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  1. Down the Drain?
  2. Oil primer
  3. Help Regarding Substituting Mastic And Flake White
  4. Dioxazine purple PV23 permanence by brand
  5. Krylon Conservation Varnish
  6. WIP - the memorial fountain
  7. Keeping paints fresh
  8. Middle-level priced paints for limited palette (only big tubes!)
  9. Pastel pencil or charcoal pencil for the sketch?
  10. Delque Medium Substitute.
  11. Gesso texture
  12. Cracks in Surface
  13. Winsor & Newton Linseed Stand Oil
  14. Oranges done with Galkyd medium
  15. Need advice on best way to remove the paint
  16. using mediums with layers..
  17. Maimeri Classico Oil Colours
  18. W&N Artisan how good is ?
  19. Oil Binder vs. Alkyd Binder
  20. Varnishing
  21. A great oil for washing - but what's the white powder?
  22. Weber wOil Ultramarine Violet
  23. the blueist (?) single pigment black
  24. Question about Alkyds
  25. R&F pigment sticks...
  26. Problem with Winsor and Newton Artisan
  27. Any info about how fast talens cobra seires dries ?
  28. Only linseed oil in layers?
  29. alkyd oils?
  30. Thinning Artisans w/ water for a glaze
  31. Help with W&N water soluble oils drying time
  32. Varnish question
  33. walnut oil
  34. Oil Primers: Gamblin v. Winsor Newton?
  35. Painting over Impasto Layers
  36. Water Mixable Mediums and compatability
  37. Questions About Varnishing W&N Artisans
  38. The White pigments and what they are used for
  39. question about oil paint pigments
  40. 200 ml tubes - cheap, but too big for plein air
  41. Cobalt Violet
  42. Brand names and Retouch Varnish
  43. Homemade Cobalt Violet trial
  44. Mixing your medium with titanium white
  45. brush resource?
  46. Gamblin PVA Sizing as glue?
  47. winsor and newton oil painting medium
  48. Working With Liquin
  49. Water as a thinner
  50. Phthalo Green through Blue Comparison
  51. WIP--Still-Life Grapes and Red Pears
  52. Miameri Terre Grezze Earth Oils...
  53. Re-touch varnish
  54. Cobra vs Holbein Duo Aqua
  55. HELP - Varnish problem
  56. Two Uses for Varnish?
  57. Still Sticky - Retouching Varnish. Thoughts?
  58. Oil on WAX: Has anyone tried this? Is it archival?
  59. How to make paintbrushes stiff and pointed like when they are brand new?
  60. Use of Foundation White on Primer
  61. What's the deal with Gamblin?
  62. Van Gogh H2Oils bad?
  63. Any idea if I can use a different brush to paint florals like Bob Ross does?
  64. Using damar varnish on paper?
  65. Flaking oil paint
  66. Lukas Berlin and medium
  67. Best brush cleaning devices / fluids?
  68. Which has the stronger odor? Copal or Liquin?
  69. Brush Soap!
  70. Old mediums, can I use them?
  71. Who make Chineese Vermilion Extra
  72. Bob Ross brush issues
  73. Best canvas for water mixable oils
  74. Alkyds & Brushes
  75. Is there any danger in mixing different brands of oil paint
  76. Replacements for Cadmium Colors
  77. Help: Questions about Gesso
  78. Priming Canvas without Gesso?
  79. Fredrix Canvas Pads
  80. Bargains / Lukas?
  81. Graham T's new blog
  82. generic medium
  83. Newbie Question about Canvas Panels
  84. Wayne Thiebaud & his mediums
  85. shelf life of mediums
  86. Sanding down a canvas?
  87. Is lead white safe to use?
  88. Which "snob paints" (Artist quality) to buy?
  89. Munsell Student Guide- Latest Edition?
  90. Do you varnish?
  91. W&N Artisans - problems cleaning brushes
  92. WMO drying time
  93. Glazing medium and longevity
  94. Constable and Gesso?
  95. Washing Oil Question
  96. New Manganese blue?
  97. Rabbit Skin Size
  98. when to varnish? What to use
  99. How do you store your paint?
  100. How do you varnish an oil painting?
  101. Weber's WOil mixing with watercolors
  102. Minimum practical amount of Stand Oil?
  103. Want to move from WMO's
  104. Acrylic Gesso
  105. Turpenoid and WMOs?
  106. Remove Varnish
  107. Mix WMO with regular Oils?
  108. water mixable paint not sticking to canvas
  109. Would hot/dry weather help these panels drying or no?
  110. Resins yellowing
  111. Permalba Vs. WN Flake White Hue
  112. Stand oil drying time, some unexpected problems.
  113. Question about medium
  114. WMO Mediums across brands?
  115. Titanium White 2 by Michael Harding - ok with zinc?
  116. Question about Vasari Reds
  117. Liquin Impasto vs. Lukas Butter
  118. Anyone went back to linseed after using liquin.
  119. Mixing WMOs with Acrylics
  120. Vasari & Mussini?
  121. The flexibility of fat over lean rule
  122. Water miscible oils
  123. Is there really a difference between brands of Turpentine?
  124. Gesso or Acrylic paint ground
  125. Yellowing "Liquid clear"
  126. what is medium?
  127. Winton
  128. washing brushes question
  129. whats the difference between water-mixable oils and regular oils?
  130. What's the best way/materials to affix a completed canvas onto a hard surface?
  131. Swish Swish-Tap Tap-Turp-It's really clean?
  132. what is the least expensive surface that i can practice on?
  133. Lukas Studio vs. Maimeri Classico Oil Paint
  134. Damar Medium Mixes
  135. Rabbit Skin Glue??
  136. Reparing broken paint tube
  137. Gamar Varnish ?
  138. fat over lean without solvent?
  139. Brush cleaning HELP
  140. WC newbie w/retouch varnish question
  141. Varnish Selling Question
  142. Stuck in A Brush thing- what types do you like mostly !
  143. Water soluable oil paint permanency
  144. Refreshing the Canvas Surface
  145. Refreshing Canvas Surface Xposted in wmo
  146. Fast drying blue, green and black
  147. The perfect brush?????
  148. Maroger thread continuation
  149. Oil medium recipe
  150. Acacia Gum(edible Gum Arabic) vs Damar Gum
  151. Varnish doesn't grab on standoil
  152. Brush Company - www.artistpaintbrush.com
  153. Varnish question
  154. My gesso panels not fitting frames-need some help!
  155. Am I using the right amount of Liquin
  156. Best brushes to use with WMO's
  157. Lead white and oil yellowing test
  158. Hardening of oil paint in tube over time.
  159. Questions about brushes and about loading the brush with paint
  160. Using W&N on linen with non absorbent oil primer? Is it okay?
  161. varnish question
  162. Canvas brands, which is professional
  163. Sable brush - Oil and Water color
  164. Question about cadmium-bariums and hansas and artist grade oils
  165. What canvas brands would you recommend?
  166. Universal brush sizes...why not!?
  167. How fat over how lean?
  168. Oils over Alkyd Paints?
  169. Odorless Turpentine Substitutes?
  170. Good medium for more viscous flow?
  171. Do you like clear gesso, or what, over wood panels?
  172. best glazing medium
  173. Use of amber in painting?
  174. Ryswyk and Martin mediums
  175. Missing info about Vasari Oil Colors
  176. Alkyd, quick question!
  177. keeping my palette from drying out between projects?
  178. paint mixed with liquin, how much time to work with it?
  179. About Linseed oil
  180. Palette Knife-Roses in Cobalt Vase
  181. Oil Painting: Second jar and fresh linseed oil
  182. W&N Griffin Alkyd oil paints
  183. Question about Varnishing WMO paintings
  184. Lots of questions about WMO!
  185. Archival Photographic Comparisons & Metamerism
  186. Questions on Liquin
  187. light charcoal sketch in upper layers OK ?
  188. Signing painting with a Sharpie marker
  189. Walnut oil and toxin questions
  190. Looking for a Sturdy Value Finder
  191. zinc white
  192. how to preserve finished painting before varnishing
  193. toxicity of Liquin
  194. Varnishing before a contest??
  195. Can I mix Walnut Alkyd Oil and Winsor & Newton Water Mixable Fast Drying Medium?
  196. Unprecedented Deadlines & Liquin
  197. why do you have to wait till completely dried out before varnishing?
  198. Favorite (tweaked) Custom Ground Recipe?
  199. Super-frugal brush drying contraption
  200. Question about Harding Oil paints....
  201. Oderless mineral spirit allergy?
  202. Chisel Fitch Brush (Xpost to Marine Forum)
  203. proper disposal of oily rags (walnut)
  204. Begginer having trouble with strange drying
  205. Brush washing
  206. WMOs Over Acrylic Underpainting
  207. Walnut oil
  208. Varnishing before Christmas?
  209. Help with oils drying to fast!
  210. Maimeri Coarsely Ground Mediterranean Colors
  211. is this real maroger?
  212. Where to buy mastic pieces in Europe?
  213. Opinion on Daniel Smith Oil Gesso
  214. Fat over Lean
  215. Help with gesso
  216. Lead Tin Yellow Substitute
  217. Whats a good quick drying medium for oils?
  218. Question regarding spike lavender oil
  219. Speaking of Spike Lavender Oil
  220. Problem with White paint yellowing
  221. Stack-process lead white
  222. Dick Blick orders to Canada?
  223. Oil over an Acrylic Glaze . . . ??? suggestions?
  224. Help - Varnishing my First Oils gone wrong
  225. W&N Alkyd Oil Paints - just orderded - any advice?
  226. Artist grade Gesso primers, what have you used, why you liked?
  227. Question from a beginner: Varnish drying time
  228. How do you cook Maroger Safely?
  229. Pigment brands
  230. mix WMO with any other medium
  231. The Student Palette
  232. scared to death about varnish!
  233. Uh oh - too much turpentine alert :/
  234. Do oil paintings need gesso or is raw cotton / linen canvas fine?
  235. Stuck Paint Tube Cap
  236. How do you use mediums?
  237. Paint becomes "milky" when adding terpenoid
  238. Manganese Violets
  239. Amber Varnish
  240. question about Winton
  241. Can you paint in oil on acrylic paper?
  242. Mixing Liquitex Gel Mediums with DUO WMO's
  243. oil painting with avignon wash brush
  244. Using Japan Drier or Liquin
  245. Sheen difference in oil paint brands?
  246. How to prepare canvas for longevity? (Rabbit skin glue?)
  247. Zero ventilation, oil painting safety?
  248. Poppy Oil
  249. Kama Pigment : high quality oil paint
  250. The health hazards of painting with oils?