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  1. Does A.D.H.D. affect artistic ability?
  2. Painting ghost/transparent figures in watercolor.
  3. how to paint wrinkles in clothing and scarfs?
  4. Putting a Title on a painting
  5. Right-brain learning techniques
  6. Is feeling inspired really needed to create art?
  7. Photo reference by others, good or bad?
  8. turning a negative into a positive
  9. stagnation? growth?
  10. Finally Did It!!
  11. Do you like to stay focused when you work?
  12. Migraines anyone?
  13. Finishing / fixing work
  14. Australian Art camps to get creative.
  15. Is There anyway to rekindle lost Inspiraton?
  16. Do we get "duller" with age?
  17. Melding of the frustration...
  18. My diary as an artist
  19. Listening to what's inside
  20. A different, automatic in a sense, sort of creativity
  21. Do your kids numb your creativity?
  22. Art in Action!!!! worth seeing
  23. Art and Music
  24. Is grossing people out considered to be art?
  25. Balancing multiple interests
  26. Predicting Color Trends for next year
  27. Process or Posterity
  28. Oils vs. Acrylics?
  29. Artist Block
  30. Do You Ever Show Your "Secret" Pictures?
  31. =^..^=
  32. Meditation and Journal Help With creativity?
  33. Major Procrastinator and Getting Worse!
  34. Intelligence Is Creative
  35. Art and philosophy ... and magic!
  36. Hit a brick wall
  37. Wet Canvas Creativity
  38. The Fun Theory
  39. Ceramic tile projects - waterslide decal papers???
  40. Out of curiousity, who is deaf/hard of hearing?
  41. Project brain freeze HELP!
  42. Creativity Block
  43. changing directions artistically
  44. personal diary
  45. Toothpick Art
  46. What is the Most Creative Thing You Ever Created?
  47. Borrowed Techniques in Oils
  48. Can anyone help with my project? (Expressionism)
  49. altermodern manifesto
  50. Painting What "Grace' means to Me.
  51. What does it mean to "think more deeply" about my painting?
  52. Myth: Art With Meaning
  53. Creative Surfaces
  54. Problems with drawing from imagination... any hints?
  55. Feng Zikai, the three levels of art
  56. Cutting Edge
  57. Inspiration or Goal?
  58. What is good art? Can we answer this question?
  59. how can we paint a good art.
  60. I feel really idiotic asking this, but...
  61. Caught between making art and feeling like a phony...
  62. Contemporary "Lady Lilith" by Bill Kendall
  63. "Lady Lilith" continued
  64. Why nude?
  65. Art Creativity and "Tunnel of Light"
  66. Do You Act on Creative Urges?
  67. help with motivation to a painting...
  68. WIPs open to any medium
  69. Jesus Weeps Over Lilith
  70. Sketchbooks, Moleskine, etc.? [Your opinion]
  71. synesthesia- or experiences in tasting color
  72. planes of the head, where do i start?
  73. Ebb & Flow of Creative Juices
  74. What is bad art?
  75. dull paints and finished work
  76. Discipline vs The Mood
  77. Nude Tabu
  78. Do you have control of your style or is it something that just happens?
  79. Day jobs
  80. Finding yourself as an artist
  81. Is this strange?
  82. Have you ever been interrupted too long to stand finishing a project?
  83. and suddenly, there are dozens of paintings in my head!
  84. having self doubts
  85. Need for Solitude to Create
  86. What art forms do you/do not value?
  87. How to take the first step on a blank canvas?
  88. Children's Records
  89. Do You Make Art for Others to Use on the Web?
  90. How does criticism affect you?
  91. The Nature And Variety Of Creativity
  92. I have something to say
  93. Starting a project
  94. I lost my zest for creating
  95. Connecting with others
  96. Skill versus Personality
  97. Creative Advertising ...
  98. Embracing one medium
  99. What ticks that box to get you going?
  100. creative project with sharpies
  101. "Realism" Artist taste versus public taste.
  102. how to be original
  103. What is your Creative Process? A new research about creativity at artwork!
  104. BBC Article on Creative Block
  105. Server upgrade
  106. What do you have to say?
  107. R. Crumb - Smash or Trash?
  108. Jump Start for me to create..
  109. Do you see caricature as art?
  110. Project Discussion: Testing
  111. Creativity Dam
  112. Thinking Big
  113. Client Problems...Ever Happen to You?
  114. Identifying with more than one medium
  115. internet usage interfering with productivity
  116. Challenging Myself to Create 30 Portraits in 30 Days... The "30 in 30" Challenge
  117. Painting water in oil
  118. what did you to today: artwise?
  119. Creative Wax and Wane (mostly wane)
  120. Character development
  121. Weird Question: Art in Social Science Class
  122. painting on antlers
  123. Motivation
  124. Exploring more mediums for University
  125. creativity generated by fear of death
  126. No focus = better results??
  127. Finding Your Artist's Vision
  128. Should I keep at it?
  129. creativity slipping in USA
  130. An artist version of "The Exquisite Corpse"
  131. How would This Affect You?
  132. Devotion vs. Discipline
  133. Pictures vs. Words learning technique
  134. Knockout Expressionism
  135. Where am I going, what am I doing ???
  136. an Exquisite Corpse wip
  137. Jack of All Trades
  138. Patience!!
  139. new project inspired by car trading cards... advice needed!!
  140. Emotions that drive us to Create...
  141. a christmas movie
  142. Getting personal, motivations & perceivers
  143. Halfway
  144. Seasonal variation of work?
  145. What to paint, what to paint?
  146. I destroyed all my materials and my art!
  147. When did you become interested in Art?
  148. trying to find an artist residency, no worries
  149. fa la la la la y'all
  150. What is your 'thing'?
  151. Drawing by Rote
  152. Does this happen to you too?
  153. Were you raised into the arts, or not?
  154. Blogging my next project..advice, ideas or opinions?
  155. Patience
  156. the mood of melancholy
  157. What did you do today artwise? 2011
  158. automatic/spirit drawing
  159. Problems drawing from imagination and visualising
  160. Where do your ideas come from?
  161. Post work blues?
  162. A level art exam..
  163. show wc something new
  164. Do you always know it's a good painting?
  165. Creativity and honesty
  166. Don't trap your creativity
  167. The Will and the Way
  168. Great work
  169. Getting over a failed start
  170. "art does not come out of art"
  171. Starting in on a pressing idea
  172. Crossover point between 'art' and 'game'
  173. objectivation
  174. Does anyone here live in an fantasy world of art?
  175. Why have there been no great women artists?
  176. Artists talking about what caused them to become creative?
  177. Pretty Pictures or Something to Say?
  178. TED, a little bit of brilliance
  179. Harnessing Creatvity
  180. what art changed your life?
  181. audry chen
  182. Bringing "life" to your art
  183. do you think computers and tv's have made it harder for artists to connect
  184. the flat earth
  185. Lessons learned from American Idol
  186. "I like the painting, but it won't go with the colour of my couch..."
  187. Do the majority of artists go through struggle and suffering?
  188. How important is God in your creating process?
  189. How to get back in the game?
  190. How much time do you spend?
  191. is a good drawing what you draw or the way you draw it?
  192. Sundays Confidence boost
  193. Pictures Stimulate Creativity
  194. who do you paint to/for
  195. last of originals, Surrealist artist, Leonora Carrington, 94, dies
  196. Artist block
  197. When to let go
  198. Mural ideas - rebuilding Joplin, Mo
  199. a creative fellow - Shea Hembrey
  200. Who is an artist?
  201. The Cringe Factor - what do you do?
  202. What's your best motivation tip?
  203. Quick Sketching Vs Taking Your Time
  204. Movie making for artists
  205. PLANETA AGUA - the theme by Leomariano
  206. Stuck!!! Feeling "rusty"
  207. An artist with a handicap?
  208. Would you paint for only 10 minutes?
  209. Where are you when you paint?
  210. sketchbooks and creativity block?
  211. Intense work sessions?
  212. Giving Up on a Medium...
  213. Fighting impatience
  214. Approaching breakthrough
  215. What does it take to become an artist?
  216. names, pseudonyms, symbols ... ?
  217. Hello looking for a muse
  218. Ps 4
  219. using the image
  220. Anger and creativity
  221. Hypothetical Question
  222. Process
  223. Life in a Chinese artist village
  224. Idea file help
  225. Truly Amazing
  226. eat, pray, love author on TED
  227. Creativity Vs. Life
  228. Steve Jobs quotes
  229. LAST CALL 2011 Christmas Card Exchange
  230. More and more
  231. Getting others to Understand Silence for Creating
  232. need help with plexiglass
  233. How do you name your work?
  234. Creativity, Passion, and Process
  235. Travel as inspiration for art
  236. Time of day effects painting?
  237. distraction as a tool for unleashing creativity
  238. defination please
  239. children's drawings, brought to 'life'
  240. Is the “feeling” gone?
  241. Being asked to do art that is not what you normally do...
  242. struggling with a portrait work
  243. What is "creative"...?
  244. Total block
  245. Subconscious Sabotage
  246. Question about Signatures
  247. Either imaginative or technically skilled.
  248. Learn how to be original
  249. Artistic Influences
  250. a little bottle