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  1. Spectral Colors by Michael Carver
  2. colors that recede or move forward in landscapes
  3. Colors on a standard color wheel
  4. How long with a limited palette
  5. Quick mix to create values 3,5,7 grays?
  6. Aureoline py150 vs trns. yellow py128
  7. Hansa Yellow opaque?
  8. Which blue to add?
  9. Complimentary Grays
  10. thoughts on this color scheme-background
  11. Hue, Value, Chroma, Saturation
  12. Current sources of genuine Vermilion?
  13. Glazing the entire canvas
  14. Cobalt added to the list of carcinogens
  15. Paris (Prussian) Blue IN ACRYLICS
  16. How I mix with oil colors a perfect green sheet in photo realism?
  17. how do you mix violets?
  18. mixing dark yellows
  19. sources for dry pigments.
  20. How I use the Sfumato Oil-Color to get this effect?
  21. Umbers and Siennas
  22. Can you identify his colorblindness?
  23. Old Winton scarlet lake PR 10
  24. Blue Red Yellow Question
  25. Painter's looking glass/gadget to view paintings through?
  26. Its been years, and I am lost with all the new paints and colors
  27. Android users might be happy to hear....
  28. Color Theory importance
  29. Every vansih for oil removeable? Exists removeable end-vanish possible in a month?
  30. Lightfastness test results: 1 year and 3 months later
  31. Warm And Cool Surfaces For Distance - Indoors-Outdoors Colour Question
  32. Red - Blue mixing
  33. Complimentary colors
  34. Truly Opaque Yellow
  35. list of mixing compliments?
  36. Acrylic drying
  37. Greys
  38. Juniper Rose
  39. wn flake white hue
  40. Vermeer Delft question to get this realism
  41. PR202 for skin tone?
  42. How to Distinguish Warm & Cool Oranges
  43. red choices
  44. Daniel Smith 8 new colors
  45. Strange Re-touching Varnish Behaviour?
  46. How do you mix Browns?
  47. mix transparent olive green?
  48. What is "middle red"?
  49. Green Gold Mixing Complement
  50. Three color challenge - mixing help needed
  51. Color temperature shifts
  52. Geneva Limited Palette
  53. 6 paint palette - 3 primary + 3 secondary - experiences?
  54. Khaki and Olive Green
  55. A few minor technical challenges - advice?
  56. Real Cobalt Blue
  57. Dark Yellow?
  58. languages and color perception
  59. Predictably greying down local colors for form shadows
  60. Building a Munsell color palette for watercolor
  61. Guidance re: Creating light through using hue and chroma
  62. Old master formulas oil recipts. How I can cook it?
  63. Fat over lean thick over thin
  64. Complementary cooling down color help!
  65. Hue Shifts, Masstone to Thinfilm (Tint)
  66. Colours query
  67. The whites in white dresses in Impressionism.
  68. Newton Vs Seurat (long but please read to end)
  69. Mix reddish-brown
  70. Mixing Brick Red and Other Challenging Colours
  71. Japanese colors?
  72. Best medium to paint this?
  73. The Science of Oil Paints by Kyle Kolbe
  74. Drying time of red oil paint
  75. yellow choice for secondary palette
  76. Magenta acrylic. Which make
  77. How I get a pure fine face colors ala renaissance faces
  78. Mixing Deep Violet
  79. Having Trouble Mixing Light, but Bright Pink
  80. Mixing Red Ochre/Brick Red
  81. Best Color Theory Textbook
  82. Re-touching Varnish & White Spirit: what are they called in the US?
  83. Blue and Yellow
  84. A Basic Guide To Color Theory - for those interested
  85. Searching for competent information on P #
  86. I seem to be unable to paint a decent background
  87. analogous hues
  88. Covino's Controlled Palette: Cadmium Green?
  89. pigment load comparison
  90. what's your favorite color & why ?
  91. Mix glaze to get far effect with oil colors?
  92. silvery gray dried grass
  93. rainbow colors?
  94. Does turpentine evaporates in oil complete when cures?
  95. Mixing the Perfect Payne's
  96. to darken or to make dull
  97. The War on Black
  98. thalo yel green and Aliz Crimson for flesh tone?
  99. "Warm" and "Cool" Blue
  100. Need help with this color?
  101. cerulean blue pigment complimentary
  102. make my white dance
  103. Saffron
  104. THe BEST alternative to alizarin crimson
  105. Studio Acrylic Paints. . .Permanency?
  106. Shadows
  107. Cadmium Yellow is it worth the $?
  108. CIECAM02 Viewer (Program)
  109. Need help finding a cool color
  110. Re-Touching Varnish too glossy?
  111. The perfect swimming pool blue...
  112. Mixing a Transparent Dark Chocolate Brown?
  113. Pigment Honesty
  114. Gouache over fluid matte acrylics
  115. Two primary questions about paints
  116. Color temperature according to JSS
  117. digital palette
  118. mixingcolor for old cedar log cabin
  119. Acrylic pouring
  120. Constable's Ground : red lake & ?
  121. Way to remove finest dust from glued drying oil color layers?
  122. What's the big deal about Granulation???
  123. Need Brightest,Best PY in Oil
  124. Why have my oil pictures more depth on less light?
  125. Color Charts/Color Scales
  126. Benzimidazalone blue PB80
  127. Likely run on Cobalt?
  128. 16 lessons...?
  129. Pantone 300 - Cobalt or Cerulean? (tough question - any takers?)
  130. Blockx how to pronounce?
  131. "Goethean Phenomenological Approach" - Question about a book
  132. Pigment misnaming and WC tech problem
  133. mixing primary colors
  134. Another confusing pigment designation and lightfastness rating from a top paintmaker
  135. Warm and cool colors
  136. pine bark brown
  137. Theorising about Liquitex's new Cadmium-Free replacements
  138. Mixing oils colors and glazes of house walls seems not realistic
  139. Handprint.com Secondary Palette Question
  140. Looking for very very opaque oil colors
  141. Mixing colors with Light Green
  142. Grinding self-made paints instruction
  143. Why does red+white= purple instead of pink?
  144. If I could afford only one genuine Naples yellow (PY41), Which must it be?
  145. Re Quiller Wheel
  146. Why does a composite red food coloring + water = purple water solution?
  147. shadow color for yellow ochre
  148. Chemical composition
  149. Single Pigment Colors That Cannot Be Mixed
  150. Primary palette advice
  151. My color theory broke
  152. Looking for a way to paint very fine lines with oil
  153. How glazzing does work over grisaille ?
  154. [Beginner tutorial video] Principles of color mixing + color-matching demo
  155. mix oil colours in tubes in egg-tempera possible
  156. X-post from Watercolour
  157. replacing Ultramarine Blue with Anthraquinone Blue
  158. confusing color names
  159. Mixing a good Magenta in Acrylic?
  160. Mixing a good Dark Green in watercolor
  161. color choices for 3 color palette
  162. GIMP 2.9+ and hue/chroma
  163. color choices for 4 or 5 color palette
  164. Are linseed oil and flaxseed oil the same thing?
  165. Lightening acrylics
  166. Creating a palette from only series 1 colours
  167. Streaking
  168. Question about Dr. Briggs' shading series
  169. clove oil and freezing
  170. warm and cool colours in palette
  171. Liquitex Cadmium-Free Colors
  172. What is masstone and undertone?
  173. Color Wheel
  174. Mixing Neutrals
  175. Raw Umber and Black -- Mixing Differences
  176. what are for depth effect the best pigments (for oil)
  177. pigment for plastic
  178. Mixing Lavender (Color)... Where to Start?
  179. Shading yellow?
  180. What tonal ground color to use?
  181. color across screens
  182. Posca Paint Markers
  183. Mixing a vivid green
  184. Help with background color
  185. How many reds do you prefer?
  186. Adding variety to color choices
  187. Plane Defining and Modelling Form with Hue Shifts
  188. Process + white
  189. Will fine dust dissolve in years?
  190. Paint by numbers?
  191. Color Wheel Using The 13 Colors Bob Ross Used
  192. Warm & Cool of Each Primary
  193. The 'Warmest Brightest Yellow' You Know?
  194. The 'Warmest Brightest Yellow' You Know?
  195. desaturation
  196. Visualising the effect of a glaze
  197. Common colors?
  198. Getting to like Quinacridone Red (oils) PV19
  199. Anyone compare W&N to Gamblin, Raw Umber, oils?
  200. 1500 color mixing recipes for oil, acrylic & watercolor by William F Powell
  201. Show us your palette colors and tell us why: 2018-present
  202. Glazing Questions - Xposted Acrylics
  203. Grounding a painting, choosing a color?
  204. PY65 vs. PY83 yellow
  205. Best Non-Toxic Glazing Medium?
  206. Color temperature and or values?
  207. Hue shift when lightening with white
  208. Raw Sienna.
  209. Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna
  210. DIY watercolor custom blends & names.
  211. least toxic pigments
  212. Mixing Gold
  213. Yurmby/gamut masking
  214. Cool Orange?
  215. Modern Covino?
  216. Blue(What color you see?)
  217. Mixing colors to match COLOR-AID colors
  218. What type of colors are they?
  219. A Two-Triad Palette
  220. Artsy mixing charts
  221. How to achieve deep rust/red and vivid orange?
  222. Textile Block Printing - Eco Ink/Paints?
  223. Munsell for Painting Flesh HELP!
  224. mixing large quantity hand mixer?
  225. Precise Color Matchinge Is A Tricky Business Indeed
  226. trying to get my colors and effect right...
  227. mixing pigment into ready mixed paint, how to? anyone?
  228. Darkening a colour and affecting chroma
  229. Mixing Enamel with Oil Paints
  230. Struggling what is my palette missing?
  231. Starter set for rank beginner who doesn't know what he wants to paint (revised)
  232. Same single pigment different values: How?
  233. Colour theory (Robert Henri)
  234. Color index, etc
  235. Student grade acrylic paint tinting strength "balanced"?
  236. Cadmium Red Light and Dark
  237. Need help mixing oils to match reference
  238. What is pencil
  239. Quantum Blue
  240. Cast Shadow on Skin
  241. Da Vinci's Natural Pigment oils
  242. Tint, Tone, Shade
  243. Prevent that lead white get more transparent when drying in oil paintings
  244. Colour Mixing.. In 1958
  245. glaze ..where am i going wrong?
  246. Which Blue is the real Blue?
  247. Need help making a brown for wood.
  248. best acrylic paint range? no not a spam ..would like to know
  249. stil de grain juane
  250. Acrylics: Ratio of Paint to Glazing Liquid--x-posted Acrylics