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  1. Why is Permalba white so popular?
  2. Test for tinting strength
  3. Retouch Varnish as a temporary protective varnish
  4. Three-Part Medium Readymade?
  5. Linseed Stand Oil
  6. Cleansing unrefined linseed oil
  7. Velásquez, glazes and the fat over lean rule
  8. vasari paint at 25% off
  9. Turpenoid noise
  10. How safe is it to breathe Gamsol?
  11. What pigment is Blue Black?
  12. Turpentineless medium
  13. Drying rate of Oils
  14. Whats your best/most surprised by and your worst tube
  15. What causes surface beading?
  16. Making Paint
  17. combined walnut and refined linseed medium
  18. wich black is the most blue (winton)
  19. Found Some Pigments, Need Some Help
  20. Tung Oil as a Medium?
  21. wrong pigment wrong name
  22. how do I clean my dusty oil painting
  23. How to rejuvenate thickening paint puddle
  24. Why have the Cadmium colors shot up in price?
  25. Large Brush Recomendations?
  26. Silver Fir Turpentine
  27. Rublev vs Michael Harding
  28. clove oil, stand oil and oleopasto? I want buttery but solid.
  29. varnishing before show
  30. Substance for tooth in gesso
  31. Odorless versus Non Odorless
  32. Alkyds / oils
  33. Cadmiums for skin tones
  34. Initial sketch or direct brush work ?
  35. an oil paint comparison
  36. question about Munsell and glazing...
  37. prevent painting from drying over night
  38. Old Winsor & Newton Tubes
  39. Flake White - WITHOUT the Politics
  40. Cracks in oil paintings
  41. art markers for oil painting? What brand works?
  42. Resin Topcoats
  43. Does anyone add Damar Varnish to their medium?
  44. Sennelier Veronese Medium
  45. Vasari Oils Pigments
  46. I MUST relate this varnish experience.
  47. how to use liquin (W & N)
  48. To Gesso or not to Gesso
  49. Maimeri Classico
  50. Re-stretching canvas / moving from one stretcher to another
  51. Colour charts plus - W&N Griffin Alkyd, Sennelier oils
  52. About medium and drying
  53. Newbie question about Thinners
  54. Renaissance wax as varnish
  55. Where to buy lead for oil grounds?
  56. Shine in oils
  57. fat over lean revisited
  58. Question about drying time?
  59. M. Graham Walnut Alkyd Medium
  60. Best medium for very thin but opaque washes?
  61. Explaining Mediums (Step by Step)
  62. winton versus georgian student grade paints
  63. Copal Dilemma
  64. Drying
  65. Mold or Yellowing Oil Paint?
  66. Using oil to clean brushes
  67. Liquin and Neo-Megilp.....
  68. damar varnish.... dry time between coats
  69. Paintings drying too fast!
  70. How Cold Can Tubes of Oil Paint Get?
  71. Eep varnish woes
  72. Primary yellowing in various mediums
  73. Glaze Medium
  74. Rabbit, first oil
  75. Excess Oil in Tubes?
  76. Medium for smooth passages?
  77. mediums from Schmincke
  78. Mineral Blue?
  79. ___Putty Medium EGG???___
  80. Mediums
  81. Best way to contain linseed oil?
  82. Found aonthe use for a tooth brush
  83. mediums
  84. Burnt umber and raw umber toxic?
  85. Mediums in the freezer? Alkyd?
  86. rabbit skin glue on blacktop!!!!
  87. The oily oils of old masters (tired of turps?)
  88. Student grade brand - advice
  89. Surface Tension...
  90. Re-touch Varnish...
  91. French Ultramarine vs Ultramarine green shade
  92. Few Questions on using ALKYD oils
  93. Thinning Conserv-art Varnish?
  94. Stand oil
  95. Drying time Alkyd vs. water soluble oils?
  96. water soluble oil paint and varnishing
  97. Technical Aspects of Water Mixable Oils
  98. Best glazing mediums for water effects X-post from Marine
  99. Lacquered brushes chipping and cracking
  100. Artisan Water-Mixable Varnish
  101. Lets Talk about Color
  102. Ground/gesso choices for controling drying time of w/s oils
  103. Poll: Comparing Brands
  104. What mediums are you using with your Water Soluble Oils?
  105. Thinning Water Soluble Paints and Fat over Lean
  106. Good, Bad, Ugly: Pros and Cons of Water Miscible Paints
  107. Fat Over Lean Rule Question
  108. Varnish and Oil Paint Drying Question
  109. Unsticking rabbit skin glue
  110. the dreaded turpentine allergy
  111. Glazing medium advice? (problems with Galkyd)
  112. Making Water and Oil Emulsions
  113. Titanium White vs Zinc White
  114. Do I have to varnish my paintings?
  115. grumbacher Max, etc
  116. Oil Paint Brands: Research
  117. Mediums again - help
  118. Holbein oil paints in the freezer
  119. Brush cleaning
  120. Which brushes for WMO?
  121. WMO Chromatic Black
  122. Weber Permalba Oil Paints?
  123. Titanium White looks powdery and dry
  124. Zest-It Painting Medium
  125. Old information made new (brush cleaning)
  126. Darmar Varnish Made with Mineral or petrol base turps
  127. How to get a fat mixture with Artisan?
  128. can Damar Varnish be made with standard turps
  129. still life
  130. Black pigment lifting?
  131. Am I the only one who finds W&N mediums REALLY sticky?
  132. Silver Brush -Ruby Satin vs. Silverwhite
  133. Stretched Canvas/Linen Brands
  134. Jacksons own brand oils
  135. Water-miscible Oilpaints, Chemistry and Patents
  136. What are these blotches in my drying painting?!
  137. Advice on stretched linen quality needed...
  138. Experiments with Grounds
  139. Odourless solvent as thinner: good or bad?
  140. Fat Over Lean
  141. Blackest black?
  142. Advice for an Oil Painting Newbie? (Mediums, Paint Mixing and Finishing)
  143. Use gesso over double-primed acrylic primer?
  144. Just Checking: Oil primer over gesso is ok??
  145. Gestalt, Impasto, Encaustic, Sgraffito, Filbert, Alkyd, Lions, Tigers & Bears
  146. Mussini Oil Paint users?
  147. Mixing Water Mixable Oils with other mediums
  148. Help with composition.
  149. For all Gunzorro fans/followers, a Vasari sale
  150. Mineral spirits, Petro or Turp..???
  151. yellowing and oiling out
  152. Stand oil
  153. Lead whites - pigment manufacture has ceased within the EU
  154. Need Help with Medium
  155. Aging Mediums ?
  156. Acrylic washes for underpainting
  157. Question on using liquin
  158. Oil Over Acrylic Question
  159. Homemade Pochade box
  160. question about varnishing
  161. damar varnish or picture varnish?
  162. Removing paint from canvas
  163. Headache from applying gesso
  164. Gesso on MDF - 2nd coat
  165. Varnish questions
  166. Grumbacher Flake White oil paint Discontinued – temporary
  167. Winsor & Newton Artists flake white NO 1 won't dry
  168. primer for reuse of panerls unwanted oil pictures
  169. Hot Spots......
  170. medium vs straight from tube
  171. Lead Sulphate: Why should anyone use Flake White?
  172. review chroma archival oil paints
  173. Tip for using traditional oils with WM oils
  174. Canvas paper questions
  175. Poll: Do you use final varnish?
  176. liquin and liqoul - same thing?
  177. How do Utrecht and Maimeri Classico compare?
  178. Tip for using Artisan fast drying medium
  179. Quick Drying solution (hair -dryer?)
  180. Black Gesso questions
  181. Are non-toxic pigments toxic? I'm confused.
  182. Technical issues working with water soluble oils, varnishing and lint
  183. round brush that will keep a point
  184. Black Oil as a Medium
  185. Should zinc white be banned in oils?
  186. Warped Canvas Stretcher
  187. Tips- how to make the transition from low to high pigment (power) paint tubes
  188. What do people use to hold their oil paint medium?
  189. Williamsburg now available in UK
  190. bolied linseed oil
  191. Any ideas? Paint lifting...
  192. My new Harding earths are very slow to dry
  193. Oil Painting Medium Query
  194. help please! mixing medium into paint?
  195. Water Mixable Oils Do you like them?
  196. New Sets at Natural Pigments
  197. W&N's Oil Primer V. Gamblin's
  198. Caput Mortuum
  199. Technical question (Painting in Layers)
  200. Cleaning brushes
  201. Does anybody else recycle their mineral spirits like this?
  202. Whats your favorite type of varnish??
  203. Canvas / linen weights and stretcher size question
  204. Ther's a hole in the painting, Dear Liza...
  205. (Novice) My painting has tiny cracks even after 2nd and 3rd layer of paint
  206. Need easy-to-clean paint/ink recipe
  207. Cracked Edges of Stretched Canvas Primer
  208. Sennelier Van Eyck Medium, Used it ?
  209. gesso panels?
  210. Fast dry medium + thinner?
  211. safflower oil
  212. Empty Paint Tubes
  213. Bedouin Boy WIP
  214. Technical Points About Alkyds?
  215. Mixing MSA Varnish with Oils for Accelerated Drying and Enhanced Flexibility
  216. an acrylic coloured ground
  217. Varnish before dispatch?
  218. Which Mongoose Brush you like best
  219. Ultramarine brands
  220. washing question
  221. Lefranc & Bourgeois white courtrai siccative
  222. Sun-thickened walnut oil
  223. How do you store your WMO palette between sessions?
  224. How to work on larger paintings?
  225. Do you use gloss varnish??
  226. Mold Hardening Rabbit Skin Glue
  227. Archival writing tool
  228. Garrett Copal??
  229. How do I clean this up........and get something off an old painting?
  230. Are Old Holland's cobalt violets made with cobalt violet?
  231. Using walnut oil with linseed based oils?
  232. Can Coconut Oil be used as Medium.
  233. sandable varnish
  234. Sealing the underpainting
  235. Ruptured tube
  236. Thank You Winsor Newton
  237. Application of Retouch Varnish
  238. Oil Stick Brand Comparisons- my impressions- long post
  239. Yet another question about the fat over lean rule
  240. Grumbaucher Titanium White: Extreme Yellowing
  241. If I could have 1 or 2 Vasari oil paints...
  242. Varnishing issues before the 6 month drying time...
  243. an oil,a pastel and an acrylic
  244. Oils Yellowing
  245. Issues of toxicity and prejudice/perception
  246. Damar Varnish in Medium
  247. Blue Ridge Paints -- One Year Later
  248. Artisan to trad oils to finish a painting
  249. Maimeri Classico Oils
  250. Varnishing between layers?