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  1. Winton French Ultra-marine Blue
  2. which whites oil & acrylic have highest purest pigments...dumb question maybe?
  3. Relative color usage analyzed
  4. Vallejo limited palette setup
  5. newbie has a bunch of paints and needs guidance on sorting them into palettes
  6. looking for a replacement for Cad yellow light
  7. Different oils possible to use in oil painting?
  8. color mixing for pavement at night
  9. Snow in shadows
  10. Oil pigment to paint air?
  11. Van Gogh Blues
  12. Rembrandt carmine vs. perm madder
  13. Need a little help on a color match
  14. White and two more colours..
  15. Bierstadt Color palett
  16. Which books on color in watercolor painting?
  17. Help Color Combination and Patterns
  18. Fun with Nickel Titanate Yellow, Terre Verte Green, Quinacridone Violet (oils)
  19. Anybody not like Cerulean Blue?
  20. Color combination for Fashion Design
  21. What is your set of essential colors?
  22. Why not pyrrole red instead of cadmium red?
  23. Green / Orange / Magenta Palette (Color Chart)
  24. phthalo vs cobalt
  25. Question about colour temperature in an extreemly limited palette
  26. You can't compare mixing paint 20 years ago with now.
  27. Why do you mix colors?
  28. Other mediums need to get up to the standards of oils in pigment disclosure.
  29. Golden Acrylics- Quin Crimson vs. Aliz. Crimson Hue
  30. Will raw sienna help oil paint to dry faster?
  31. Why are Red, Yellow and Blue primary colours?
  32. Removing the varnish colour from a colour spectrum?
  33. How to mix/get light brown?
  34. Hue-Angles and Colorwheels
  35. PY 216 (RTZ pigment) & PY 227 (NTP yellow)
  36. Red, Yellow, Blue...Green??
  37. Does anyone here use a fan deck/color bridge? How does it work for painting?
  38. Dulling down my new too-bright Perylene Maroon (PR179)
  39. Holbein Acryla Gouache colour choices
  40. Not sure where to post this (color mixing guide ?
  41. How do you pronounce "pyrrole"?
  42. EU is considering to classify titanium dioxide as a carcinogenicity
  43. Struggling With A Method To Colour
  44. cobalt violet
  45. Tropical colors palette?
  46. Lightfastness testing (Indepth and technical)
  47. Colour over grisaille question
  48. PY53 as substitute for historic Lead-Tin Yellow
  49. 5th Edition Student Munsell...
  50. Pr 101
  51. Colour palette for sand
  52. palette around manganese blue
  53. Creating a palette
  54. Cmyk, Rgb to pigment
  55. A Palette for Northern Morocco
  56. what 'red' be this?
  57. Commercial Tinting Colors
  58. Watercolour colour palette order
  59. Paint colours that the computer can not show
  60. PV19 or PR122?
  61. Munsell Color Navigation
  62. Benzimidazolone Lemon (PY175)
  63. Analogous colors for manganese blue
  64. Liquitex Munsell Notation -- Cross-Posted Acrylics
  65. Musical theory and colour - triads...scales, etc.
  66. Blue Palette Choices
  67. Trying out colors new and old
  68. Color Mixing Work Flow
  69. Pigment with peak in yellow of the spectrum?