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  1. Brush Stains or bad cleaning????
  2. What paint tubes are these? (russian)
  3. Brush Modifications?
  4. Interesting Varnishing Experience
  5. Interesting Varnishing Experience
  6. Can I change mediums mid painting?
  7. Retouch Varnish brands
  8. How to objectively evaluate quality of oil paint?
  9. Brush Problems!
  10. Health and Safety issues using solvents
  11. Can i glaze with pure stand oil
  12. Two paintings for comparison
  13. Vasari oil paint
  14. HUGE difference in hi-end pigments
  15. Cobra Painting Medium
  16. Liquin mixture for drying properties only?
  17. Cadmium Barium Orange?
  18. drying time of glazes
  19. Oil over Acrylic?
  20. X-Post Craftsy Art Site now carrying Daniel Smith, Gamblin and Golden
  21. is it possible to use the wipeout method without solvents?
  22. How much easier are WMOs to clean?
  23. Question on Odorless Oil Paint I found Genesis Artist Oil Color
  24. Sharpie Oil Paint Pens + Lightfastness
  25. Varnish on a plane
  26. white from tube help
  27. Oil painting cracking problems!
  28. cobalt dryer
  29. Flake white alternitive or swaps?
  30. Lead White vs Lead Oil Ground
  31. Using linseed oil
  32. How much difference is there between synthetic brushes, sables, and mongoose?
  33. DIY brush shaping liquid
  34. Why can't you paint directly on wood with oil? Linseed oil is used as a wood finish.
  35. Artist quality v Student quality paints
  36. Medium W questions
  37. Decent oil glaze(not varnish)medium recipes that can be made by using cheap mediums.
  38. Oil over Acrylic ground delamination test
  39. Panels more resistant to cracking?
  40. Lead Oil Ground - Anyone Ever Try It?
  41. Needing a Tube of Quin Magenta. Asking for Your Opinion
  42. Preparing a support and how to test it
  43. How is Damar Varnish used in glazing?
  44. Premature yellowing test
  45. drying oil effects on impasto
  46. Rublev paints in UK
  47. Da Vinci oil paint - Gen. Lapis Lazuli
  48. Can Venice Turpentine go off, get rancid or lose properties over time?
  49. A quick question regarding W&N GRIFFIN ALKYDS PAINTS
  50. Recycling Oderless Mineral Spirits
  51. Suggested ratio of ALKYD MEDIUM TO PAINT ?
  52. Is it OK to use white oil paint to prime a canvas?
  53. mulling paint: vacuum bodied linseed vs. poppy vs. walnut
  54. Clear gesso and varnish
  55. Varnishing Question
  56. PR206 - Mussini or Maimeri?
  57. Gamblin FastMatte Oil Colors XP
  58. Maimeri White Earth from Carrera - Very strange paint!
  59. Liquid masking fluid
  60. PW5 - LITHOPONE - Anyone ever try this white?
  61. Winsor & Newton oils, mediums, service - What happened?
  62. How does one use mediums properly?
  63. Egg as an additive
  64. If The Masters Had Alkyd , Would We Had More Paintings To View ?
  65. Need Help Reducing the Chalkiness of Titanium White
  66. Blockx Rose Madder Pale Degradation in Tube/Strange Accident from Blick
  67. Can one use W&N fast drying medium for regular oil paints?
  68. Protective Plastic Film After Varnishing
  69. A smile on the surface
  70. Varnishing over a slightly older varnish layer
  71. Hog Bristle Brush Uses
  72. Natural Pigments person
  73. Glaze Medium Probs
  74. fixing damaged painting before varnish
  75. Can I use Schmincke medium w as thinner?
  76. Artisan thinner won't mix with oils?
  77. TIPP - Georgian Water Mixable Oil
  78. how long can [sealed] oil paint and siccative stay wet?
  79. DIY light stand for lighting a painting
  80. Oil over Acrylic
  81. Rabbit Skin Glue Issue
  82. Vasari makes me angry
  83. When and how to varnish
  84. NEED SOME ADVICE: Fat over lean?
  85. Cold wax medium - experimental uses?
  86. Cobalt Violet Hues
  87. Difference in chemical properties of Liquin mediums?
  88. Walnut oil
  89. What is your favorite White - Your go to workhorse White
  90. Gamblin Cold Wax as Watercolor Varnish?
  91. Preparing to Varnish an Oil
  92. Speaking of white
  93. M Harding Vermilion discontinued?
  94. Can I paint in oils on top of gesso on top of acrylics?
  95. Found this super online paint mixer for oils (and acrylics)!
  96. Canada Balsam
  97. Linseed -> Stand
  98. Cobra Study paint review
  99. Oiling out - wait how long before varnish
  100. Varnishing Poll
  101. Solvent free newbie to oils: questions
  102. Alternatvies to turps
  103. Clear and thick medium in oil?
  104. Painting Mediums
  105. Experiment for edding oil paint into Epoxy resin
  106. Winsor & Newton Mediums Help
  107. Can galkyd/alkyds be used in place of cobalt drier?
  108. Weber wOil and Gel medium
  109. Galkyd Question ?
  110. Paint making questions
  111. When/how/what to varnish a WMO-painting?
  112. Varnish / Waiting times / Sell artworks
  113. Is it alright to add fast drying medium for diluted underpainting?
  114. Can you simulate cracked varnish
  115. WN Artists Zinc White
  116. Cobalt drier ratio with oil/resin
  117. Oil mediums drying time
  118. Is old old winsor newton scarlet vermillion lightfast?
  119. Help! Scraped paint while removing hair during varnishing
  120. Help! Scraped paint while removing hair during varnishing
  121. Glazing with Liquin is killing my brushes! Help needed...
  122. Dammar Varnish or Gloss Varnish - thoughts
  123. Firm painting surface recommendations
  124. Bright red pigments?
  125. Oil paint quality question
  126. Alex Perez' medium
  127. Schmincke Medium W and "fat over lean" rule
  128. a quick question regarding Alkyd Mediums !
  129. any substitute for turps?
  130. Such thing as a 'slow drying' alkyd medium?
  131. A question about drying oils
  132. Acrylic Gesso Under Oil Paint
  133. Grumbacher MAX mediums
  134. Varnish
  135. clear acrylic primer
  136. Siccative Reds?
  137. Preferred method for sanding a prepared surface (gesso)
  138. varnish 6 months after oiling out?
  139. Silk as a substrate for oil painting?
  140. Retouch varnish
  141. Grumbacher Pre-Tested vs Richeson (Shiva)
  142. A couple of varnish questions
  143. color shift in drying/ "setting up"
  144. Gamblin galkyd gel vs p Weber Res n gel
  145. No Gesso. HELP !
  146. Searching for a bright opaque yellow paint
  147. R&F Pigment Sticks: Indigo or Prussian Blue?
  148. Methylated spirits in medium?
  149. A question about cobra painting paste
  150. Winsor newton Series question
  151. Keeping the paint fresh
  152. textured varnish /stippled etc etc
  153. flakes in my can of Zinc White oil paint
  154. Why do WMO smell?
  155. M Graham paint smell?
  156. Neo-Meglip fat or lean?
  157. I accidentally created a gel medium
  158. Oiling out recipe?
  159. Linseed Oil Question
  160. Tips on controlling dust?
  161. linseed oil disposal questions
  162. Varnishing After Slight Touch Up?
  163. Ink with oil/acrylic/ fat over lean??
  164. My Oil Medium
  165. Characterization and Stability Issues of Artists’ Alkyd Paints
  166. Best Water Soluble Oils for Photorealism?
  167. Reetouch varnish
  168. water mixable oils safety question
  169. The Holy Grail of Drying Oils...
  170. Drying sides of Oil Painting to ship
  171. MAX Grumbacher Water Miscable Oils: Bad or Good?
  172. Titanium Black
  173. A varnishing question
  174. Diluted my paint with medium
  175. Acrylic on Oil: Why EXACTLY can't it be done??
  176. Michael Harding French Yellow Ochre?
  177. Williamsburg color question
  178. Old Holland Madder - Kraplak - swatch NEVER dries
  179. Intermediate varnish
  180. Mounting linen to masonite?
  181. help with Liquin FINE DETAIL
  182. Sizing wood panels with rabbit skin glue
  183. Paintbrushes & WMO
  184. Cobra: Watching Paint Dry... :-)
  185. Can the same alkyd be used more 'n once?!. . .
  186. cracking?
  187. Isolating (Repaintable Varnish)
  188. Drying time of oil mediums ???
  189. Oil Gesso on top of acrylic Gesso?
  190. Recommending store bought OH medium!
  191. Ballooning
  192. Woodland scene
  193. Covering a shiny patch of liquin on old painting?
  194. New Zealand Shore Flowering Plant
  195. "Kukui Nut Oil GEL" - A replacement for Liquin (Alkyd)
  196. Linen, impasto, layering & Lead White
  197. Medium for Water-based Oil
  198. How to clean your brushes, Bob Ross method
  199. Any foreseeable issues using frame for stretcher?
  200. Medium troubles
  201. lead-tin yellow, cinnabar and flake white
  202. What about W&N Drying Linseed Oil?
  203. linseed oil and yellowing
  204. Background advice
  205. Season's Greetings Xpost
  206. EGG to Impastó paint?!!. . .
  207. Re-Tubing stiff lead white
  208. Different medium within same painting
  209. My first try at WMO
  210. Wet day in Amsterdam
  211. Liquitex Professional gesso disaster, please help, advice
  212. Hazards of painting over old paint
  213. How to do Transparent layers instead of Glazing method? Please Advise.
  214. Visual guide to dating oil paint tubes?
  215. Varnish & Matte Finish question
  216. Adding Walnut Medium: Have I got the wrong end of the stick?
  217. Maimeri Renaissance Oils: Anybody used them?
  218. Oil Painting cracking/ sunken paint questions
  219. tropical fruit bowl
  220. Number 22
  221. Walnut or Linseed oil?
  222. hi! first time here, lots of questions :)
  223. POLL - What is YOUR favorite WHITE?
  224. Wagon shed
  225. GAC 100 + Lead oil ground questions!
  226. What brush for varnishing and where to get it?
  227. calcium carbonate in oil paint?
  228. Linseed oil/OMS
  229. Alla prima, again, fat over lean or vice versa
  230. Skull study w putty medium.
  231. Twins in Red
  232. new with a varnish comment
  233. Lead Oil Priming questions!
  234. Landscape and Liquin Question
  235. Oiling out using Alkyd medium
  236. Non toxic fast dry artist colors perfect for underpainting
  237. Using Wax Mediums with Oil Paint- Questions?
  238. Any such thing as brush that does not splay?
  239. Making and using Gesso
  240. Favorite Synthetic Brushes?
  241. Are Vasari Oils superior to Old Holland, Micheal Harding etc?
  242. Help for a noob - oil medium recipes? few other q's
  243. Thinners for Holbein WMO's
  244. Lead Oil Ground update
  245. walnut oil- medium or cooking oil
  246. Last tram home
  247. Tip- Brick Molding for Heavy-Duty Stretcher Strips/Bars
  248. Interesting response about Gamblin Neo megilp compatibility
  249. A new manganese blue?
  250. Glaze Medium Recipes.