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  1. salmon color and green grapes
  2. questions re alizeron crimson
  3. How to make washed out colors with acrylics?
  4. Why does it make green?
  5. Hue of Raw Umber
  6. Colored light and its influence on the subject
  7. The Itten Wheel Munsell Code Colour Challenge
  8. copying Monet's RED BOATS
  9. Cobalt Blue - Information Needed
  10. Physics Approach to Color
  11. color harmony and color schemes
  12. Objects in Sunset Lighting
  13. Green
  14. Sampled colour in GIMP
  15. 4 basic palette
  16. Сomplementary colour for warm brown
  17. Charles Russell Color Palette help
  18. FYI: Color of Art Pigment Database
  19. How to add a yellow without the sky turning to green
  20. Darkness of shades
  21. hue optical illusion
  22. Color of onion
  23. Mixing Values???
  24. Question about chroma
  25. Colour mixing for van goghs' ' starry night over the Rhone'
  26. Color Matching Artwork on Plexiglass
  27. How to Mix Acrylic To Achieve A Specific Color
  28. how get naples yellow mixture ??
  29. Wet-on-wet colours fade away, not bright enough...
  30. Don't understand Quiller wheel
  31. Munsell mcolorbook lite
  32. Background wash color question
  33. darkening and lightening value 5 neutral grey
  34. Color values and knowing what constitutes these colors
  35. Trouble with hair`s color
  36. How do you mix paints?
  37. "Local Color" to add to a Cerulean Blue Sky?
  38. Looking for PR206 in oils
  39. Phtalo Blue Red Shade And Ultramarine Green Shade - What Is The Difference?
  40. Natural vs. Synthetic Earth Colors
  41. Colour temperature
  42. Shade, shadows and temperature
  43. Color Mixing Recipes Website
  44. Geometric white to black color progression
  45. color exercise with cubes
  46. Prussian Blue any big differencies beetween brands? in aquarelle
  47. Feeling Blue? Lapis lazuli vs. Ultramarine
  48. Enjoyable read for Oil Painters - Color for Painters
  49. Is it possible to get a hue close to "Mars" Burnt Sienna (PY101)?
  50. Color - Notes and Advice, Mostly for Oil Painters
  51. Whites
  52. Challenge: create an extreme permanent color pallette
  53. Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colors palette based on Bill Martin
  54. cast shadow of a candle
  55. Hansa Yellow PY3, PY74 do you use them? (lightfastness II)
  56. Missing pages on a book
  57. Chevruel
  58. Rudolph Arnheim's Art and Visual Perception
  59. chromatic black for shade scale
  60. A little flash game to test how accurately you judge hue and chroma
  61. Onions
  62. tonal value
  63. paints
  64. Do "Hues" mix differently to actual pigments
  65. edges in pantings
  66. Need opinions on blue pigments
  67. Music/sound and colour/vision
  68. Lascaux Sirius System - Experiences?
  69. first attempt at computer aided color matching: success!
  70. Understanding color-temperature relationships
  71. Alternative to Hansa Yellow
  72. If you use acryl and limited palette (12 or less colours) what you use?
  73. Are paint choices irrelevant?
  74. Seeking color knowledge
  75. colour mixing for rookies
  76. Dark Blue for Cobalt Blue glass
  77. Try this virtual paint mixer
  78. tonal value
  79. Expanding your palette
  80. Color vs. Tone?
  81. Choosing Watercolor Primaries on my own. Where would I find info on that?
  82. Transparent Red Iron Oxide (PR101) vs Perylene Maroon (PR179)
  83. Barnstone Color Theory Class 1 - [Video]
  84. Is there really a substitute for the cadmiums?
  85. Opaque and transparent colours
  86. What to mix to make Prussian Blue in acrylics
  87. Ultramarine...Warm or cool blue...What's your opinion?
  88. Painting with limited pallet of colours in oils
  89. Rose Madder and ?
  90. Cadmiums in watercolor
  91. Three-way split-primary palette?
  92. Need help choosing paint colors for beginner
  93. Gamut comparison ?
  94. Zinc, Titanium, Flake, Mixing..WHITE???? What are the differences?
  95. Color Theory Thursday: Black
  96. Moonlight
  97. Looking for books that are guides to using color effectively
  98. Colorblind Palette
  99. Advice please - choosing a new acrylic pallette
  100. Color Theory Thursday: Leon Battista Alberti
  101. Is the color wheel wrong?
  102. Fenway Parks Green Monster Color
  103. Pigments - supplier in Italy
  104. Books
  105. Is this color prussian blue?
  106. mixing the colour baige
  107. tints with Zinc White vs. Titanium White
  108. night sky
  109. Ultramarine Blue - Genuine vs French?
  110. A question about Cobalt Green.
  111. Clothes,and Dyes and pigments
  112. Technicolor
  113. Very Interesting Radio Programme on the Language of Colour.
  114. Aesthetic Science of Color, UC Berkley Study
  115. Oxides
  116. Palette Choice with munsell color theory
  117. midle value colour
  118. Red/Orange Underpainting?
  119. W&N Acrylic Reds
  120. Internet Source for Pigments in House Paint
  121. Color (colour) Buster??
  122. Mayer's Artist's Handbook - spectral curves in newer editions?
  123. ****Please READ****
  124. Burnt Sienna & Yellow Ochre, can they be made with limited palette?
  125. Keeping a colour mixing record/diary
  126. How do you make Cad Yellow T/O?
  127. Colour temperature difficulty
  128. Mud - what is it?
  129. Colour mixing tool
  130. Mix turquoise with oil paint?
  131. Dealing with Yellow-lights
  132. Creating Harmony.
  133. muddy colors
  134. is Dioxinene Purple
  135. mixing brown
  136. Transparent red earth PR101
  137. Pushed a modified split-complementary palette for this NE Wisconsin Fall scene
  138. Mineral Shungite naural black pigment
  139. I used too much red, HELP
  140. how do you mix a light red?
  141. what is the compliment of rose madder
  142. paint not drying
  143. Mixing Payne's Grey
  144. Mixing primary colours book
  145. My First Oil Paints
  146. what replaces the cadmiums?
  147. Seafoam Green, how do you mix it?
  148. Color mixing research thread with real charts and pictures.
  149. Carolus Duran Portraiture
  150. Skin tones for Masters
  151. Working with a Rembrandt palette
  152. Van Gogh's Flesh and his Black
  153. Pantone capsure
  154. Why paint looks lighter on palette?
  155. The color of dun, or palomino
  156. Barnstone's Color Class
  157. Sunlight on terracota wall
  158. Lightfastness test in oil
  159. Royal Scarlet Pigment?
  160. Path to
  161. Question On Blues & Reds
  162. Representing the colour yellow in shadow
  163. Caran d'Ache Luminance - mixing?
  164. Is this possible??
  165. Question on working with pigments
  166. Pigment Yellow 1 how lightfast it is ?
  167. "Gold in the Hills" Color harmonies.
  168. Unmixable colour
  169. Controvery on what tertiary colors are.
  170. Manganese Blue
  171. First thread! My paintings look 'Crayola' and/or lack color cohesion.
  172. which colors for shading with watercolord and acrylics?
  173. understanding chroma - need help
  174. Purist mixing for shadows
  175. Learning to see the world in color instead of monochromatic...
  176. Colour Wheel - Complementary Colours - Prismas
  177. Painting Skies/colors/Van Gogh/need help
  178. Post-Impressionism Methods (Signac)
  179. Need Color Help!
  180. Complementary Colours List - Faber Castell?
  181. Undersea blue help!
  182. Very Fair child
  183. 12 key colors
  184. Gold color
  185. Mixing the exact colour...
  186. Bruynzeel
  187. just one earth color
  188. Black Canvas
  189. Theory of Colors? Maybe I am just Crazy or Stupid
  190. A question about Aureolin...
  191. Can a single colour convey an emotion?
  192. Painting light that stands out in darkness
  193. Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic color comparison
  194. Image colour fidelity in Itten Book
  195. What is your favorite book on Color Theory?
  196. Complementary - black - both - or what ????
  197. Andrew Wyeth's Colour Palette
  198. Munsell Student Color Set 3rd Ed. - Rubbish!
  199. Mixing Hooker's Green
  200. Book on colour theory from master colour theorist
  201. Video on Goethe's experiments in Colour Theory
  202. Which direction is "warm" and "cool" in the oranges?
  203. Taking risks with color
  204. Warm or cool or both?
  205. Color spaces
  206. cement grey
  207. Hot pink and "little girl" pink!
  208. Need background color for portrait
  209. Mixing white - PW5 Lithopone.
  210. Help With Color Mixing Please
  211. Slowest Drying Medium
  212. Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue?
  213. Is this incorrect color harmony?
  214. Green
  215. cheaper/better earth colours
  216. JFW's Colours
  217. getting more dynamic colour
  218. Anthraquinone Blue, Oils
  219. An interesting challenge
  220. Out of these planned palette choices, what would be best?
  221. How do you mix greens?
  222. Winter Light in a Subtropical Climate
  223. Shadow Colours & Glazing (Oils)
  224. drop2color - Eigengrau
  225. Is this considered monochrome colour scheme?
  226. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Primary Mixtures
  227. Help: What's wrong with my color pleaseees?
  228. Limited Acrylic Palette - Suggestions?
  229. What paint do you use?
  230. Indian Yellow: Myth or Fact?
  231. new,confused about color mixing clay
  232. straight lines
  233. A reflective white?
  234. Sennelier question-X post with oil forum
  235. Help please with WW1 British uniforms colour
  236. Help with mixing tans and browns for lion fur
  237. Color books with lessons
  238. Simultaneous Contrast: Do you use it in your paintings?
  239. Help with starting color for Spanish still life
  240. Pigment orange 61 info lightfastness etc?
  241. Resistance to organic solvents
  242. "DU-Pont" White pigments theory
  243. Glazing question - total confusion
  244. Going for a middle color as opposed to spliting (red/blue) to cool & warm variations?
  245. Paintmaking: Raw Umber!
  246. Does pure yellow have a brighter value than other colors?
  247. Bellini Ultramarine Red-Oil Paint-Replacement
  248. Oil Color Brands
  249. How do I get the Most Out of my Light Source in Painting
  250. Value Color Wheel