
  232. Ink over Oil
  233. Advice re Taking Reference Photos-X post Acrylics
  234. Specific Fat over Lean question
  235. Blending burnt umber after it's dried
  236. How much solvent is too much?
  237. Oil primed linen
  238. Search for non-toxic fast drying colors
  239. How do I make paint thicker
  240. Can I "oil out" with white spirit? I just need it to last enough for taking a photo.
  241. Sennelier Oil Colors
  242. First World Painting
  243. Low or high viscosity medium? Please help
  244. Recommendations for CHEAP natural hog bristle brushes....
  245. Can I use hardware store linseed oil to clean brushes during painting sessions?
  246. Fat over lean
  247. Walnut Oil (is the cooking version ok as a solvent)
  248. I briefly hand painted with oil paints...how worried should I be?
  249. Odour Zapp - Paint Odour Eliminator
  250. Gamblin - worth it?