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  1. Mud Conscious by L. Diane Johnson
  2. Show us your palette colors and tell us why: 2001-2005
  3. The color palette of Richard Schmid ...in his own words...
  4. Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green
  5. shadow rules invalid
  6. Warm/cool visual forces
  7. Color as Value Chart??
  8. Color via Susan Sarback's approach and understanding
  9. 2nd Battle of Magenta
  10. Color Wheel In Motion
  11. Light Keys, Color And Value
  12. Having it all with a split primary palette
  13. What are the 3 primary pigments?
  14. 'Multiplicative' mixing and the 4 primary colors
  15. What is a "Working Knowledge" where color is concerned?
  16. Gesso coating or paint primer?
  17. Limited Palette Mixing Strategies
  18. Do you paint with a Color Scheme in Mind?
  19. Colours that give unexpected mixing results
  20. seeing colors in photos vs. plein air
  21. color shifts in shadows (reboot)
  22. Limited palette
  23. Split-primary v. secondary palettes
  24. What "color" are shadows?
  25. Digital camera?
  26. Thoughts on "minimal" palette
  27. What is a warm blue?
  28. Color Temperature
  29. Modeling form in daylight, chromatic scales etc.
  30. Paint what you see.
  31. How Do You Make An Orange Cooler?
  32. 3 primaries plus white
  33. Genuine Vermilion - is it worth it?
  34. Trying to Clarify My Approach of Using the Split-Complementary Palette
  35. Applications and limitations of colour theory **split off**
  36. Mixing a hue of Prussian Blue
  37. Painting into neutral mud...
  38. ok im confused
  39. Underpainting: The Pros and Cons of
  40. The bias against black
  41. Best warm blue for simplified palette: Cobalt...or?
  42. Alizarin Crimson 6 months later
  43. what's your preferred method of greying down colors?
  44. mixing BLACK
  45. Looking for a new paint to replace extinct one
  46. paint the colors you see?
  47. Chroma and its Effect on Vision
  48. is there a list of what colors are warm/cool?
  49. Irreplaceability of Alizarin Crimson - split off
  50. Better painting through color choice splitoff
  51. Values???
  52. Color and Realism
  53. What do you do with three colors & white
  54. Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green, Part II
  55. Which is "Cooler"
  56. Shadows and Strong Light
  57. "Black will kill your colors."
  58. IMHO "Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green" Opinion
  59. Desaturated Yellow... Brown or Olive Green
  60. Mixing paint and the true nature of the color