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  1. Resists for painting on canvas
  2. Overblending/ Oil Painting help with technique
  3. Pigments in Artists Colors
  4. Galkyd with liquin???
  5. Oil Paint breakdown?
  6. windsor and newton cadmiums
  7. quick dry medium?
  8. Winton colors that are not that "bad" compared to Winsor & Newton?
  9. M Graham Oils .. questions galore
  10. Bismuth Yellow
  11. Mounting Cotton Canvas on cardboard or foamboard
  12. GESSO Board
  13. Vasari Cobalt Blue
  14. Best flow paint out of the tube.
  15. An earthy blue?
  16. lead oil ground recipe?
  17. Suggestions for good all around brushes for oil, watercolor, and acrylic.
  18. Stretching Canvas (and cotton duck vs. linen) (Oleogel &) Venetian Medium question
  19. Winsor & Newton Resaissance Gold and Silver Artists Oil Colour
  20. Da Vinci Pure Badger Softener Bright / Gerard Richter blur
  21. M Graham ... not drying, linseed ratios, decision
  22. Oil Ground Recipe (without Lead)
  23. Advice on this water reflections etc
  24. Grisaille in the sun ?
  25. some medium help please ?
  26. Confusion over mediums
  27. some medium help please ?
  28. Metal soaps forming in oil paintings
  29. 300g/m2-canvas too light for oil painting?
  30. Any of you guys have a source for legit Ivory Black?
  31. Cutting down canvas -use as "paper" possible?
  32. Best brushes for laying down paint /oil painting larger canvas'?
  33. Lint / particles coming off brush or paint- while oil painting
  34. Question about medium over time
  35. PG23 Green Earth darkens in oils?
  36. is it common for paint brands (daler rowney)to not share info regarding their paints?
  37. Langridge oil paints?
  38. Need help with medium to oil paint proportions
  39. Cleaning a large badger brush
  40. Caring for and cleaning of makeup brushes for oil painting
  41. New Palette Tint/Stain?
  42. shellsol T vs Gamsol odourless mineral spirit
  43. Brightest Red Iron Oxide?
  44. White Courtrai Drier for impasto?
  45. Geneva oil paints
  46. Help - suggestions please?
  47. Help - suggestions on doing a double exposure look oil portrait
  48. Questions on the painting process
  49. more fat over lean fun.
  50. Wicked Glare
  51. spray primer
  52. Looking for inexpensive painting surfaces
  53. when to varnish
  54. Maimeri Super Rapid White - what is in it?
  55. new to oil painting any help?
  56. Prussian Blue pb27
  57. How to Create Super-Smooth Panels (Masonite)?
  58. Rubber Splines for Canvas - Will They Hold Up Over Time? (x-posted to studio)
  59. Confused over pigment
  60. Bye-Bye Ultramarine Blue?
  61. Does varnish turn paint layers transparent?
  62. Starting in oil shopping list approval
  63. Tips on Re-stretching a canvas
  64. I NEED tips on restretching a canvas
  65. Vertical Brushtroke Glare Problem
  66. scanning large oil painting
  67. Old Paint Tube: Will I Risk Permanence?
  68. The Most Archival Surface - Dibond, Etc.
  69. Is there a Solvent free gel that dries Matte?
  70. Is it that bad to clean brushes with Non-Artist terpentine?
  71. Geeky tech info on drying times
  72. Paint tube CSI
  73. What Type of Sandpaper for Wet Sanding Gesso?
  74. Dull areas vs. Matte areas explanation?
  75. Artist quality white?
  76. Oil paint over PVA glue
  77. Solomon J. Solomon book question
  78. Perylene Red
  79. Lid Supports for Mini Easels/Pochades
  80. Painting smooth areas in oil
  81. WN satin varnish or gamvar
  82. What does "tint" mean?
  83. Which Paint for White Couch/Medium?
  84. For Those Seeking Solvent-Free Gel
  85. oil painting with watercolor brushes
  86. Paint Opacity in Backlight
  87. Old VS fresh varnish
  88. matt varnish
  89. Liquin - Old & New
  90. Staining pigments: Does it matter in oil painting?
  91. Is it normal for varnish to stay a little tacky?
  92. New Blue Pigment - YinMn Blue
  93. Gilsonite (bitumen), Van Dyke brown, anthracite, Cassel earth comparison
  94. Anyone using PY129 (green gold) in oils? Experience?
  95. Brush try-out
  96. HELP with mica spill!
  97. Bellini Bocour color chart
  98. Blick Artists' Mars Black is weak, what's going on?
  99. Is turpentine neccessary?
  100. medium to use with walnut based oils
  101. Please help on Ralp Mayer's wax-oil table
  102. Some questions about walnut oil
  103. Kreul Solo-Goya
  104. Using Oil Paint over Latex house paint
  105. gac 100
  106. Gamblin PVA size on un-stretched canvas
  107. painting over a layer of fresh white paint...
  108. What info about materials used to put on the back of the painting?
  109. A question about sanding
  110. Design for the World's Simplest and Cheapest Wet Panel Carrier
  111. Beginner confused about "house cleaning"
  112. So many brands of oil paint - head spinning...
  113. How to slow my oils down?
  114. Fugitive Vandyke Brown - or not?
  115. Painting Costs. Can I Paint for Nothing?
  116. Newbie here - Doing wet-on-wet my brush gets clogged with the original color?!?!?!
  117. Problem with WSO painting medium not drying
  118. Adjusting the "flow" of oil paints
  119. Cremnitz White Questions
  120. Does a wet-on-wet painting need to be done in one sitting?
  121. Modifying alkyd mediums?
  122. Blacks
  123. question about watercolor brushes
  124. Painting on cardboard
  125. Viridian Green - Pigment PG18
  126. Traditional size/ gesso over illustration board or other lightweight support?
  127. Inconsistent drying values (not time)
  128. Retouch before gallery show?
  129. Retouch varnish - glossy areas glossier?
  130. acrylic mistake (was supposed to become underpainting)
  131. How come no one uses casein for underpainting anymore?
  132. Stretched-Linen Issue or Problem
  133. Polyester Canvas
  134. What's with acrylic underpainting?
  135. Cobra "curdling" wet-on-wet thin to fat?
  136. Waxy residual after cleaning
  137. Transfering Images
  138. Inspired by reading back 2 years... Stearates?
  139. Gamvar in Matte and Satin; Anyone try these?
  140. International Klein Blue Patent
  141. Most Like Sennelier oils....
  142. Confessions of a turpentine addict...
  143. Where is the 'smell of oils' that I've read about?
  144. Warm Cool or Neutral
  145. Choices choices choices!
  146. Centurion OP DLX panels: lead? zinc? titanium?
  147. Linen/Canvas on Rigid Substrate
  148. Cleaning questions: soap brands; no soap; squeezing.
  149. Pencil sketch showing through Oil Paint
  150. Hello. New here and need some advice.
  151. Stretched my first canvas!
  152. Walnut oil brush cleaning?
  153. transfering drawing and glazing
  154. PY31 Lemon Yellow. Any experience?
  155. Dilute WN Matte Varnish?
  156. About a painting technic.
  157. cerulean blue hue
  158. Cleaning up sides of paintings
  159. Brands of brushes
  160. Raw linen - which side to use?
  161. Make your own panels
  162. Suitable adhesive
  163. Drying of damar & linseed
  164. Another "Inherited" Paint
  165. Technical difficulty uploading multiple images
  166. Paintings ruined by bubble wrap :(
  167. Wood panel sides- paint or not?
  168. What to do with paper towels?
  169. Cobra Medium tacky on palette
  170. Hogs Hair Brushes: why?
  171. 18 x 24 1/4" birch panel - do I need a cradle?
  172. Gamblin Yin Mn Blue Limited Edition
  173. Gamblin Yin Mn Blue Limited Edition
  174. Notes on RayMar Panels
  175. Questions about the Silicoil
  176. Painting large, portability and materials
  177. Titanium White Rembrandt prices.
  178. waterproofing wood and canvas
  179. Liquin Smudging Clove Oil
  180. Umber. A problem?
  181. troubles with panels preparation
  182. painting a semi-transparent snowflake
  183. Best Whites in Water Soluble Oil Paints?
  184. Odorless solvent reuse issue
  185. Clear Gesso on Linen?
  186. Lead (II) Sulfate to make flemish white?
  187. Does anyone know how to erase dried paint?
  188. lightfast alternative to Alizarin C. ?
  189. Is THIS the ultimate oil?
  190. Have any of you mixed your own Permanent Alizarin paint?
  191. Reference Photo Site?
  192. Trouble getting Paint to flow
  193. Tips on Applying Medium
  194. palette to clamp on studio easel?
  195. Safflower vs linseed - PG50 - Williamsburg or Sennelier?
  196. Using pens on top of oil paints
  197. Clean up tips
  198. Beeswax in Linseed Oil Debate
  199. Mixing My Own Pigments - Cold Pressed Linseed Oil vs Refined Linseed Oil
  200. Painting on slick surfaces
  201. WMO v's acrylic, water needed for cleaning
  202. Linseed Oil of the Edible Variety
  203. Oil on Board?
  204. DaVinci Lapis Lazuli
  205. Thinner question, Artisan or Lukas
  206. How to Paint Like Bob Ross?
  207. Is this the ultimate pochade-box??
  208. a question regarding canvas pads
  209. How do you clean your glass grinding plate? (mixing oil paint)
  210. Schminke Medium W--Is it compatible with alkyds?
  211. anyone here using Rosemarys ivory pointed rounds ?
  212. New to WC and returning to oils
  213. Walnut Oil for brush cleaning GREAT - but when mixed with paint not drying
  214. Painting without mediums / fat over lean
  215. alternative for Richeson Ice Blue
  216. What ink to sketch for the underpainting for Seven-layer technique
  217. Walnut oil as "fat"?
  218. Just sanded my brush bristles to a stump, is this normal?
  219. How to make your own standoil
  220. Varnish as an imprimatura?
  221. Using Rabbit Skin Glue to mount pre-primed canvas to board.
  222. photo-lamination for reference use?
  223. Glue over oil?
  224. Bouncing between Oil and Watercolor painting?
  225. Kevin Hill gel medium?
  226. Damar Varnish
  227. Removing dust settled over a varnished acrylic painting?
  228. Staining a canvas, panels, and gesso
  229. Is there a better paint database than this one?
  230. Quick question!
  231. oil painting mediums
  232. Getting house paint to behave like Gesso.
  233. urgent medium help please !
  234. Drying of Walnut Oil Paints
  235. How do you tell when your painting is dry?
  236. Blockx Amber Medium
  237. Alizarin
  238. Painting over dry oil?
  239. Spray Varnish?
  240. Morphing disintegrating ancient oil paint tubes
  241. Covering up a wet painting
  242. Castor wax in primer
  243. Kevin Hill Liquid White vs Ross Liquid White?
  244. Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colors VS Maimeri Artisti Oil Colors
  245. Drawing over an oil painting
  246. Adventures in Oil Painting: Supports
  247. Tubing my own oilpaint
  248. Paint came off when applying the second coat
  249. Cobalt vs Liquin
  250. French Canvas Reviews