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  1. Stretcher Bars
  2. Do Lukas paints dry as fast as advertised?
  3. Sennelier Cinnabar Green Light equivalent?
  4. Variations in colour? Same pigment same manufacturer
  5. WMO, How Cold Can You Go?
  6. Three questions about WMO
  7. Canvas repair... I need help
  8. Question about water mixable oils
  9. Grrrrrinding Flake white
  10. How do you make all thin glazing layers?
  11. The Color of Art Pigment database link
  12. Ferrario Idroil WMO - Any experiences?
  13. Which paints don't contain linseed oil?
  14. Has anyone here tried Rublev Lead oil ground?
  15. spirit of amber
  16. excess oil in tube paints (inorganics)
  17. Mixing Holbein Duo Aqua Mediums
  18. Robersons Siccative
  19. Holbein Duo -- Pricing
  20. Can you paint over varnish?
  21. Liquin with oils
  22. Use water mixable over reg oils?
  23. Cobalt violet pigment
  24. Best white for glazing (And some discussion on stockpiling: THE END of lead white).
  25. Maimeri whites: a nasty problem.
  26. Holbein Duo Aqua vs Weber wOil
  27. OK... Going to sample Holbein Duos
  28. Can I ship oil paint tubes?
  29. Question about supports & oil or acrylic grounds
  30. Homemade Thinner for WMO
  31. gloss oil medium
  32. Here's one brush to stay away from!
  33. Non-toxic alternative to turpenoid?
  34. what causes linseed oil to yellow?
  35. Lean over fat : big mistake ???
  36. irritation of nose and throat...cadmium?
  37. Studio ventilation
  38. Oil Painting Varnish Problem (Matt / Satin)
  39. Alkyds v Enamels?
  40. Oil painting brands
  41. W&N Winton vs. Grumbacher pre-tested
  42. Tube video about "Nevskaya Palitra" paint manufacture, St.Petersburg, Russia
  43. W&N Fast Dry Medium - goop!
  44. Surface prep
  45. Does anyone know of any professional Student Palette demo videos?
  46. Health/Safety Concerns
  47. mixing gesso and calcimum carbonate chalk
  48. Stand oil quality and using Liquin to dilute
  49. Sealing gesso with RSG - can I sand?
  50. "Color Pressed Flesh"
  51. Medium getting gummy
  52. A problem with cracking media
  53. Chroma Archival Oils discontinuing?
  54. How do I remove several layers of paint?
  55. Mop brush that doesn't shed!
  56. Harding vs. BlueRidge Oils
  57. Winsor Newtan & Holbein
  58. Dick Blick
  59. Per Pigment - Fat over Lean - Pretty Please
  60. Pip Seymour Oil painting Impasto Medium
  61. Sticky, gummy oil paint by second day
  62. Quick-dry additives
  63. Wanting to try watermixable oils what to buy
  64. Flake White Particles
  65. Stand Oil/Damar/Solvent Combo
  66. Using Gessoed Panels
  67. W&N's Winsor line: What does "winsor" mean?
  68. Brush shaper gel...Does it exist?
  69. How do you clean up from using wax (X-post Mixed Media)
  70. Traditional Gesso on wood
  71. Baking Water Mixable Oils
  72. Oil or Acrylic?
  73. Williamsburg paints
  74. Brush recommendation needed
  75. Artisan water mixable oils
  76. Gamsol solvent: Is it a clear liquid?
  77. Alkyd in flemish technique
  78. First Oil Painting - comparison
  79. Mineral Oil????
  80. Varnishing Q
  81. Gum turpentine from Natural Pigments
  82. a damar substitute
  83. Surface Sheen with Liquin and Varnish
  84. Cobalt Blue--a new favorite
  85. How do you clean your tubes?
  86. cobalt dryer in medium
  87. Problems with some tubes of Cobra WMO
  88. 'safe medium' drawback
  89. Varnishing before dry - what's the worse that can happen?
  90. walnut oil question
  91. Best home made, quick-drying painting medium?
  92. safflower oil does it smell?
  93. What is your favorite h2o oil brand?
  94. Recipe for making traditional gesso ground
  95. Lead White crisis ending
  96. Blick vs Williamsburg paints
  97. How Do I Thicken Gesso
  98. Still life layered method with new mediums
  99. A better cad yellow?
  100. Different (better?) ways to Varnish?
  101. "Gesso on both sides of a stretched canvas"
  102. Am correctly I using fat over lean and indirect painting?
  103. Gesso to go! all purpose [email protected]
  104. Flake white replacement recipe / Titanium white too chalky ~ please help
  105. BUying oil paint pigments Uk suppliers please
  106. Can this medium cup be saved???
  107. "Oiling Out" with M. Graham Alkyd Medium
  108. Headaches from quick dry medium?
  109. Can I mix up some Cadmium Lemon?
  110. Varnish seeping through to canvas?
  111. need brush recommendations
  112. DANIEL SMITH Classic Painting Medium
  113. Destroying brush and my sanity
  114. Manganese Blue
  115. Changing Mediums in the middle of a painting
  116. Alternative brand to WN Rose Dore?
  117. Dry Pigments
  118. A little rusty - lean-to-fat medium concoction
  119. Miss ATOMIC Bomb ...paint perils , tubes exploding oozzing out at me
  120. TECHNICAL (alkyd primers, liquin) landscape painter.
  121. whats your thoughts on acrylic varnish over oil?
  122. Pigments with low tinting strength - your favorites
  123. Drying paint with a hair dryer?
  124. My glaze is 'beading' off the surface... tips?
  125. Princeton brush 6600 synth mongoose info??
  126. Drying time for thin layers?
  127. Artist/Premium grade paints- a good place to start?
  128. Glazing madder over inorganics
  129. Alternitive to Artists White Spirits... Please?
  130. Additives and oil paint?
  131. oil paint lustre shine!
  132. Spray Gesso (spraycan) info?
  133. Flake white VS Titaium white
  134. Flake white -- Would you buy in a can?
  135. Help with Amber in Clover, please?
  136. Glass muller and pigment
  137. Walnut vs Linseed Oil
  138. How much lead does it take to kill a cat?
  139. Real turpentine -- a good source
  140. Cadmium Lemon Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Light?
  141. Help! Newbie's medium turned to gel...
  142. Is this common for Walnut Oil?
  143. Mixing W&N matt and glossy varnish - safe?
  144. Oil painting outside how to use thinners and liquin
  145. OMS has developed a foul odor
  146. EVERY Winsor&Newton oil tube I have leaks oil
  147. Difference between solvent and medium
  148. a track history of time oil on canvas
  149. 1st 2 Oil paintings using layers
  150. "soft" paint when using liquin
  151. Questions about WMOs
  152. Removing oil paint layers
  153. varnish canvasboard?
  154. Making gesso?
  155. Quality Variances in Mid-Range Paint?
  156. Naples yellow replacement without using white?
  157. Old Holland question on Cobalt Blue
  158. Make artisan retouch varnish
  159. OH Ultramarine Blue vs. OH Ultramarine Blue Deep
  160. MH Alizarin Crimson vs. OH Madder C. Lake Dp. Ext.
  161. Confusion on Cadmium Orange
  162. Soft blending brush help
  163. Fastest way to clean brush for color change over
  164. Flake White
  165. posting here, maybe someone can help...
  166. New Oil Paint Jars are Drying Out
  167. Too many gesso layers?
  168. Question about Liquin
  169. Info request for "Pictor" oil paints please
  170. How long for retouch varnish to be dry?
  171. update on crackling
  172. Trying out new brands
  173. Paint has separated in the tubes - what do I do?
  174. Oil mediums vs Alkyd
  175. Oil paint drying without oxygen
  176. Mussini Oil Paint
  177. Gamblin Oil Painting Ground
  178. Finding Phthalo Blue 15:3 in 'Fine' grade.
  179. Beginner question - Bob Ross technique in WMO?
  180. m. graham walnut oil
  181. fast dry medium question
  182. oil over several layers of acrylics
  183. Getting by w/out Paint Thinner?
  184. A couple I have just varnished
  185. Question about solvents and mediums?
  186. Genuine Venetian Larch Turpentine
  187. about using mediums
  188. How to slow down Artisan drying, for wet in wet/ alla prima?
  189. Help with varnishing!
  190. WMO over Acrylic
  191. Comparison Between Shiva & Zecchi (Venetian Turps!!!)
  192. How to clean brushes (oil paints)?... help!
  193. How long does gloss varnish take to dry?
  194. Substitutes for cadmium colors
  195. Opinion - The absolute best oil brand!
  196. Mediums and paint finish
  197. To varnish or not to varnish
  198. RGH Artists Oil Paints
  199. Question for those who tube their own paint - can I paint on a standard Avery label?
  200. Glazing - Lean OVer Fat? First glazing help!
  201. Oil painting emitting smell after months!?
  202. Lascaux Acrylic size issue.
  203. WMO Mediums?
  204. Advanced knowledge of priming with Lascaux primer required.
  205. Furniture linseed oil
  206. Is it ok if my Lascaux primer seeps through my linen ?
  207. A Brush with a Point
  208. underpainting white
  209. INFO-TIPP - Cobra STUDY (and Cobra Artist)
  210. Water Mixable Oil Solvent Question
  211. I am designing a paint brush cleaner - would love feedback
  212. New to WMO...help!
  213. Anyone out there using Gamvar varnish?
  214. Problems finding gesso for priming (stucco, gesso or else?)
  215. Where can I buy a tube of neutral gray?
  216. Yellowing of oil painting
  217. From Artisan to Cobra
  218. Toxicity of oil painting materials
  219. Slowst Drying Oil Medium
  220. Can I gesso my canvas?
  221. Blick Artist Oils
  222. M. Graham at Hobby Lobby!?
  223. How can I clean scuffed canvases and paintings?
  224. Oil Paints drying too fast
  225. Manganese Violet (info help?)
  226. I guess oil paints are toxic to ants
  227. Better medium storage containers
  228. Pigments & ASTM Ratings
  229. medium recipe questions
  230. Pigment Fat over Lean Thick over thin help
  231. Pigment Fat over Lean Thick over thin help
  232. Sanding Canvas Question
  233. WN Fast Drying Medium for glazing?
  234. Quick, time-sensitive question on varnish:
  235. Can oil painting fumes make you sick?
  236. water mixable oils
  237. Roughly translated as cracks in the wall
  238. Glazing with oil over acrylic
  239. Turpentine Vs Turpenoid?
  240. brush cleaning help needed
  241. Help....is seperating wmo normal????
  242. Artisan Thinner question
  243. How do you get clean lines using oils?
  244. Grumbacher MG underpainting white
  245. Homemade oil primer proportions?
  246. Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel Medium
  247. Add tooth to retouch varnish
  248. W&N Flake White grainy?
  249. Munsell versus Wilcox
  250. Help to repair my horizon please