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  1. W&N Water-Mixable Oils
  2. Color Vision Test
  3. Adhesion of Gesso
  4. Question about pre primed canvas and ground
  5. Identifying pigments
  6. Damar Varnish Drying Time
  7. A quick question on retouch varnish...
  8. Varnish before painting, what gives?
  9. Resinous medium - how to clean brushes?
  10. Sand between layers of Gesso: Why?
  11. Anyone ever used Pledge Future floor polish as a varnish?
  12. Gesso over Oil Wash which has been Sanded?
  13. (Another) question about fat/lean and glazing
  14. a newbie's doubt: ¿same pigment.. different colors?
  15. Quality of the more expensive tubes of the WMO's
  16. Oil Painting using homemade lake pigments
  17. Inhalants in Oil Paints
  18. Cold beeswax medium...
  19. Making Arches Oil Paper Better
  20. Oil paint tubes in warmn hot weather
  21. Is there a medium that will make my paintings less glossy for photographing?
  22. video on making flake white
  23. About Galkyd Slow Dry...
  24. Why I oil out and varnish
  25. Can I store paint in jars?
  26. Perception of light fastness and how our demands have changed!
  27. Medium W
  28. Liquitex CLEAR gesso question
  29. Alkyd primer less slippery?
  30. Can I really not use acrylic overtop?
  31. House painting primer
  32. Dry Pigments from master pigments.com
  33. Using Turps in a tiny room
  34. Varnish removal of "A Lion and Her Cub" painting
  35. Weird Smelling Linseed Oils
  36. dave corcoran mediums
  37. Mastic photopolymerisation and free radical formation
  38. The Zinc White Debate
  39. Art Alternatives Stretched Canvas
  40. Glauconite - New Jersey Green sand
  41. aluminium composite panels for oil painting
  42. advice on revarnishing old oil painting
  43. Alkyds - Are they a lesser oil and plasticy
  44. Artisan or Cobra oil?
  45. Warped Bowed Stretcher
  46. Lightfast Test Results 2014 - present
  47. How to clean an oiled out painting that is yellowing
  48. Alkyd and oil combinations
  49. Content of alkyd mediums
  50. Watercolorist seeking small palette to try oils.
  51. hunt for a very large flat oil paint brush
  52. oil sheen, alcohol, varnish and stuff
  53. Oil Paints on top of Open Acrylics
  54. 450p Stand Oil?
  55. Where to buy quality raw linen in the US?
  56. Winsor Newton linseed drying oil fat or lean?
  57. Strange problem with cremnitz white...
  58. Liquin
  59. Now I cant easily clean brushes
  60. Acrylic & oil as neutral ground color?
  61. new to oils in small apartment
  62. Drying Oil Paintings
  63. Winsor Newton Artists' Line VS Blick Artists' Brand
  64. layers and oil paint
  65. Paint Recipes!!!
  66. Do mediums degrade color?
  67. Source for Damar Resin
  68. Updating Oil Paints, Rising cost of paints and pigment changes
  69. Help mixing WMO with an impasto
  70. marker over oil paint
  71. Is the alizarin crimson pigment really soooooooo bad??
  72. Structural issue - one thin layer of tube paint
  73. Do painting mediums change the hue ?
  74. Gamblin's Galkyd problem
  75. Heat and Maroger Medium... Melting!
  76. Must I seal wmo paintings before hanging?
  77. Winsor Newton Oil Primer
  78. What kind of brush..
  79. Egg tempera underpainting for oil
  80. Who here has actually tried Winsor Newton oil primer?
  81. Genuine vermilion checking.
  82. WMO thinner and regular oils
  83. Painting Impasto with Linseed Oil
  84. Turpentine safety?
  85. Recipe for fluid wax medium
  86. Artisan impasto medium new formula?
  87. Prep. Question: Gloss Medium as Gesso?
  88. Oil paint cross-linked by Aluminum
  89. gamblin alkyd based oil ground over gac or polyurethane?
  90. Schmincke Medium W Gel review needed please
  91. Question regarding Linseed oil & Vitamin E.
  92. No medium/time between layers..
  93. Viridian Green ?? Some advice needed Please
  94. Transparent White for Atmospheric Perspective?
  95. Lukas Berlin oils help
  96. Daler Rowney Georgian water mixable oils?
  97. Cheap source for Calcium Carbonate
  98. The use of solvents in paint
  99. There should be a better way to store paint tubes.
  100. Watermixable oil paint
  101. odorless paint thinner, 'safe' since no odor?
  102. problem with medium
  103. Managing Thick Oil Paint
  104. Cracks in the Gesso
  105. Are these the last tubes in existence?
  106. Escoda Clasico White (round) Chungking brush question
  107. Oil paint tubes collectors
  108. using water for storing alkyd mediums...
  109. another question on varnish
  110. Drying Time
  111. Making your own paint vs. buying brands
  112. Stable Asphalt/Bitumen in Oil Paintings
  113. Emerald Green and permanent pink rose in portrait painting
  114. Liner brushes, or basically the best brush/es for painting twigs. Any advice please ?
  115. Daler-Rowney Georgian WMOs
  116. Linseed oil or Pure linseed oil ??????
  117. liquin over linseed oil couch
  118. Calcium Carbonate mix?
  119. does anyone know what canvas he is using in this video?
  120. Lukas studio vs Lukas 1862 oil colors
  121. Pigment Quality Issues
  122. Cobalt and Ultramarine Blue?
  123. Cons to using WMO?
  124. Earth Red PR101 recommendations
  125. Ultra-permanent oil paintings
  126. Uneven varnish
  127. Pigment PO34
  128. Boldmere White Acrylic Gesso ??
  129. Fast dry medium not based on linseed?
  130. Has anyone used the Rublev Venetian Medium?
  131. Speeding up drying of WMO
  132. Solvent free painting, initial wash technique
  133. Tacky when dry
  134. Amber Varnish?
  135. Liquin ?
  136. Tips for starting oils from acrylics.
  137. Best dryer for safflower oil?
  138. Can you use acrylic iridescent medium with oil?
  139. Quality of Mont Marte Oils?
  140. Walnut oil + W&N Artisan paints question
  141. Is it possible to mix colors to make phthalo blue, etc?
  142. Mix W&N Artisan with Cobra?
  143. Acrylic Gesso Question re:plastics
  144. drying darker ?
  145. How to remove excess oil from surface of painting
  146. Has anyone here bought bulk Oil of Spike off Alibaba?
  147. Painting post oil out?
  148. Suitable surface extension for palette
  149. Student Grade Paint
  150. Are Oil Grounds Worth the Hassle?
  151. Are Lukas Berlin Oils lightfast
  152. White Paint Comparisons
  153. Arylide Yellow PY74
  154. Are there any Lead Whites on the same level as Rublev?
  155. Paint melting phenomenon
  156. New to oil painting - oiling out question
  157. Wax troubles in contemporary painting
  158. taking care of the brushes when working with alkyds..
  159. Does anyone refrigerate or freeze their wet paint?
  160. Paint odors harmful?
  161. Please Help! - Painting Over the Maroger Medium with a different Medium.
  162. Lead
  163. disposal of used turpentine
  164. Traditional oil paints - which are most non-toxic, least odor?
  165. The Technical Forum info
  166. A&N Artisan, M. Graham, and Cobra odor differences?
  167. Adhesion between layers
  168. Problem with crossbar
  169. Rosemary Brushes
  170. W&N vs Daler Rowney vs Atlantis Art Gesso?
  171. Amber Varnish - Groves
  172. J M Paillard oils, anyone used them?
  173. medium question
  174. White Pigments & Oils
  175. how do i keep my pallet usable ?
  176. Linseed oil vs safflower oil
  177. Gamblin solvent-free gel and Mussini oil paint
  178. OH Carmin lake extra vs Alizarin crimson lake extra
  179. help please! Using oil and no thinners
  180. Which binder does Schmincke Norma use?
  181. Oil Paint Cleanup for Beginners
  182. Confused art student on prepping canvas, please help
  183. Which type acrylic for toning canvas?
  184. oil paint filler
  185. Just bought liquin..
  186. Need Advice towards Finishing Painting
  187. Is there an inexpensive paint extender to use while doing learning exercises?
  188. Identifying a particular color ? Techniques of finding out/Mixing it.
  189. Bob Ross Birthday - Free streaming - All Episodes
  190. Favorite brushes brand names please
  191. Proper Use of Rags
  192. Resting Brushes in Oil & Brush Cleaning
  193. Our "dream" paints
  194. Canvas or panel
  195. Suggested Brushes
  196. Quinacridones or NOT??? That is the question!
  197. Cadmium Saved?
  198. Schmincke Medium W turns Reg. Oils to WMO?
  199. What sort of Pencil would I need ??
  200. Gamvar?
  201. grisaille + glazing = my paintings are...grey
  202. oh no! Paint on top of Gamvar
  203. Resin over oil paintings
  204. Fed up with HP printer...any suggetions?
  205. Zinc White Test
  206. Varnish Dust
  207. Is it okay to paint on a slightly warped Masonite/Hardboard?
  208. Paint tubes stink!
  209. Zinc (Am I doing this right?)
  210. Capture pics from Video's?
  211. New Williamsburg website
  212. Hog hair brushes
  213. Blockx Paint
  214. Re-mounting Painting on New Stretcher Bars
  215. America's least expensive oil paint?
  216. Pure Gum Turpentine
  217. Oil paintings and humidity / drastic temperature change
  218. Who uses clove oil?
  219. Canada Balsam as a medium
  220. drying oil paint quickly?
  221. Lightfast Confusion
  222. Speeding up drying time.
  223. World's oldest painting
  224. PR 88? Searching for Colors/Pigments that may have changed.
  225. Considering not sealing
  226. Fat Over Lean Wet into Semi-Wet
  227. Cobalt Drier darkening
  228. broken lids
  229. W&N WMO Thinner on Wood Panel -why is paint lifting?
  230. Liquin Original
  231. Painting over Sharpie marker
  232. Calico instead of canvas..??
  233. question about priming surface :confused:
  234. Retouch Varnish Question
  235. Paint Recipe Alternatives for the Palette
  236. Choosing Oils for paint making and mediums
  237. Large areas of white dilemma
  238. Damar + Beeswax = No Yellowing?
  239. Panels / Boards / rigid supports
  240. Georgian or Van Gogh
  241. Chroma Flow Gel and Smooth Gel review
  242. Can I paint with easel on my dining table ?
  243. Thoughts on my painting medium?
  244. Fredrix Linen glued to stretchers
  245. Box for me to stand on in front of the easel?
  246. Medium (Liquin) Question
  247. Canvas problem - start over or any remedies?
  248. Please, help : Copal or Damar?
  249. Base painting color?
  250. Proper Way to Dry Oil Painting?