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  1. mixing a glossy medium for oil?
  2. Maries Masters Artists 40 ml paint swatches
  3. Additive-averaging mixing?
  4. Two Favorite PBk 's, the Dark side!
  5. Color Bias?
  6. Pr221
  7. interesting commentary about working with a CMY palette
  8. Quinacridone Violet Oils
  9. PY 155 swatches
  10. Pr 254 vs pr 255, technical question
  11. Making up a bespoke paint box.
  12. Color theory on tabletop-miniature applications
  13. Alizarin Crimson PR83 Real Lightfastness testing
  14. Help!!
  15. King's blue name
  16. How to find/mix the correct complementary color?
  17. Difference between Violet, Magenta, and Purple?
  18. Cool Effect - What causes it?
  19. Blue Wool Scale test moving faster than expected? worried about card consistency?
  20. Questions about pr 251
  21. wet canvas online color tool?
  22. Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green?
  23. Needing a little knowledge
  24. PR 101 vs 102 inconsistancy
  25. Help with Pyrrole red
  26. Good oil paint brands?
  27. PR242 its good?
  28. PR21 another red pigment thread!
  29. Pressure to PRODUCE!! ugh...
  30. [Oils] Winsor blue GS Vs Phthalo Turquoise
  31. Red and blue make...Brown? Help!
  32. Color scheme of a snow scene?
  33. Too $$$ to mix?
  34. Lemon Yellow (PY53) Love or Leave?
  35. Free Swatches from Art Store?
  36. Terre verte: Harding or Blockx?
  37. Convert wavelength to hue angle?
  38. What is unbiased Blue?
  39. Earth Color Recommendations?
  40. Earth Greens: Perylene & Chromium Oxide
  41. What is meant by cool blues and warm blues? The answer
  42. Mixing Watercolour with Gum Arabic
  43. chroma atelier cerulean blue
  44. Cappagh Brown
  45. Ground Colour: What's Yours?
  46. Painting on Black canvas???
  47. Leland's Confident Color: Too $$$ for oils & acrylics?
  48. Shiny gouache nightmare!
  49. The brightest PR102 in oil paint?
  50. Watercolor-- Dioxazine purple -- Lightfast rating?
  51. Phthalo blue 15:3 and 15:4- Which is darkest?
  52. acrylic color mixing with modelling paste
  53. Suggestions for mixing a Yurmby wheel
  54. Uses for Cobalt Teal (PG50)?
  55. Cadmiums in Watercolor
  56. Earth Blues in oils
  57. Winsor Yellow v. MG Bismuth Yellow
  58. Searching for opaque paints
  59. PB 60 Addiction or Necessity?
  60. quinacridone replacement for alzarin crimson
  61. Why are there 2 hue angles in Handprint?
  62. Where can I buy a blue wool fade test card?
  63. Golden Acrylic Single & Mixed Pigment Lists
  64. difference between color harmony and color similarity
  65. (Revised) Golden Acrylic Single & Mixed Pigment Lists
  66. Liquitex Acrylic Single & Mixed Pigment Lists
  67. Watercolor color help- how would you mix a straw color in sunlight?
  68. Vridian vs. Phthalo Turquoise
  69. How to turn PB60 into PB66...Ideas?
  70. Does PB50 really exist?
  71. Canvas wrestling
  72. Painting a Black Dog
  73. additive color mix using watercolor
  74. Shiny Orange?
  75. Adding Transparency to Split-Primary Theory
  76. ColourLex
  77. CT Forum Meetups??
  78. Cad Red Lt. Ground: ARE YOU CRAZY!!!
  79. Mixing the ideal color complement
  80. Golden Fluid Acrylic Colours for Mixing
  81. Color System
  82. Problems keeping my values consistent
  83. Gouache patchy and very amateur
  84. Why do short wavelength lights look reddish to human?
  85. Anyone use Egyptian Blue pigments?
  86. (Phthalo Green: Yellow) ratio to mix natural looking green?
  87. Color W-sheet printout. Copier or Printer?
  88. Learned a lesson
  89. cheap yellow
  90. Burnt Sienna Compliment: Why Ultramarine Blue??
  91. Help an amateur find this orange?
  92. Traditional and Modern Colour Theory
  93. Cool little game that tests your eye for color
  94. How do you tackle non-mixable colors with a limited palette?
  95. how to mix sage green
  96. help in matching color
  97. Do you treat your painting palette?
  98. Combining transparent and opaque paints
  99. Should the term 'Complement' be redefined?
  100. Where have I gone wrong with my colors??
  101. Warm and Cool primaries - Liquitex Basics
  102. Cobalt Violet Pale NOT lightfast?
  103. 2015 Edition of Munsell Student Color Set?
  104. favorite complements to mix blacks and greys
  105. Calling all Scandinavians: Natural Colour System? Thoughts?
  106. need advice for split-primary palette
  107. Acrylic Newbie!
  108. suggestions of limited palettes...
  109. Shading by adding color opp. color wheel, but what about brightening
  110. DIN A0 - Munsell Color System
  111. What tools did he use ?
  112. Best color theory/harmony book
  113. Paint Haul 9-27-15
  114. Why is Alizarin Crimson still sold??
  115. Intersecting Colors: Josef Albers Exhibit & Catalog
  116. Color Theory Catch-Up
  117. Can these colors be mixed from what I have?
  118. Permanent Blue Acrylic paint colour?
  119. Acrylic Paint Beginner Learning Curve?
  120. Palette suggestions for M. Graham oil paint
  121. Is cadmium yellow a fugitive color?
  122. Diox / Ultramarine Violet VS mixture.
  123. Sell My Color Worksheets: Yes or No??
  124. Skin tone suggestions
  125. black and white
  126. Quinacridone Magenta Compliment
  127. History of Yellow Hansas
  128. What pigment did the russian truck driver hit.
  129. Confused about color theory-Munsell vs Schmid
  130. Resource for painting Gouache Watercolor Tempera Casein Acrylic Oil Enamel
  131. Dirty Paint: what do you do with yours?
  132. fall colors testing
  133. Where Can I Find Info on the Wavelenghts of Light Reflected by Specific Pigments?
  134. Question about sales of pigment PR254
  135. Xmas time & snow colours
  136. Acrylic paint for Munsell 5B @ high chroma?
  137. Winsor/Newton Color mixes (professional artist colors)
  138. mixing complement of yellows
  139. Natural Raw Sienna acrylic paint swatch
  140. Washed out?
  141. Sepia
  142. colors associated with copper and gold?
  143. Paint choice help please
  144. Substitute for English Read
  145. Paint Mixing Software
  146. Color Theory
  147. Color Theory
  148. How do I mix cerulean blue
  149. Inspired by van Gogh
  150. Value Scale: Points for Neatness??
  151. Charting Neutrals: Can It Be Done?
  152. Best blue for the sunny sky - little mixing
  153. Opinions wanted, transparent yellow oil, versus...
  154. Interesting quote
  155. southwest color mixes
  156. Visual Complements: Worth Charting?
  157. Pantone Mixing System for Screen Printing
  158. Anyone want to waste some paint?
  159. CMY Split Primaries??
  160. W,N, Manganese Blue, pb33?
  161. Blacks: What's the difference?
  162. Mixing saturated light blue, only have ultramarine blue
  163. Still Life help
  164. Titanium White as a photocatalytic concoction.
  165. Too Many Colors?
  166. 2016 Color of the Year? Zzzzzzzzzzz
  167. Fun With Colour - a Trivia Quiz
  168. Advice on oil paint palette
  169. Flames
  170. Realism with every studio and artists oil color quality possible?
  171. Vincent's Bedroom and Chemical Reaction: An imagined View
  172. Help with Water, please!
  173. Glazing Palette Acrylic
  174. Dimensions of Colour website access
  175. 12 squares rule - spatial discussion
  176. Playing with inverse color and tone
  177. Help me analyze the light source in this painting - Please and TY
  178. Coloured Pencil Pigment/Binder & Solvents... oh my
  179. Toucan Blue
  180. Burnt Umber vs Raw Umber temperature, warm or cool?
  181. Classics and Curiosities of Colour
  182. Everything old is new again...
  183. Claude Monet's color palette, Myth or Fact?
  184. Please recommend an oil medium
  185. Colors on Chinese paints
  186. Alizarin Crimson substitutes
  187. xpost from watercolor learning: handprint.com style
  188. Beware Indanthrene blue--bronzes at full strength
  189. Williamsburg French "Ultramarine" going grey
  190. what colors make fantastic pinks?
  191. how do you get this blue color?
  192. what's your favorite blue pigment? :D
  193. Potters pink! (PR233)
  194. Color Mixing Charts: How Many Values?
  195. Using tube colors swatches in mixing charts: Y/N?
  196. Munsell values of Williamsburg oil neutral grays
  197. Which textbooks would you recommend for learning about Color Theory?
  198. ISO: Website Selling Red & Green Value Filters
  199. Primary red
  200. Forbes Pigment Collection
  201. Do they all make their own light-fastness tests?
  202. PaintMaker 2
  203. This is why I have chosen to use the computer to calculate color recipes for me
  204. ISO Turner Brand WC Paint Pigment Reviews
  205. How to arrange the colors on the palette...
  206. Stephen Quiller's 'Color Choices' vs ArtistsNetwork.tv Videos
  207. J. Blundell's Bright 6-Color Palette: Thoughts?
  208. Finding the right red!
  209. High Key Colors
  210. reinventing the wheel by John Muir
  211. Painting Chart Squares: One Small Victory
  212. Raw umber-yellowish or Green- how to mix
  213. neutral bias BLUE
  214. Color Palette for All types of Color Blindness
  215. Naples yellow vs. Yellow ochre
  216. What brand have the brilliant Titan-White or brilliant White?
  217. How long is the longest time when possible that the layers crack
  218. How can I check self the pigment high and quality of oil colors?
  219. My first time ever making a color chart
  220. My first ever color chart
  221. Pigment declaration - Colored Pencil
  222. Is Cadmium Red Medium really red with an orange bias?
  223. Fixes for greying tints?
  224. Indian Yellow in Acrylics
  225. Possible to make the shadows, Imprimitur (ocker) and high white with acryl then oil?
  226. Expand your knowledge on how to mix a color
  227. Munsell color emulation page for download
  228. "muteing" colors?
  229. Color wheels - what am I not getting
  230. Opacity Check in Backlit Sunlight
  231. books on how-to painti ridescent colors in oils
  232. Note: Gamut images posted to Illustration forum.
  233. Munsell's Color theory-Looking for Frank covino students and adherents!
  234. granulating vs non-granulating pigments in oil and acrylic?
  235. PR 209 Is it Weak?
  236. Shading objects of different real-world color in same lighting
  237. New Blue Pigment
  238. what kind of violet is this???
  239. Why would anyone use (Schmincke) Payne's gray and/or neutral tint?
  240. Acrylic color chart
  241. PR 177 vs PR187
  242. Five New "Muted" Colors in Liquitex Acrylics Line
  243. How to make color charts?
  244. What is mud?
  245. Outdoor painting to indoor display color problems
  246. Why CAN'T we hit values exactly?
  247. Which industry uses Viridian (PG18)?
  248. Shadow Violet?
  249. PR146 and alternatives
  250. I am looking for a way to get glasses/lake oil colours to opaque possible?