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  1. Water mixable oils
  2. Sold on water mixable oils
  3. What About Water Soluable Oils???
  4. Water soluble oil paints
  5. Lukas Berlin Water Soluble Oils
  6. Can you use Liquin with water soluble oils?
  7. Brushes for water-soluble oils?
  8. Liquid White with water soluble oils?
  9. Holbein Duo water soluble oils?
  10. **POSTING GUIDELINES** -- FAQ's -- Newbie Info -- Please read!!
  11. Technical Aspects of Water Mixable Oils
  12. Welcome to the new Water Mixable Oils Forum
  13. Ideas for a Monthly Challenge
  14. Introduce yourself and share your art done in ws oils
  15. Artisan Water-Mixable Varnish
  16. Lets Talk about Color
  17. Name for a General Chat Thread
  18. Ground/gesso choices for controling drying time of w/s oils
  19. Talk about your fixer upper WIP
  20. Say Hello! and Join Us In The Chatter Box
  21. Poll: Comparing Brands
  22. What mediums are you using with your Water Soluble Oils?
  23. Thinning Water Soluble Paints and Fat over Lean
  24. Gone Fishing
  25. Good, Bad, Ugly: Pros and Cons of Water Miscible Paints
  26. How to restart an old WM oil painting?
  27. Wet-on-wet and Alla Prima (Direct painting)
  28. Shoving Off
  29. Making Water and Oil Emulsions
  30. WMO Monthly Challenge August/09
  31. A portrait
  32. grumbacher Max, etc
  33. First finished oil painting....EVER!!
  34. Please welcome Bob Bissett your first Guide
  35. How long have you been painting with Water Mixable Oils?
  36. Holbein oil paints in the freezer
  37. Lady in a Green Hat
  38. Brush cleaning
  39. xpost from landscapes
  40. Which brushes for WMO?
  41. WMO Chromatic Black
  42. Latest Painting: Watching the Clouds
  43. Darrell
  44. Links and resources (inc FAQ links)
  45. Zest-It Painting Medium
  46. x-post from landscapes
  47. Painting slump
  48. Old information made new (brush cleaning)
  49. How to get a fat mixture with Artisan?
  50. Distance in a landscape and painterly affect?
  51. still life
  52. Am I the only one who finds W&N mediums REALLY sticky?
  53. What's on your easel thread for WMO
  54. Burkina Faso Man
  55. Oil Sketch, Kiteboarding
  56. landscape-xpost with landscapes
  57. Ross Castle, Killarney
  58. Winter Birds of Lake George
  59. Abbie
  60. Santa Barbara Beach Bike
  61. Your Mods and Guides
  62. 14x11 California Landscape
  63. Water-miscible Oilpaints, Chemistry and Patents
  64. The light over the wineyards
  65. WMO Monthly Challenge September 09
  66. "Trash Bin"
  67. Need your advice
  68. Detailed Oil Painting
  69. How to DVD
  70. x post from landscapes.....
  71. Use gesso over double-primed acrylic primer?
  72. Venasque - plein aire
  73. Mixing Water Mixable Oils with other mediums
  74. Help with composition.
  75. Narrative painting
  76. Am I out of my slump? You tell me!
  77. Stand oil
  78. First Experience With WMO Question
  79. Stalks the Forest xpost in Animals/Wildlife
  80. David Branshaw Nationwide Tour golfer
  81. Acrylic washes for underpainting
  82. Latest painting: Spirit of the Bonsai
  83. question about varnishing
  84. White Rose WIP
  85. Removing paint from canvas
  86. Headache from applying gesso
  87. Co-primary colors? (+ a great book resource)
  88. Varnish questions
  89. Almost finished ...... I think
  90. WSO for winter plein air?
  91. Africa Calling
  92. Hot Spots......
  93. My first oil painting!
  94. Tip for using traditional oils with WM oils
  95. Canvas paper questions
  96. How to - blades of grass?
  97. It must be a man thing
  98. White baroque horse
  99. Tip for using Artisan fast drying medium
  100. Black Gesso questions
  101. Are non-toxic pigments toxic? I'm confused.
  102. Technical issues working with water soluble oils, varnishing and lint
  103. Fall Bridge on Yupo
  104. WMO Monthly Challenge October '09
  105. WC award
  106. Berkina Faso Man 2
  107. Fall colours
  108. Any ideas? Paint lifting...
  109. Underpainting in Burnt Umber
  110. miniatures
  111. Rain?
  112. Water Mixable Oils Do you like them?
  113. The Purpose of the WMO Sub-Forum
  114. W&N Water Mixable Oil Fast Dry Medium
  115. WIP: Tennis Ball Adapter Painting
  116. Technical question (Painting in Layers)
  117. Cleaning brushes
  118. Joe
  119. Ther's a hole in the painting, Dear Liza...
  120. (Novice) My painting has tiny cracks even after 2nd and 3rd layer of paint
  121. Working Light to Dark
  122. Glazing
  123. A couple of recent tries
  124. India Man WIP
  125. Fall light
  126. Desert Sunset
  127. Coolidge Park Fountain
  128. Fast dry medium + thinner?
  129. "Smelling Roses"Water mixable oils 18x24
  130. Empty Paint Tubes
  131. Bedouin Boy WIP
  132. The Chatter Box, November 2009
  133. WMO Monthly Challenge Nov-Dec 2009
  134. Beach Scene
  135. sunflower on magenta
  136. Horse on the beach WIP. (x post Equine)
  137. washing question
  138. How do you store your WMO palette between sessions?
  139. How to work on larger paintings?
  140. Sealing the underpainting
  141. Glad I found this sub-forum
  142. Oiling in a WIP
  143. Varnishing issues before the 6 month drying time...
  144. Issues of toxicity and prejudice/perception
  145. Help on Glazing Techniques
  146. Artisan to trad oils to finish a painting
  147. WIP- monthly challenge a long time ago- PEARS
  148. The Chatter Box, December 2009
  149. Water with Soap, instead of terpentine or white spirit
  150. water mix oils
  151. How do you thin your wmo?
  152. Diogo
  153. finally started( WIP)
  154. extenders toxic??
  155. Help with sky/sunset
  156. Gesso new stretched canvas
  157. What? Water mixable oils?? Gazooks!!!
  158. what combinations are people using for mediums?
  159. Clementine
  160. Where do you buy paints & brushes online?
  161. Questions about Holbein Duo and mediums
  162. Getting WMO's to become "Drippy"
  163. Best Brushes for WMO's...
  164. I went back to non WS oils tonight. Didn't like it
  165. Reeves Water Mixable Oils
  166. Hi, I paint weird things.
  167. fun with water mixable oils
  168. Beginner Questions...
  169. open acrylics
  170. New Member
  171. Example of my W/M work
  172. On priming and gesso...
  173. Beginners thoughts on W/M's
  174. Bob Ross & W/M's
  175. Plein air practice indoors
  176. What mediums to use?
  177. Tips
  178. Cleopatra and Caesarion
  179. HELP Da Vinci retouch varnish sticky
  180. Alla Prima and fat over lean
  181. WMO and Watercolor
  182. Need help!
  183. Recommended mediums
  184. Using various types of paints?
  185. Difference in quality between brands of WMO
  186. brush cleaner from Daler Rowney
  187. M Graham walnut oil with Holbein Duo Paints
  188. Panel stuck in thumb-box
  189. Contemplation
  190. "Remains of the Paints"
  191. W/N Brush Cleaner & restorer--NONTOXIC
  192. Reluctantly - Had to Switch to water soluble oils
  193. First post - Point Lobos China Cove Painting
  194. Red Kites
  195. Lukas Berlin WMOs
  196. Are there solvents in the mediums?
  197. best "primer" for use with WMO
  198. Color Palette Question on Van Gogh H2Oils
  199. Better Pigment chart for WN WMO's?
  200. fast drying medium
  201. Playing with WN Artisan Oils, - getting ready to start 1st painting question
  202. New to water mixable oils
  203. the right flow
  204. Transparent Red Oxide
  205. varnishing question
  206. Sketching on canvas for WMO's...what do you use?
  207. What is a "squirrelette" brush?
  208. On Location at the lake
  209. Need help with brushes
  210. Cobra WMOs by Royal-Talens
  211. newest wmo picture
  212. Is there a WMO lead white?
  213. Snowy landscape in WMO (xpost Landscape)
  214. Josey Portrait
  215. Mixing WMO Paint and Medium Brands
  216. Portrait finished
  217. Emily, Jr. Miss 2004
  218. Water Mixable oils
  219. Thinning WMOs for details
  220. linen canvas and its advantages
  221. Questions Many
  222. Which WMO is preferred?
  223. What kind of palette do you use?
  224. June Landscape challenge in WMO
  225. Making Headway with WMO - my first posted example
  226. How long does it take Artisan WM oils to dry?
  227. A bit on Artisan
  228. Cobras are in
  229. split primary palette in Cobras?
  230. Fantasyland - A safe palette - safe technique
  231. Newbie saying hello again
  232. stay wet palette?
  233. Artisans seem thick
  234. 'Neighbourhood watch' xpost animals - Cobra
  235. Win a set of Cobra paints
  236. Ducks on a Case of Beer (xpost still life forum)
  237. Loving Holbein Duos but have questions HolbeinUSA couldn't answer
  238. First attempt at Impressionism
  239. Love My New Cobra WMOs
  240. Magical Epiphany Moment
  241. New Painting with Mixable Oil
  242. Lake scene
  243. I gave up on this one.
  244. problems in hot weather?
  245. Latest Painting: Plein Air of Webster Lake
  246. Botanical Garden Painting
  247. Hooked
  248. Genesis oil paint
  249. Cabin by the river
  250. Lukas Berlin WMOs on SALE now!