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  1. Glaze for Water Mixable Oils
  2. Understanding Value
  3. Repairing and reworking on an old painting
  4. Stand oil and linseed oil
  5. Oil painting over acrylic based collage. Can this be successful?
  6. PreHistoric WMO's ?
  7. what's causing my canvas to wrinkle up?
  8. Shellac and oil painting
  9. Gesso layers
  10. Making paint "break."
  11. Mars pigments/oil paints vs other earth colors?
  12. Base, primer and gesso. What to do?
  13. How to make opaque paint transparent
  14. lefranc fine oil?
  15. Has anybody tried Egyptian Blue (PB 31)?
  16. Advice on drying time of paint
  17. Painting Accurate Proportions for the Neck...
  18. Temporary Varnish?
  19. Impasto mediums - Lukas Impasto/silica
  20. Toluidine red (PR3)
  21. FYI, an oil paint database organized by CI Number/paint name/mfg
  22. Questions about Seascape
  23. What is the BEST oil to use for oiling out?
  24. Question on painting red hues
  25. Water-based varnish for oil paintings
  26. Maritime Painting
  27. Tip for those that use glass palettes
  28. Cleaning brushes during session
  29. Holbein and their ability to mix with other mediums in an extreme fashion
  30. Miracle Muck & economics of panel making
  31. Any oil painters with beautiful fingernails here?
  32. Lapis vs. Ultramarine. . .
  33. Mulling pigments without the physical effort.
  34. Recovering the white
  35. Transparent Titanium White?
  36. L&B binder?
  37. Damar medium leaking
  38. Aivazovsky
  39. using unpainted canvas as a mat border
  40. Oil sticks and oil tubes, your experience?
  41. Liquin Questions for those who use it
  42. Undecided
  43. Is Acrylic Underpainting Okay?
  44. Your Local Art Gallery
  45. Use a glass plate?
  46. Painting over a 'dried' painting
  47. Oils for knife painting.
  48. Why is it not recommended to use tightening spray on oil primed canvas? Desperate...
  49. Canva-Paper
  50. With oil-based primer, what gesso to use? Also, panel prep terms?
  51. Great thrift store find (first post)
  52. Holbein - avoid admixture
  53. ASW Experiences
  54. Color Shifts in several tubes of paint?
  55. Lost!
  56. Why are Mars Oil Paints(pigments) not so popular any more?
  57. Best Method to Tone Down a Color
  58. Using Big Brushes from Home Depot?
  59. Bottles to store medium with solvent in it?
  60. Panels - Adhesion problem
  61. Fast drying medium for water soluble oil paint
  62. Thinning Down Oil Paints with Mediums to Store in Jars
  63. Rembrandt light gold oil paint
  64. Slightly Absorbent Alkyd primers?
  65. Re using old canvas for oils
  66. The choice of oil paint and medium
  67. Oil Primer or Acrylic Gesso?
  68. How does lead oil ground reflect light?
  69. Rublev Lead Oil Ground
  70. Disposal of water
  71. Good oil paints
  72. Acrylic ground under oil painting?
  73. Daniel Smith Water Soluble Oil Paints ... Drying Tacky
  74. Shaping brushes
  75. Paint tube weight comparison
  76. That Shifty Titanium/Zinc White
  77. Rag reusers...your method for cleaning them
  78. Rublev Lead Carbonate White
  79. Paint dries funny
  80. good oil paint with medium mixed in
  81. Using house paint as a primer (with additives).
  82. Stop painting on canvas!
  83. Varnishing problem-please help!
  84. Spray varnish then paint on varnish?
  85. What about varnish dammar
  86. Metallic additive for oil paint?
  87. Has Anyone Tried Using Oil Based Ground instead of White Oil Paints?
  88. Whoops! Been using linseed for WMOs by mistake
  89. Mounting Linen on panel
  90. toning ground
  91. Setup by the Computer
  92. Turpentine, oil, medium or other?
  93. Michael Hardings Kings Blue Deep
  94. Anyone used Medium 92 from Royal Talens - Cobra?
  95. Basswood vs. Birch
  96. Making the paint yourself
  97. Reference drawing in oil rather than ink
  98. dibond panels - info from Golden Paints
  99. Fast drying paint for plein air painting.
  100. newbies palette
  101. Stiff or high viscosity oil paint
  102. Acrylic on top of oil?
  103. clay coated paper for silverpoint--Where to find
  104. Raw or seized canvas?
  105. Using acrylic for look of oils
  106. Gesso + acrylic paint as an oil painting surface?
  107. special needs studio set-up
  108. Oil paints on thin wood
  109. Cracking
  110. Rust
  111. Color charts exercise problem with Alizarin Crimson
  112. Utrecht "Gum" Turpentine
  113. Can you recommend a good soft synthetic brush?
  114. Removing paint on a painting
  115. Changing qualities
  116. I'm about to embark on a polyester canvas experiment...
  117. Spare part for an easel
  118. Wood panels - fast, cheap & Eco-friendly
  119. Varnish help
  120. Painting over old oils.
  121. Oil on plastic?
  122. Raw linseed oil from the hardware store
  123. Oil paints brands, which ones are more fluid?
  124. Daniel Smith Colour Map (useful)
  125. Compound ?
  126. Duplicate
  127. The most warp-resistant board
  128. Painting after Varnish
  129. Olive Oil as Solvent
  130. Vigée Le Brun's technical secrets?
  131. Having issues with previous layers turning to mud
  132. BP Portrait Award - shiny spots on painting - help please!
  133. nasty Artfix oil-primed linen problems - advice?
  134. Oil painting paper - is it any good ?
  135. M. Graham Phthalo Blue Iridescent?
  136. Maxfield Parrish Technique using Art Resin vs copal varnish
  137. Can one tell the difference?
  138. 1st duedeling with paint: walnut alkyd? grisaile? glaze?
  139. Oiling Out over Liquin
  140. Cold Wax medium
  141. Different consistency in Winton tubes. Is it ok?
  142. Stretched linen keeps slacking! Help!
  143. Retouch varnish with Liquin?
  144. daler-rowney artists' oil colours?
  145. new to oil section of W.C.
  146. Final unifying glaze?
  147. Addatives
  148. Disposing of waste liquid?
  149. Experiences with OLEORESGEL or OLEOGEL?
  150. How should I add mediums to the oil paint?
  151. Restoration Advice?
  152. Alkyds: Kremer Alkyd Resin AM vs Liquin
  153. Painting OVER water-based varnish?
  154. Keeping a painting wet
  155. Please help me choose an alternative medium
  156. water spots/mildew on back of canvas
  157. Retouching Varnish application problem
  158. Safe oil paint varnish?
  159. Polyester for oil-painting?
  160. R. Schmid's Alla Prima I & II Book Opinions?
  161. HELP - oiled out painting remaining sticky
  162. Finally, a palette solution...
  163. How to practice wet-on-wet techniques
  164. Pigments: Garbage or Hazmat?
  165. Headache from oil paints ONLY
  166. Leaded or Unleaded...that is the question?
  167. Blockx Oil Primary Colors/Palette?
  168. oil rancidity test article
  169. Colour warmness/coolness
  170. Pigments Quality
  171. Oil-Out with Gamblin Solvent-Free Fluid?
  172. Iron oxide pigments
  173. New "Just Paints" Article Out by Sarah from Williamsburg
  174. Medium
  175. Gessoing over fixative
  176. Centurion Deluxe Oil Primed Canvas?
  177. Sealing Canvas Drawings/Paintings going Outside
  178. Centurion Deluxe or other Oil Primed linen Canvas?
  179. Help me find a medium with the right level of gloss
  180. house paint for oil painting?
  181. Oil Primed Linen / Stretched Canvas recommendations?
  182. Seeking lead/oil primed linen
  183. Vermillion - the divine colour
  184. Alkyds...For Better or Worse?
  185. Turpenoid/Solvent w/ Miscible Oils?
  186. Gamsol vs .....
  187. Smooth blending on large scale paintings
  188. Reusing Canvas Panels: Oil Paint or Gesso prep?
  189. Blue Iron Oxide?
  190. Oil Painting with only Turpenoid?
  191. Requesting advice on Varnish and W&N Liquin
  192. Gamvar vs Synvar Chemistry.
  193. Value pattern
  194. Quality surface
  195. Emerald Green [GENUINE]--POISON, DO NOT USE
  196. White Flexibility Test
  197. Boo Hoo and need help...Time to prime the 'scrapers'.
  198. Gamblin White and mediums
  199. Matte varnish in parts and Gloss in others?
  200. Color / Toning a Canvas
  201. White Oil Paint
  202. Canson CanvaPaper- archival?
  203. Can you leave paintings outside to dry?
  204. Raw Cotton Duck Shelf Life?
  205. Siccative advice, and reducing drying without releasing too many fumes.
  206. Medium and Brushes for Transparent and Fluid Paint- Elizabeth Peyton
  207. Question about paint consistency
  208. Pigments (synthetic or organic?)
  209. What kind of driers do oil brand use?
  210. Historical Painting Techniques, Materials and Studio Practices
  211. Linseed vs Safflower: 13 brands.
  212. Disappointed ! And, a question....
  213. Underwater scene advice on lightening dark areas
  214. Green and Blues
  215. HELP - POPPED / RIPPED Oil Painting on canvas
  216. Transition from Liquin to Linseed Oil medium
  217. Ultramarine blue and lightfastness?
  218. Dynamic Crocodile Oil Paints: any experience?
  219. Does anyone recognize these bottles of medium?
  220. Ampersand Gessobord
  221. "Just Paints" Info "How to estimate paint"
  222. Golden't Related Info on "How to Prepare a Support"
  223. What Blue Was Used For English Pottery
  224. Daler-Rowney varnish
  225. Plexiglass as a ground/canvas?
  226. How do I know if I have enough paint / "fat" layers in oil painting
  227. Gamblin oil ground safe indoors?
  228. Bread clean?
  229. Colors with same pigment appear different - why?
  230. Beading of oil over dried layers: examples
  231. Question re: PBk6
  232. Painting on paper
  233. Using Earth Pigments and Walnut oil?
  234. Yoga mat stuck to oil painting
  235. Which artists quality colors to buy?
  236. Placed Order with Art Treehouse
  237. Gesso
  238. Cleaning brushes
  239. W&N Retouch varnish sticky
  240. Reattaching oil painting to a new stretcher
  241. Age of mediums
  242. Plexiglas
  243. Spray gun for gesso, toning, and varnish
  244. New Video! Four essential paintbrush techniques I use all the time
  245. Has anyone used Hi-Temp Masking tape with oils?
  246. Removing texture in oil painting
  247. Oil out or retouch varnish?
  248. Hepa filter or Ionizer
  249. Hepa filters and ionizers
  250. Strontium Driers vs Cobalt Driers