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  1. painting cristal medium - alternative? recipe?
  2. Brush fiber question
  3. KAMA lead white oil paint
  4. Applying Medium between layers
  5. suggest a medium?
  6. Mixing White vs. Titanium White
  7. Stand oil as a couch? seems to work for me...
  8. Anyone tried the reissued W&N lead whites?
  9. adding less oil while building up layers?
  10. Testing W&N WMO
  11. Migrating from Watercolours to WMO
  12. how much maroger should I use?
  13. Oil of Spike vs. Turpentine?
  14. What is the glossiest varnish available for oils?
  15. Varnish
  16. Cigarrette smoking and keeping smell out of work...
  17. Shelf life of linseed oil
  18. Resins & oils "Total differentiation & more"
  19. Different pigment names
  20. cheap quality oils or the expensive?
  21. Varnishing Q
  22. Help with masonite
  23. Need advice: how to use beeswax with water-mixable oils
  24. Maimeri Classico Paints
  25. Paint Brand Customer Service Experiment
  26. Neo Megilp... I like it, what you say?
  27. Winsor and Newton vs Cobra (or any other) WMO
  28. Gesso panels
  29. Transparent Orange and Transparent Oxide Red
  30. Williamsburg Alkyd Resin and W&N Liquin
  31. slowing drying time
  32. Robert Gamblin on Whites
  33. Is it really necessary to varnish an oil painting
  34. Technical Question re. Gesso
  35. Blockx Closeout at IAS!
  36. Your experience with lead whites (flake, cremnitz, etc). Hardening in tube?
  37. Beginner question about fat over lean
  38. Stockpiling Lead White oil paint?
  39. Drying WMO WIP near heater?
  40. Varnish drying time?
  41. Lead: on your lips?
  42. damaged paint tube dried on lid
  43. Oil Paint Tube Size Comparison Chart
  44. Mistake: I used Linseed oil as a finish
  45. Current Lead Whites
  46. Question about W&N WMO Thinner and mediums
  47. Maroger Medium
  48. Beginner Looking For Decent Quality Oil Paints.
  49. What to do with Drying Canvases?
  50. What brand of Respirator to buy?
  51. best fast drying medium?
  52. New Still life - 7 layers
  53. Disposal of Used Turpenoid?
  54. Master's Brush soap is perfect
  55. Looking for alternatives to Cadmiums, Cobalts, etc.
  56. how often do you change out your turpentine?
  57. Jullian Collection French Easel Serious Quality Issues.
  58. the use of Lean, Medium and fat Mediums
  59. WMO mix with GumArabic ?!?
  60. Medium for use with underpaintings
  61. Mixing media with WMO (photo, drawing, paper etc)
  62. Question - Repair Work In Progress
  63. Cleaning dust of unfinished painting?
  64. Alternatives to Expensive Pigments.
  65. Retouching varnish won't dry
  66. Holbein Duo official oil painting contest result
  67. difference between artisan oil painting medium and stand oil?
  68. Need Help With Varnish that's Too Glossy
  69. Toxicity of Oil Painting
  70. Reproduction quality of a mirror.
  71. Questions re WMO
  72. Another medium question
  73. question about W&N impasto medium
  74. is cobra WMO really good at wmixability?
  75. Difference between 'drying' and 'curing'
  76. Concern For WMO Stability
  77. End Of Lead White
  78. How to varnish a painting
  79. Gelatin in WMO paints
  80. Will Matte varnish do???
  81. How to dispose Walnut oil?
  82. Liquin - Amount being used looks wrong to me?
  83. Brush brands?
  84. Walnut Oil
  85. Linseed/Refined Linseed/Linseed Stand
  86. is it safe to use cadmium colors with baby around?
  87. Need help with finishing an older dried painting
  88. Linseed oil- do you use it? whats wrong with using just linseed oil?
  89. Varnish without brushstrokes?
  90. looking for advice, inspiration, suggestions, tube paint verses mixing your own
  91. Uneven finish in dry painting
  92. making your own canvas stretcher
  93. Medium that makes every paint water-mixable, an exploration
  94. windsor newton london oil paints
  95. any WMO that don't smell?
  96. loose brush handles
  97. Fat over lean?
  98. 60$ OH flake?
  99. Recommendations for good quality stretched canvas?
  100. Painting from Computer Monitor - Best Brands and Set up.
  101. Blick Oil Colors
  102. Chroma Archival Mediums
  103. Yellowing and light
  104. Question re storing leftover WMO paints
  105. water-mixable oil and water based enamel?
  106. Preparing your own acrylic ground.
  107. Barium in Cadmiums
  108. Question about ventilation
  109. Daniel (Smith) leaps into the WMO lions' den
  110. Health issues with oils
  111. Excessive shine in one area of painting
  112. Glazing/Fat Over Lean With Liquin
  113. drying times between layers
  114. WMO over pen?
  115. oil paint without pigment?
  116. Single Pigment Colours...
  117. Galkyd Lite
  118. Using a hair dryer to accelerate drying time?
  119. Griffin Alkyd (W&N)
  120. Selling Lead White
  121. linseed oil
  122. Griffin Alkyd (W&N)
  123. Help - need advice - varnished Monday & still sticky
  124. Transparent Primer for wood/board surface?
  125. Liquin
  126. Robert Simmons Signet kit - quality problem?
  127. If you could only use one paint brand for the rest of your life...
  128. Silk as a Painting Surface?
  129. Oil of Spike Lavender & Walnut oil?
  130. A bunch of Lukas Berlin Water Mixables in Swap Shop cheap
  131. Robert Simmons Tynaloc White? similar brush?
  132. Silly (maybe) Canvas Question
  133. Winsor & Newton colors
  134. A Not Quite Oily Question, but Curious About Fixatives vs. Galkyd
  135. Solvents =matte finish?
  136. WMO Concern / Question
  137. W&N Artisan - NEW Version?!?
  138. artists brushmate brush cleaner?
  139. Pearl brand oil paints; any thoughts?
  140. Who sells quality pre-stretched canvases?
  141. Acrylic Underpainting
  142. Holbein duo aqua luminous colors?
  143. How do I keep dark colors intense on gessoed masonite?
  144. Solvents evaporate?
  145. Too soon to varnish
  146. Gesso
  147. Triple-rectified turpentine? Help!
  148. Lean over Fat
  149. Fast Drying Medium Proportions
  150. will linseed oil evaporate?
  151. Dick Blick and lead white
  152. Viridian pigment
  153. what to do without flake white?
  154. Maximizing the luminosity of lead white
  155. Matte varnish
  156. Is "Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine" still real Turpentine?
  157. Looking to 'upgrade' my mediums. Suggestions please.
  158. Any Gamblin Reps? What's in this stuff?
  159. Mediums Question
  160. how to paint clean lines
  161. Artisan Water Mixable Fast Drying Medium
  162. Substitute for cadmium orange?
  163. Substitutes and Mixables for Duo Aqua?
  164. Favorite surface for small paintings?
  165. peanut oil for painting medium? how about using acrylic paint as primer?
  166. good - yet affordable artist grade oils
  167. Overpainting Layers
  168. turpentine or odourless solvent? stand oil or refined linseed oil? damar varnish?
  169. is this a good idea for linseed oil?
  170. Acrylic gesso and oil paint incompatibility!
  171. Under layer oil & dead layer Acrylic?
  172. Medium question ....again
  173. Turpenoid Gel
  174. How do fixatives interact with oils?
  175. paint thinner test, does this mean is it ok to use?
  176. How much varnish to buy for a 30" x 40" painting
  177. Linseed Oil + Glow in the Dark Powder. Will it work?
  178. Is there an easy way to apply medium to oil paint?
  179. Daniel Smith
  180. recipe for verdaccio and grisaille colors
  181. quick question, is there any point to using solvents?
  182. Rublev Color Charts
  183. Making some paint. Should the medium look like this?
  184. The curse of the student paints
  185. Possible to tint Oils with tube watercolors?
  186. color harmony across brands
  187. varnishing canvas
  188. glazing mediums
  189. Drying ratesfor various brands, colors
  190. W&N discontinuing some cadmiums
  191. Oil of spike and venice turp,can't find in Canada
  192. Damar Resin
  193. Cooking Maroger
  194. Kiltz instead of Gesso?
  195. Dilemma: Removing dust from the toothy dry surface of an Oil Painting
  196. need advice on varnishing 2 paintings
  197. Need some help with brushes
  198. oil/pigment separation in tube paints
  199. Winton oils and chalky/cloudy appearance.
  200. Holbein Titanium White vs Permanent White?
  201. Traditional gesso (rabit skin glue and chalk)
  202. Artisan Water Miixable Oils
  203. Blick linen and canvas rolls?
  204. Some Maimeris & Williamsburgs & Vasaris & Gamblins & WNs
  205. Damar retouch Varnish slow drying
  206. Can you not use solvents at all?
  207. using walnut oil, oil of spike lavender
  208. SPRAY Varnish ruined my painting (but I'm fixing it!)
  209. 7 layers still life/Dutch style
  210. Trying to find real Masonite
  211. WN Rathbone bristle brush replacement?
  212. Grumbacher drying times?
  213. Weird Liquin
  214. Mounting Oil-on-Paper on Board
  215. I thinned with Linseed Oil...
  216. Varnishing a painting that already has Damar as part of the medium
  217. where to buy maimeri classico in Europe?
  218. which oil is the least yellowing/craking, but speeds drying time of paint
  219. Two questions regarding homemade paints.
  220. How to keep dust off drying pieces?
  221. Not waiting 6 months to varnish.
  222. Do you like W&N Artisan WMO?
  223. Varnishing problems!
  224. Food Smell
  225. Does anyone use a turps, damar varnish and Stand oil mix?
  226. Alizarin Crimson
  227. Thicker/Gel - MethylCellulose
  228. Filling Empty Tubes - Again
  229. To ship oil painting - cover surface with what material?
  230. Turning W&N Artisan paints into Holbein Duos (almost)
  231. WMO sort of Meglip
  232. Two Test Oils on RayMar Panels
  233. Daler Rowney Darmar Varnish
  234. Layers of Gesso
  235. How much ventilation do I need?
  236. Use of Archival Fat Oil Medium
  237. Do you use medium- to paint into a dry painting ?
  238. Winsor & Newton blacks
  239. Mixing Mussini with W&N Water Mixable Oils
  240. made in the USA?
  241. M Graham oil help
  242. Cleaning brushes between colors
  243. Fast question on how to clean brushes / turpentine
  244. Fast question on how to clean brushes / turpentine
  245. How do I clean brushes properly?
  246. Glazing with Mussini
  247. A twist on the old 'oil paint safety' threads.
  248. Speed up oil paint drying
  249. Oil and acrylic mixing
  250. Lukas painting butter experience