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  1. Weber Permalba black, why the 3 pigments ?
  2. Safflower or Linseed oil
  3. Liquin: PLEASE give me some more info...
  4. Cold Wax Medium
  5. Drying Box?
  6. Making paint mediums in plastic container
  7. Liquin impasto
  8. Remove a gloss varnish??
  9. Water with Soap, instead of terpentine or white spirit
  10. water mix oils
  11. How do you deal with those tube lids that always leak?
  12. How do you thin your wmo?
  13. Homemade Gesso
  14. varnish
  15. Need proportions for a Liquin + Linseed Medium
  16. can you mix watersoluble paint with Alkyd paints
  17. extenders toxic??
  18. vermillion paint
  19. Liquid clear medium.
  20. Why wait to varnish?
  21. Gen Lapis Lazuli
  22. Gesso new stretched canvas
  23. Spray retouch varnish at beginning?
  24. lead tin yellow vs Gen Naples Yellow Light
  25. need some help with varnishing
  26. Tube color help
  27. Transitioning from Acrylic to Oil, WIP
  28. Earth pigments for skin tones
  29. Repercussions? oil stick painting on paper without gesso
  30. Bob Ross (painter tvserie) uses odorless thinner, it is the same as turpentine?
  31. artist quality water mixable oils
  32. Titanium too transparent
  33. Best way to clean brushes with Turpenoid Natural?
  34. Hardened paint tube usable?
  35. What? Water mixable oils?? Gazooks!!!
  36. Mixing Paint Brands...
  37. Safer solvents than turps
  38. what combinations are people using for mediums?
  39. speed drying an oil painting--suggestions?
  40. Searches
  41. Fat and Lean Colour??
  42. would using W&N Liquin alkyd + Walnut oil be OK?
  43. New Maimeri Classico Natural Earths
  44. New Maimeri Classico Natural Earths
  45. Where do you buy paints & brushes online?
  46. Oil of Turpentine??
  47. Questions about Holbein Duo and mediums
  48. Oils cracking, repair?
  49. Getting WMO's to become "Drippy"
  50. oil painting with liquin
  51. Best Brushes for WMO's...
  52. I went back to non WS oils tonight. Didn't like it
  53. Mixing student grade and artist grade paints?
  54. How to remove glue from your brush? plextol
  55. Blockx Cobalt Green Light vs WN Cobalt Turquoise Light
  56. Preserving Liquin?
  57. Reeves Water Mixable Oils
  58. A safety question
  59. Strange Super Glue and Cobalt Violet reaction
  60. need help - what type of varnish is this?
  61. Retouch Varnish
  62. Liquin versus turpentine
  63. Dead-Straight Stretcher Bars phone #?
  64. Brand new tubes--too much oil!
  65. Stretcher Bars
  66. Sun-Thickened linseed oil
  67. percentage of medium to add medium?
  68. On priming and gesso...
  69. On priming and gesso...
  70. Pebbles in a tube
  71. How many coats of gesso on sides?
  72. Bob Ross & W/M's
  73. What is the proper consistency of acrylic gesso?
  74. Newbie: My first question: What is Linseed oil for?
  75. Acrylic Gesso Sufficient on Paper for Protection?
  76. painting with turpentine
  77. Fire Safety Information & Oils
  78. Vermilion Test
  79. Vermilion Test
  80. drying box for oil paintings X post
  81. Which kind of brush for scumbling?
  82. W&N Griffin Alkyd Used With Artist?
  83. gesso and priming surfaces?
  84. question on Lukas medium #2
  85. Acrylic varnish on Oil?
  86. What mediums to use?
  87. surgical white spirit and odourless mineral spirits are same?
  88. How often do you re-do your medium?
  89. Oil painting and health safety.
  90. fave brush
  91. Cleaning brushes during painting - walnut oil
  92. Stand Oil plus Liquin? or Alkyd?
  93. Disposing of solvents...cleaners etc
  94. Gamblin Quick Dry White
  96. Munsell notation for SP paints
  97. M. Graham Oils and disposal of oil
  98. Cadmium Red Medium
  99. Oil Painting on Aluminum Panels...
  100. Speeding up drying of Impasto
  101. Oil glazes over acrylic - question
  102. Cleopatra and Caesarion
  103. HELP Da Vinci retouch varnish sticky
  104. Maimeri Classico
  105. Flying with paint
  106. Retouch varnish still sticky after 3 weeks what do I do about it?
  107. WMO and Watercolor
  108. Brush Cleaning with Solvents
  109. another brush cleaning question
  110. Winsor Newton (choices for black?)
  111. How Do I Stop Oil Paints From Drying?
  112. Using Liquin Original
  113. Aging of Paints in the Tube
  114. Flake White and Flemish White
  115. Closing and Sealing Aluminum Tubes
  116. Ivory black cracking
  117. Will acyrlic seal an un-gesso'd surface?
  118. Recommended mediums
  119. Using various types of paints?
  120. Six plus White plus Brand
  121. Difference in quality between brands of WMO
  122. brush cleaner from Daler Rowney
  123. Are there differences among brands of acrylic "gesso"?
  124. Soy (Rather than Acrylic) Gessoes to Ensure Long-term Adhesion of Oil Paints?
  125. Turpentine versus odorless solvents
  126. Should I varnish my Oil Paintings?
  127. Faster Plaster as Primer?
  128. Retouching Varnish - Brands
  129. Help with Galkyd Medium
  130. Confused about thinners...
  131. Filling empty tubes
  132. M Graham walnut oil with Holbein Duo Paints
  133. How can i remove dammar varnish?
  134. Walnut alkyd and walnut oil flammability
  135. Zinc White
  136. Cadmium Green
  137. Panel stuck in thumb-box
  138. Problem with W/N varnish
  139. why why tubes???
  140. Ivory black (on white) cracking (update)
  141. new to oil confused by linseed oil
  142. Trying to find an Oil Fan #00 brush
  143. Fat over lean rule with Holbein Foundation Colors
  144. Walnut oil vs linseed
  145. Cadmium Red Light in Limited Palette
  146. Trimming a brush
  147. Synthetic Mongoose
  148. Beginner question - how underpainting improves quality
  149. can I fix a varnished oil painting?
  150. Titanium vs Flake White?
  151. W/N Brush Cleaner & restorer--NONTOXIC
  152. Good Brands and Not so good Brands
  153. Less absorbent surface?
  154. Best student grade oil paint?
  155. Lead White poisoning
  156. Solvent Free Oil Painting.
  157. Request advice for storage for old oils, out of the tube
  158. Reluctantly - Had to Switch to water soluble oils
  159. Empty Tubes?
  160. the nitty gritty of oil brands
  161. Varnish glare- help!
  162. Question about old Shiva Signature oils and changing quality
  163. Lukas Berlin WMOs
  164. RGH Paints
  165. Are there solvents in the mediums?
  166. Julian vs. Blick by Julian French Easels?
  167. Probably stupid fat over lean question
  168. Dry Pigment
  169. Newbie with linseed question...
  170. best "primer" for use with WMO
  171. Some alkyd minis
  172. gamvar varnish over damar retouch varnish?
  173. Better Pigment chart for WN WMO's?
  174. Mussini Recommendations
  175. fast drying medium
  176. Raw Umber -- Lowest Chroma?
  177. Richeson Oils -- Shiva Series
  178. Oil painting without solvents (WIP)
  179. cracking
  180. Transparent Red Oxide
  181. varnishing question
  182. Turpentine vs. Mineral Spirits
  183. Sketching on canvas for WMO's...what do you use?
  184. What is a "squirrelette" brush?
  185. Almost Solventless brush cleaning
  186. Lukas oils
  187. Good quality Cheap Frames??
  188. Solvent Free Oil Painting/ Fat Over Lean
  189. Soriba - an oil portrait on gesso panel from life..
  190. Need help with brushes
  191. Cobra WMOs by Royal-Talens
  192. Raw vs. Boiled Linseed Oil
  193. Permanent Madder Deep
  194. Paint cracking
  195. Preparing linnen canvas with acrylic?
  196. Is there a WMO lead white?
  197. Natural Pigments' Rublev Oil Paints
  198. Natural Pigments' Rublev Oil Paints
  199. Good news for Williamsburg paint lovers
  200. Odorless Fast Drying Medium
  201. Quality of Bob Ross Oil paint
  202. Copy of Matisse, problem with Harding White
  203. Richeson Paints -- The Shiva Series, Part 2
  204. Dead Surface Problem
  205. Damar resin in medium/paint = more luminosity?
  206. Transparent Oil Primer or Gesso
  207. Beginner-level question about solvent and medium.
  208. Mixing WMO Paint and Medium Brands
  209. My 'Magic' Brush
  210. UN-gluing canvas from masonite
  211. Repairing paint brushes
  212. Water Mixable oils
  213. White Test :: Yellowing over time
  214. Finding Stand oil....to thick for me..:(
  215. I will never use liquin oleopasto again.
  216. Synthetic or natural bristle for the longest strokes?
  217. What kind of mineral spirits should I buy?
  218. linen canvas and its advantages
  219. New wood palette - linseed or varnish (damar) or ??
  220. Questions Many
  221. W&N Winton equivalent of winsor blue and green?
  222. Which WMO is preferred?
  223. Oil Painting On An Acrylic Panel (such as Plexiglas)
  224. bob ross soft titanium white
  225. What kind of palette do you use?
  226. Pigment list?
  227. Applying gesso over 15 year old thinly applied oils
  228. Brush Conditioner
  229. How long does it take Artisan WM oils to dry?
  230. Damar vs. Venetian Turpentine?
  231. Landscape Palette, and Update
  232. Help New to Oils
  233. Permanent painting as it should be.
  234. A bit on Artisan
  235. laminate flooring for painting surface
  236. how to keep oil paints from drying..as long as possible
  237. Cleaning Surface Between Painting/Glazing Layers?
  238. winton or grumbacher
  239. Liquitex Gesso with Alizarin Crimson (OIL) - Problem
  240. Problem with glossy areas on oil paintings - been using M. Graham Walnut Alkyd.
  241. Cobras are in
  242. Landscape Palette and Update, Part 2
  243. Maimeri Classico oil paints?
  244. Ultramarine Violet and Terre Verte
  245. a few questions on oil paint sticks and mediums.
  246. stay wet palette?
  247. Artisans seem thick
  248. Varnish Beeswax
  249. Oil paint with water-soluble medium
  250. Loving Holbein Duos but have questions HolbeinUSA couldn't answer