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  1. Acrylic Primed vs Oil Primed: Advantages and Disadvantages.
  2. Possible air bubble in a paint tube? Not sure what's going on here....
  3. mounting painting with acrylic binder?
  4. The Old Masters' refined linseed oil
  5. Liquin Impasto
  6. Lead Sulfide Pigment?
  7. Hues, Pigment and use of white
  8. Van Gogh paintings: supposedly protective varnish caused discolouration.
  9. In between layer medium for Flemish Painting
  10. New Painting Landscape with WMO
  11. Venice beach
  12. Recipes for first layers
  13. Difference between Winton cadmium red deep hue and cadmium red azo
  14. Looking to replace my Titanium White, painting over yellowed white?
  15. Linen vs Cotton primed a lot!
  16. Question about fat over lean?
  17. Golden MSA varnish over Damar?
  18. using oil as medium
  19. R&F Pigment Sticks chart & sketch
  20. After the battle
  21. New to Oil Paint...Oil Painting Mediums Help!
  22. HELP, Where did I go wrong? (drying time)
  23. M Graham Zinc White
  24. Do you clean your brushes at the end of each session, or at the end of the day?
  25. Titanium White Brands & Yellowing
  26. Royal Talens Van Gogh Titanium White permanence
  27. Painting a child
  28. Making a Lead oil ground
  29. oils straight from the tube - drying time and varnish time?
  30. quilt collage, CC enjoyed, xpost artwork from life
  31. Mixing WMO/mediums and varnishes/1st try
  32. New linen woes!
  33. Best way to store new oil paint tubes
  34. Problem w Zinnser/Kilz and paint drying too fast
  35. Oil medium for beginner
  36. accidentally used water soluble safflower with conventional oil paints
  37. How to paint traditional oil without solvent?
  38. Zinc Oxide for making Zinc White
  39. brush extenders
  40. Maroger Medium: Beautiful and now doesn't blacken over time?
  41. Gamblin Flake White Replacement - How does it compare?
  42. Universal vs Oil Primed Canvas! Face off!
  43. Best surface for large painting?
  44. oil paint separation
  45. What kind of adhesive to use for mounting unprimed canvas to wood panels?
  46. Turpenoid Natural with the Bob Ross Method?
  47. How to Minimize the Yellowing of Paintings Drying in the Dark?
  48. Love Affair with Titanium Buff
  49. Trekell brand of oil paint
  50. Mounting Mylar to Paper/Masonite
  51. Priming a birch plywood panel, and making it smooth?
  52. Best Brush for Soluvar
  53. Flake White: Is it irreplaceable?
  54. Rublev Oils?
  55. Cerulean Blue Slow as a Snail to dry?
  56. The Painter's Handbook
  57. Walnut vs. Linseed oil
  58. Oils to make paper transparent?
  59. Oil painting medium
  60. Stretcher Bar Recommendations / Opinions
  61. Canvases - Differences in Linens and Cottons
  62. What is it that gives Liquitex Clear Gesso it's tooth?
  63. The best primer for Oil Painting
  64. Not sure I like resins and the gloss
  65. Seal the back of stretched canvas?
  66. Experimenting with mediums
  67. Daniel Smith WSO, mediums, and fat over lean?
  68. Advice for Getting Started Making Paint -- Cross Posted in Color Theory Forum
  69. Water Mixable Oils
  70. Solvent-free disposal
  71. Long term stability of Alkyds?
  72. Quick Question: Why do people prefer lead primers?
  73. How to use oil to clean brushes?
  74. Best siccative?
  75. Natural Beeswax vs. Bleached Beeswax
  76. Natural Beeswax vs. Bleached Beeswax
  77. Painting on a surface cleaned with Grumtine
  78. Cobra Painting Medium
  79. Egg Yolk as emulsion/drying agent
  80. varnishing
  81. Dealing with oily rags, telephone books...
  82. Can you use Acrylic Matt Medium as a Size for Oil Painting.
  83. Canvas peeling/flaking?
  84. Using Artist Grade Over Student Grade
  85. Mixing drying oils?
  86. Oil colors losing the ability to dry?
  87. Acrylic medium=gesso?
  88. Premium Oils: Pigment vs Oil ratio issue
  89. How to clean spoons solvent-free
  90. Blue Ridge Oil Paint Brand
  91. how to remove oil
  92. Is this normal - Very Open Linen Weave, and Brand Recommendations
  93. W&N lead whites and other oil paint observations from a beginner
  94. can I varnish over wax?
  95. Are oils over acrylics mixed media?
  96. Your Favourite Permanent Alizarin Crimson
  97. Adventures in Varnishing
  98. Paint Brands With Minimal Fillers and Additives
  99. Do my paints suck or what?
  100. Usefulness of a fan brush ???
  101. Galena [Lead Sulphide] oil paint- Handmade
  102. Getting Titanium white to dry!
  103. Open acrylic or water soluble oil
  104. The White Test
  105. It's magic? Schmincke Medium W
  106. Michael Harding oil seperation or are they thicker now?
  107. Preparing paper for oil painting?
  108. Getting around the Artist Quality impasto price problem
  109. Lavender Spike + Beeswax?
  110. Homemade oil ground
  111. protecting your oil paintings beauty and power through time.
  112. Sun Thickened Walnut Oil
  113. Alkyds and Longevity
  114. Can this canvas be 'tightened' up?
  115. Questions on Hemp and oil
  116. What's the difference?
  117. Bad varnish job I need to fix - help!
  118. Wood for an Oil Painting Panel
  119. Self Leveling Grounds for Birch Panels
  120. What should I glue canvapaper on?
  121. retouch varnish
  122. Once primed, when to paint?
  123. Using CMYK values to help with oil paint mixing.
  124. Mold on canvas?
  125. Oh dear, I forgot to gesso
  126. Basic question about wooden palettes
  127. Mineral spirits-Turps: Interchangeable?
  128. Liquin
  129. Leaving visible brush marks: Fad or Utilitarian?
  130. using oil to clean brushes during a session
  131. Impasto medium or something else?
  132. Genuine Naples Yellow Light, PY41
  133. Why is turpeniod use discouraged when mixing a medium?
  134. Additions to paint -why? *noob question*
  135. Eggshell White + Cobalt blue?
  136. Recommend a good cerulean blue.
  137. New to oils... can anyone review Winsor & Newton Oil Colour for me?
  138. Painting injury. Yes, you read that right.
  139. Replacing Ivory Black with a rich mixed black
  140. Maimeri Patina Varnish?
  141. Schmincke Medium W
  142. Wet the canvas with walnut oil?
  143. Cotton Duck problems
  144. Pet hair and dust and uneven surface
  145. Genuine Vermillion / Cinnabar red?
  146. Arsenic based pigments
  148. Yellowing of Mediums
  149. White contamined by tube?
  150. So apparently I need safety glasses
  151. Found a cache of Vintage Pigments
  152. Does anyone recognize the brand on this easel?
  153. Mixing Lead White and Cadmiums problems.
  154. Using aluminium as a support for oil painting
  155. resume work on old layer after long interruption
  156. seeking matt medium for oils
  157. What kind of medium do you guys use for glazing?
  158. LUKAS Berlin Water Soluble Oil Paints Discontinued?
  159. Warped canvas suggestions
  160. Naphthol Red vs Cadmium Red Light
  161. Transparent White and drying times
  162. How does fast dry medium affect fat-over-lean and potential paint cracking?
  163. Discovered Cadmium Red Hue rated *** contained PR112, afraid of loosing everything
  164. Rabbit skin glue vs PVA size
  165. Some of my works, and a little reflexion about paint materials
  166. Anyone else has tried this way to prepare a panel?
  167. Alkyd medium yes or not? Liquin synthetic vs oil
  168. Canvas Pads, Unmounted Canvas
  169. Pigment questions!
  170. Slippery stretched Canvas - How to deal with it?
  171. WMO and Mediums and Fire
  172. Walnut vs. Linseed oil questions!
  173. GAC's for sizing a stretched canvas
  174. Speak To Me of GACs, Please.
  175. Mulled paints with ropey consistencies..
  176. Brush cleanup - what am I doing wrong?
  177. Switching to real cadmium red, do I have to ditch Pthalo Blue (copper)?
  178. walnut oil
  179. Cadmium Red vs Cadmium Barium red, lightfastness in tints
  180. Oil to pigment ratio in handmade paint
  181. question about Master's Brush cleaner
  182. Will Gesso adhere to Varnish
  183. Extremely dense oil paint (it's normal?)
  184. Ultramarines
  185. Help me mastic varnish LE FRANC
  186. walnut oil for cleaning brushes
  187. Quinacridone Magenta, Yum!
  188. Oiling out and Varnishing
  189. OMS deep in the brush ruining paint stroke.
  190. Genuine Verdigris (PG20)
  191. Which weight of canvas?
  192. Recommendation for most opaque white
  193. First time using water soluble oils, need advice.
  194. Oil on paper test
  195. A thread about whites...
  196. Blurry, bloated, and foggy paint? I don't understand.
  197. need help!!! varnishing or the first time
  198. Blue Wool Scale test moving faster than expected? card less than standard?
  199. Help with tacky painting
  200. Looking for first oil paint colors for an ancient palette
  201. Grey under painting to full colour which is better
  202. Varnish for both oil and acrylic?
  203. Questions about Putty medium
  204. Lead White
  205. Artist Quality Alkyd
  206. HELP PLEASE!!RE: techniques..Have so many general questions
  207. Why is My Oil Painting Cracking?
  208. Best Resource/Process for Mixing Paints/Color
  209. Cobalt driers... Drying time
  210. Quick question about oiling out.....
  211. Winsor & Newton Cremnitz
  212. making a good board to paint on
  213. Drying time ground vs underpainting
  214. Beginner Question : Acrylic Wash Toning For Oil Painting
  215. Question on Oil over acrylic...
  216. Varnishing
  217. Grumbacher superba white??
  218. Glazing extender...
  219. Dammar Varnish drying sticky?
  220. I'm buying some oil colors, what should I add/remove?
  221. Oil paints
  222. Oil Paint bars under regular oil painting
  223. Ketone resins
  224. Rubber Cement to block off areas?
  225. Lake Tahoe 18X24 using Lukas Oils on linen
  226. Is Genuine Rose Madder all that superior to Alizarin Crimson?
  227. Looking for a cheap underpainting white...
  228. Lukas Berlin Paints Back In Stock
  229. Beginner Varnish-type Question
  230. Building a website
  231. Blue-ing
  232. Cleaning/varnish process
  233. Galkyd question
  234. Rublev Chrome Yellows?
  235. I need your help with R&D of lake pigments
  236. oiling out or retouch varnish
  237. Define "Adequate Ventilation" for oil painting
  238. pencil over oil paint
  239. What is the BEST way to clean brushes? (and can I get away with not cleaning them)
  240. Has anyone tried Krylon Quick Dry yet?
  241. Tad Spurgeon's "Putty Medium"
  242. Using fast drying medium
  243. Surface preparation
  244. What does painting "into a couch" mean?
  245. The traditional Chalk Grund made with natural glue (for coated panels only)
  246. What's Your Favourite Yellow?
  247. Canvas recycling - there has to be a way!
  248. Too many old brushes
  249. Artisan Water Mixable Oils WARNING!!
  250. Which Method of Stretching Canvas is Correct