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  1. varnishing a mixed media painting
  2. Wrong varnish on oil paint
  3. sciccative with WMO?
  4. Can I Paint Over Varnish?
  5. How do people dispose of painting materials?
  6. Question RE: Venetian Turpentine
  7. Baby oil safe cleaning alternative to thinner?
  8. Can you vacuum-seal oil paint tubes?
  9. Oil Brands For Portraits
  10. varnish dont dry :(
  11. Winto Flake White as oil primer
  12. Foundation white not showing through
  13. Questions on linseed oil
  14. New to oils--Smooth painting surface
  15. Drying linseed oil
  16. TIPP - making WMO with CaseinBinder and oilcolor
  17. Oil paint vs water soluble oil paint?
  18. Olfactory Overload (Lucas Berlins)
  19. Turpentine
  20. Lead ground with roller or brush??
  21. Caution...Zink white!!
  22. Ultramarine Rose
  23. A question about Sennelier paint-X post with color forum
  24. How to reduce exposure to turpentine, and how to care for mongoose brushes?
  25. Stand Oil won't dissolve
  26. Liquin medium issues
  27. Stand Oil as paint film?
  28. Cobalt Blue - Your favorite brand in oil
  29. using oil instead of solvent to clean brushes
  30. White Holbein Duo Aqua Oil firm from tube?
  31. Gamblin sketching oils
  32. Good brush type for thin painting style of skies
  33. Cleaning brushes while painting without solvents
  34. What would be the equivalent of this medium in WMO?
  35. advice drying mediums lowest smell
  36. Linseed vs. Safflower vs. Walnut Oil Mediums
  37. Winsor&Newton Flake whites
  38. Acrylic and oil?
  39. Cheap but good pigments?
  40. Varnish my painting?
  41. Question about Liquin
  42. Brush Work and Greenery
  43. Using Canvas Panels (pre-primed with acrylic gesso for oil, etc.)
  44. retouch varnish
  45. Gesso, or no gesso on Masonite?
  46. Liquin as an intermediate isolating varnish
  47. Medium?
  48. Wax Medium
  49. adding damar varnish to medium
  50. Varnish Question
  51. Using 'traditional' gesso. Do you have to make a new batch every time?
  52. Boiled Linseed Oil
  53. any advise on walnut alkyd medium
  54. Subject in oil over acrylic background scene?
  55. Egg Varnish?
  56. Preparing masonite boards for oil painting
  57. Polyurethane painting medium
  58. Acrylic over oil paint?
  59. More tests: effects of two layers (lots of images!))
  60. More tests: effects of two layers (lots of images!))
  61. Where to buy Lead/Cremnitz white ?
  62. Underpaintings and overpaintings (long read), lots of images!
  63. Looking for Linseed based titanium white WMO?
  64. which cadmium is red
  65. Black from ultramarine and Burnt Umber cracking
  66. Mixing type of oil medium
  67. synthetic brushes
  68. Gluing Masonite to Canvas
  69. Maroger medium
  70. Royal Talens Painting Paste
  71. Reviving Stored Paint
  72. Dick Blick professional gesso
  73. I want to speed up the drying time of my oils
  74. Question about combining brands
  75. How many layers?
  76. Oil and Alkyd testing
  77. Painting over completely dry oil paint to avoid cracking using Liquin or Galkyd.
  78. Fixing Cracks in an Oil Painting
  79. Anyone used glair as a ground??
  80. Drying time/Storage Question
  81. Brush cleaning
  82. Escoda natural sable brush shortages
  83. Williamsburg Flake White
  84. Cobra Paint won't dry
  85. retouch varnish (acrylic resin)
  86. Retouch varnish over painting with Liquin
  87. Mixing white
  88. Chroma Archival paints worth it?
  89. Japan drier
  90. Oil brands
  91. cleaning brushes- storing (synthetic) brushes in linseed oil
  92. Start with acrylic painting or gesso?
  93. Preparing a wood palette with acrylic
  94. Using retouching varnish as medium
  95. Repairing a hole in a painting
  96. Question about underpainting white
  97. Question about changing mediums on same painting
  98. How do you choose the final look of your varnish? (gloss/satin/matt/blend)
  99. Siccative on some layers? Lead Tin Yellow.
  100. Varnishing Oil Paintings
  101. Washing Linseed Oil
  102. Clear gesso on wood?
  103. stopping your old holland Cremnitz White from drying in the tin?
  104. Ever heard of "Dry Brush oil painting on watercolor paper"?
  105. Tip on restoring brushes, cleaning medium cups
  106. Re: SPRAY Varnish ruined my painting (but I'm fixing it!)
  107. Problems with Gamvar varnish
  108. Matboard or good backdrop to photo paintings on
  109. drying times of water miscible oil Titanium Whites
  110. Question about stretched linen canvas?
  111. How to pour Gamsol... not glug glug glug
  112. thickness comparison of water mixable oils
  113. Blick oil paints
  114. mineral spritis spill question
  115. Don't wash your brushes with water.
  116. Fredrix Oil Priming—how long before painting on the surface?
  117. Stack lead white
  118. Painting Medium
  119. Brush questions
  120. What are the closest pigments to secondary colors red, blue and green in oil painting
  121. varnishing a canvas board
  122. New brand and Serie of oil colour: a step up.
  123. Paint tube size?
  124. WMO + liquid white question
  125. Question about varnishing
  126. For pigment fans: PR168: most translucent red properties
  127. What is the best medium for oil painting Alla Prima or Bob Ross style?
  128. Pure Turpentine fumes are less toxic than odorless solvent!
  129. Winsor & Newton Flake White
  130. Damaged item in art supply delivery. What to do?
  131. Holbein Purified Linseed Oil...
  132. What may be the best oil brand?
  133. Palette and Drying Time
  134. Painting Medium Advice/Input
  135. Vasari - Please recommend basic colors
  136. Stand Oil Over Walnut Oil
  137. Canvas vs linen
  138. drying times of water Soluble Oil Paint / Water Mixable Oils
  139. Paints drying matte or shiny
  140. copying an acrylic painting using oil?!
  141. WN Painting Medium
  142. What solvent do you use to clean your oil brushes?
  143. To Gesso or Not To Gesso?
  144. Brush or Knife mixer.
  145. I want to seal my brand new raw wooden palette
  146. Copal varnish?
  147. Gamblins Neo-Megilp
  148. Old Gesso Still Good?
  149. 2 questions on water miscible oil paint
  150. Brush question..
  151. Health warnings on oil paints
  152. Oiling Out
  153. oil painting cracking
  154. retouch or permanent?
  155. Effect of Flake and Titanium White on skin tone mixtures
  156. Drying time
  157. Paint Tube Lids Are The Worst!
  158. Critique Uploader Fail - Rank amateur needs misicble oil feedback
  159. Drying Poppy Oil
  160. Oil of Spike Lavender
  161. Artisan WMO & Liquin Original
  162. oil paint smell question
  163. Gesso dried up in the bottle
  164. Crackle varnish question?
  165. Brush restorer: paint stripper: how to be sure it's clean?
  166. solvent free painting
  167. Sinking of paint and rise of canvas weave over time
  168. Priming with Alkyd house paint rather than oil ground?
  169. Are WMOs solvent-free? 2-butoxyethanol
  170. The drying time of student paints
  171. When student grade is better than artist grade.
  172. Cobalt drier?
  173. Why is it not recommended to mix cobalt siccative directly into your paint?
  174. Ferrario alkyds
  175. Interview with Robert Gamblin
  176. Analytical chemical studies on traditional linseed oil paints
  177. Light Red near equivalent? substitute for Titanium White, Soft?
  178. Glazing: Medium & Drying Time
  179. Acrylic grey to tone canvas
  180. Tube Label Information
  181. How to make homemade oil paint ?
  182. Very interesting interview w Robt Gamblin
  183. White
  184. Lead ground recommendation
  185. Glazing medium question?
  186. Silver Brush
  187. Something else about Brush cleaning
  188. I need a quick fix drying tip!
  189. new brand, new quality, new palette
  190. Genuine Chinese Vermillion
  191. Drying issues: Safflower Oil
  192. Sennelier Oil Paints
  193. Arches Oil Paper Pads on sale -63% at Blick
  194. Retaining brush shape after cleaning
  195. Is Titanium White noticeably more opaque than pure Lead white?
  196. Brands of oil for paint making?
  197. Advice for Oil painting without solvents
  198. The ethics of the couch- alkyd and oil.
  199. Brush to Canvas: The First Time
  200. Tacky stand oil dammar varnish mix
  201. How long should the varnish dry before mailing out a painting?
  202. Flake White consistency issues
  203. varnish techniques
  204. Tinted canvas primer
  205. Birches - painting knife and dry brush
  206. Masters Brush Soap
  207. Will Impasto Medium Crack on Stretched Canvas
  208. Drying Times of different colors?
  209. Can I mix oil paint into gesso?
  210. Please Help With Painting Surface
  211. Homemade
  212. Driers and Drying Theory (PDF)
  213. What brand is comparable to blockx?
  214. Color: Oil vs WMO
  215. Varnished my "finished" painting, but now I want to go back in. Can I?
  216. Cooked mediums and storage time
  217. How to make surface similar to Jack Richeson panels?
  218. Some questions on rabbit skin glue
  219. Keeping cat hairs/dirt out of gesso
  220. M. Graham oils at Hobby Lobby
  221. Winsor Newton Plastic Bottles for Medium.
  222. Loose Paint Brush Heads
  223. Quality of premium brands vs Quality of hand mulled paint
  224. Choosing Brand of Oil Paint
  225. Your favorite transparent paints?
  226. TIPP - Schmincke Medium W 50043
  227. Painting with WSO's on Mat Board?
  228. Cadmium Ban
  229. lightfast portrait palette
  230. Solvent is killing the color!
  231. Windsor Newton Artist Painting Medium
  232. The evaporation of turpentine.
  233. Vasari Oil Paint Salvageability
  234. Madera Canyon, AZ (XPost to Plein Air)
  235. The permeability of Gesso v Acrylic grounds
  236. pigment supplier variation inquiry
  237. medium to use, Acrylic/oil
  238. Ventilation
  239. Touching-up dried paintings before varnishing
  240. Storing solvents
  241. Surface for making color charts?
  242. Where can I obtain sun-thickened Safflower Oil?
  243. 2 Big questions - Best non-toxic paints? What is the fastest fast drying medium?
  244. Please help - "Jellified" liquin!
  245. oiling out v varnishing.
  246. New to WSO painting
  247. Homemade Palette Help?
  248. Beater Rack HELP / Paint Thinner merged
  249. Low moisture gesso for wood panels?
  250. Older oil mediums safe to use?