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  1. adapting to lack of space for painting, & creative block, lack direction
  2. What should painting be?
  3. Pretzel Significance
  4. Why do we make things?
  5. Updated Alice in Wonderland works/show
  6. Do your own thing, even if it's the same as mine?
  7. What movies are great for artistic inspiration?
  8. Simon Schama's Power of Art and other shows
  9. starting and stopping
  10. Art group/forum
  11. Ideas for very long rectangle canvas (40x120cm/ 16x47inches)
  12. Folk Art
  13. Workaholics Anonymous - Fighting Burnout
  14. The greatest good is ...
  15. Rebuilding imagination
  16. Repesentational or abstract?
  17. The Creativity Forum
  18. Art & Motherhood
  19. An Artist's Musical Dream
  20. Dialogical art
  21. Painter/Writer/Other
  22. Are outlines cheating?
  23. Anyone doing/done The Artist's Way course?
  24. The noob questions
  25. Creativity - a John Cleese Lecture
  26. Feeling blue, but which one?
  27. 20,000 Leagues under the Sea?
  28. Public Art Opp -What design to use?
  29. New Here; Creativity for Productivity
  30. WANTED: A Clear Mind
  31. Idea Reference library?
  32. Discoveirng a yet new form of art
  33. Do you compose art whilst dreaming?
  34. silence, have you heard it?
  35. What you want to paint vs what you enjoy
  36. Need Decorative Ideas for my New Home!
  37. Copy Right what im I allowed to paint
  38. Original/ The Trap of Inspiration
  39. The Trap of Inspiration
  40. Art/Life Balance
  41. coming out of a block...any advice?
  42. Mentors?
  43. Nagging Unfinished Stuff (x-post)
  44. Deciding where you want to go - and then going there
  45. Getting out there
  46. opinion
  47. Distorted Grids
  48. Poetry in Grammatical MoTiOn
  49. What did you do today artwise 2012
  50. Changing a character to fit in
  51. Detoxing from Facebook = Increased Creativity
  52. Perceptual Painting - what is it?
  53. Creativity decreased since my move
  54. Developing a project (mutations and spawn)
  55. Free time problem
  56. What is going on in the background when you do your art?
  57. Focusing on one discipline
  58. What kind of generally accepted "art" can you NOT STAND!?!
  59. Support: The proper care and feeding of artists
  60. Does the weather influence how you do your art?
  61. 365 Art Challenge
  62. Care to share your artist's Statement?
  63. What do you do?
  64. Pity Buying
  65. International Art English - IAE
  66. Minecraft art?
  67. What do you paint in?
  68. One Within
  69. Oh you beautiful creative minds out there
  70. Your recent muse?
  71. Losing Confidence
  72. Art consultant
  73. Watching Films While Painting.
  74. Viewing Distance (a question and an idea?)
  75. Anger and Creativity???
  76. Why Do Art?
  77. Art around the World
  78. Hanging a Big Art Piece for Show
  79. scrap training
  80. Going in too many directions at once...
  81. doubts
  82. The generalization about artists is the we're a bit messy. But . . . .
  83. Being an artist and CHOOSING to be alone
  84. question about juried show
  85. enlarging a reference picture
  86. Need a Little Creativity!
  87. Muse?
  88. What do you tell to people who don't understand?
  89. Creative in black
  90. More Time Does Not Equal More Art
  91. new again and stuck...again
  92. Painting for charity?
  93. YouTube Inspiration
  94. A difficult decision
  95. Are you making any creativity-related New Year's resolutions?
  96. What Matters Most - A Very Long Post
  97. Where does your creativity come from?
  98. Feeling defeated...
  99. Why do people paint photos of celebrities?
  100. Does anyone else feel they can't use someone else's tutorials?
  101. A artist
  102. Written vs Visual
  103. Your creative process?
  104. Participating with your Subjects
  105. Do musical choiced affect painting choices?
  106. old masters and drawing from imagination
  107. never-the-less,why photos?
  108. are you more introverted or extroverted?
  109. Job Stress & Art (Rant? Join In!)
  110. how to be confident to avoid messy drawings?
  111. New Book on Perspective Drawing
  112. trying to be artistic in the age of the internet
  113. Ideas for a piece of artwork for school??
  114. what is your fav. sketch book brand, type and the medium?
  115. Theoretical Creativity Question
  116. Destroying your artwork?
  117. Keeping it fresh and creative
  118. Perfectionism in art...
  119. What is " talent " ?
  120. Artist's Philosophy?
  121. Learning to be truthful about your influences.
  122. Teen Art
  123. Your earliest hint of spring ?
  124. Need Inspiration to Doodle?
  125. audio meditation for an artist doubt/creativity??
  126. optimistic or pessimistic ?
  127. Critical of Others Art?
  128. Slump or Uninspired
  129. i will never paint again in my life
  130. The effects of your effects
  131. The ways I keep my creativity flowing
  132. A Look into Andrew Wyeth's Creative Process
  133. Critique and Trust
  134. Commercial Art or Fine Art?
  135. Portfolio Anxiety
  136. an artists priorities
  137. How do You Challenge Yourself?
  138. Artists on Twitter
  139. Far Eastern calligraphy body art
  140. Does anyone else "get to know" their canvas before beginning?
  141. What makes you happy and/or split personality
  142. Three voices, or am I still searching
  143. rope frame?
  144. Psychology and Creativity
  145. A must see
  146. Experiments to Products
  147. Full Steam Ahead... Into a Wall
  148. Rebuilding momentum after a long dry spell
  149. En Plein Air Painting
  150. Image Junkie...
  151. Whatever is... confusing?
  152. Do you commit to a painting or start a new one
  153. Self Directed paintings Contemporary Art
  154. the real cannot be art
  155. To return to painting
  156. a wretched marketer
  157. Developing a Style
  158. Your "success rate"
  159. I am my enemy...
  160. When attempting a 'realistic' style of drawing or painting...
  161. How do people do it?
  162. Maybe it's time to go again
  163. I lost that mojo on the 5th!
  164. new here :)
  165. Primitive color mixing?
  166. Finding my voice - I'm so lost!
  167. Do you shy away from the "mundane" part of life?
  168. Musician/visual artists... common?
  169. Ideas for a large abstract painting?
  170. The Artist's Way sessions starting soon in Pasadena, CA
  171. A Must-See Short Video on Creativity
  172. Amazing Artist
  173. creative process
  174. The Line
  175. do you like your art?
  176. All my painting ideas are depressing...
  177. A crazy thought?
  178. Where do you get your ideas?
  179. Different "style" with different media?
  180. Block
  181. The Hobbies of Artists
  182. What Can I Do With Two Decades of Paintings?
  183. Ab-ex, Impressionism, Realism: Process
  184. Repressed Creativity
  185. What rituals do you have around making art?
  186. Making Art to Heal Grief
  187. Someone Said
  188. Black and white photos into colour
  189. Art Inspired By Music/Literature
  190. What's your favorite music to make art to?
  191. Personal milestones
  192. Feelings that are hard to depict visually
  193. Van Gogh's Palette
  194. What is your current art practice?
  195. Do you follow deadlines or move from painting to painting?
  196. The current "creativity buzz" isn't directed at you!
  197. the ugly stage
  198. Autumn depression and art block?
  199. What makes a series?
  200. Put These in Order
  201. How tidy are you?
  202. Work
  203. The Last Creative Thing
  204. Why Art?
  205. Thoughts on copying another artist's painting...
  206. Making a creative "exercise regimen"
  207. Creativity Overload
  208. Feeling timid
  209. Pieces you've made that were therapeutic for you
  210. Creativity and Hoarding?
  211. Creative Realism
  212. what is the meaning of painterly
  213. Skill and Intention
  214. where creativity originates
  215. in the eye of the beholder
  216. abstract - City
  217. People donít actually like creativity
  218. Creative Irons in the Fire - How Many?
  219. ability to "see" but not paint?
  220. Can Looking At Too Much Art Hurt Individual Vision?
  221. ""Series" - 1st time. Any advise?
  222. Do you keep your art aroung you or does it drive you crazy?
  223. Sometimes you have to change the channel
  224. What is burnout? What keeps it at bay?
  225. Happy New Year - Keep you're weird on!
  226. Using reference photos that others have used
  227. Creativity affected by pills
  228. How would you approach this?
  229. What Are You Working On Artwise 2014?
  230. Have you ever thought "I could have done that"? This guy thought it, too...
  231. I just wanna do my thing.
  232. How to become a successful hobby artist
  233. How can you tell if you like a piece?
  234. talent
  235. Afraid to succeed
  236. How do you know if you have talent?
  237. Scribble Art
  238. Sales
  239. famous anonymity
  240. a few or more mediums ?
  241. Do you compare?
  242. It's the process stupid! Or is it?
  243. I have hit a wall and need some help..
  244. A New Direction in Painting
  245. Finding my style
  246. Fancy Cartoons
  247. writers block
  248. How has age affected your creativity and taste.
  249. Sketching before painting--materials and techniques
  250. Thinking about a project.