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  1. Choosing a Base Color
  2. Paintmaking: part 2!
  3. Underpainting test (a lot of images!) and painting method
  4. Calcium Carbonate a Lead White replacement?
  5. Genuine Eggshell White (with pictures!)
  6. Indirect Painting
  7. ID meets OZ...
  8. Selecting a Violet/Magenta, and Palette Selection Generally
  9. More tests: effects of two layers (lots of images!))
  10. Getting a vintage "yellowed" look.
  11. Sand color and skin color
  12. Numeric and literall Codes of collors !
  13. Primary red,blue & yelow ?, witch ?
  14. Phthalocyanines and other blues (and greens), to get or not?
  15. Need some color recommendations
  16. Mixing Thought Process
  17. Burnet Umber;Natural Umber;Burnet Sienna;Natural Sienna !
  18. Benzimida Yellow in Fluid Acrylic
  19. Sepia ink aka squid ink
  20. How do you mix the color of the peacock
  21. Suggesting depth with colour
  22. Neoclassic Color Wheel
  23. Modern Color Wheel Exercise (by hand!)
  24. Natural or Synthetic Pigment Oil Paints?
  25. Help Understanding CIELAB
  26. Flesh
  27. Orthodox Byzantine Icons Skin Color
  28. Skin shadows / color question
  29. 2 Yellows in heavy body acrylic
  30. Talens and Will Kemp Art school
  31. Could Yellow the Sole Primary?
  32. My Current Acrylic Colors
  33. The Real Colorwheel - experience / advice?
  34. PY3 Opaque
  35. Sepia
  36. Choosing colors
  37. Munsell colours - Pantone?
  38. Mixing Colors for Painting- Using Greys vs. Complimentaries
  39. Online Color Scheme Generator?
  40. First oil/muddy color
  41. Need help feeling out Bougeareau flesh tones
  42. Color Palette For Landscape Painting, Acrylics (10 Colors)
  43. Mixing a silver
  44. Help! Used sesame oil to thin oils...
  45. Aniline black lightfastness?
  46. Aniline black lightfastness?
  47. complementary 'color wheel' vs. mixing 'color wheel'
  48. Color temperature... looking for references
  49. Green
  50. Help Please
  51. Help with a color question
  52. less popular but wonderful pigments
  53. How to mix coral
  54. Colour Fading
  55. Bright Candy Pink Please?
  56. RGB to Artist Paints
  57. Tinting-Toning-Shading versus Graying
  58. Cadmium Yellow Not Mixable With Copper Based Pigments?
  59. What is colour?
  60. Orange choices
  61. mixing primaries with yellow predominant
  62. RGB values for Artist colours
  63. Flake White (lead) Safety
  64. Quinacridones in Oils Questions?
  65. PG 36 Pthalo Green Yellow Shade Oil paints
  66. Letting the computer calculate paint recipes
  67. safflower oil
  68. Free Program for generating palettes from GIF file
  69. Pigment Database
  70. Opaque equivalent of Alizarin Crimson?
  71. What is meant by broken color?
  72. what three (3) hues you add reqular watercolor palette?
  73. Identifying Cold v. Warm
  74. Input on how vision, contrast, and depth work for artists?
  75. Does anyone know how accurate this website is?
  76. Can I get some tips for skin tones?
  77. Online Lesson
  78. Learning to paint
  79. making paint from scratch
  80. 6 color gouache palette, how is this for a 'natural/realistic' gamut?
  81. Daniel Smith Primatek Oil Paints Review
  82. PY3, trusting the lightfastness of the pigment in other mediums or the label?
  83. Cool and warm shadows
  84. Marattta colour system used by John Sloan and Robert Henri
  85. Give me three colors....
  86. Help mixing violet
  87. Help identify with this palette?
  88. new to painting, help please
  89. Burnt Umber vs. Burnt Umber - 2 Of The Same Brands
  90. Cadmium red light
  91. PY138 quinophthalone yellow .. any experience? (xpost)
  92. The Master's palettes
  93. Cast shadows colors?
  94. Kremer Pigment colors of nature
  95. How to make an inexpensive palet for painting
  96. Advice needed: how to depict "warm lamplight" in opaque acrylic?
  97. Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe
  98. Liquid white
  99. Genuine Emerald Green!
  100. The effect of varnishing on lightfastness in oil paints
  101. Blackberry color in acrylics
  102. recipes for mixing greys
  103. The Master's palettes
  104. Learning about transparency
  105. for the brilliantly digital-minded, answer a query
  106. Palette based on pairs of neutralizing compliments
  107. The Master's palettes
  108. A little conservation Job
  109. Colors
  110. question is what you use gold and silver and the differ colors of metal paint
  111. Pyrrole Rubine PR264 disappointment
  112. PB27 (Oil paint)
  113. Can You Guess the Pigments?
  114. RGB values for common names of Artist colours
  115. Paintmaking II Ochres (with Photos!)
  116. CMY proponents?
  117. Acrylic Color Chart: Paper or Board??
  118. student grade oils vs. acrylics: an observation
  119. oil bubbles on the top of tube
  120. Best Acrylic Cad Red Sub: Pyrrole or Napthol??
  121. Napthol red plus what?
  122. Mud colors: can anything good come out of them?
  123. Access to WC Articles
  124. 3 Colors
  125. Old Holland Driebergen Yellow-Reddish Light?
  126. RYB; CMY; RGB+CMY or special, Limited colors gamut palettes?
  127. Alizarin Crimson Comparison Munsell Style
  128. Cobalt Violet Hue
  129. pure pigment mixing
  130. Zinc White and Wax Medium prevent Cracking
  131. Genuine Ultramarine Blue Extraction Video
  132. I hope to learn alot from this
  133. Pr 83:1
  134. violet
  135. Recommendations for Mixing a Salmon/Rose Color
  136. Remove Grumbacher Naples Yellow (Hue)(PBr7;PR108;PY35:1;PW4) from my pallet?
  137. Has anybody tried Golden's Cerulean Blue Deep?
  138. Metameric effect
  139. Skin Tone
  140. HELP! New Oil Painter...
  141. plz help me build my palette
  142. Ultramarine Blue vs Lapis Lazuli Munsell Comparison
  143. What color is your ground?
  144. Phthalo Green YS: Thumbs up or down?
  145. Siamese Cat Palette: Any Ideas??
  146. What's the difference between a 'white' material, and a mirror?
  147. Vermilion red. Is it better than cad/pyrrole?
  148. Best black???
  149. Color Chips
  150. Searching for a bright opaque yellow oil paint
  151. PG8 Nitroso Green
  152. Making Viridian pigment? Chemistry?
  153. R&F Pigment Sticks: Indigo or Prussian Blue?
  154. Green and Purple makes... cyan?!
  155. never using green, what about purple
  156. Size of your palette.
  157. How can I get this color?
  158. How can I get this color?
  159. Alizarin Crimson-Oils-
  160. Titanium White in a yellowing binder.
  161. violet + green mixes
  162. Pr 209 or 207 in oils, anybody using?
  163. Muted red (acrylic) suggestions?
  164. Pigment loads acrylic and oil
  165. just one yellow
  166. Long term prospects of zinc white in oil
  167. Too Blue
  168. Alizarin Crimson Fading Photographed
  169. Really dumb question about blue
  170. Metamerism problem
  171. PY83 pigment
  172. How I've been wrestling with color lately
  173. coniferous green?
  174. You Red it here; Swatches of some reddish colours
  175. How to mix a Ultramarine Green (PG24) Hue ???
  176. how many skin tones?
  177. drying time of yellows
  178. mixing lighter and darker hues
  179. Brown Tabby cat colors?
  180. making acrylics more opaque
  181. Burnt Sienna vs Burnt Umber
  182. Holiday Cheers to CT&M friends!
  183. Replicating Norwegian winter painting - colour use.
  184. transparent split primaries?
  185. What happened with these primaries?
  186. Terre Verte / Green Earth
  187. Creamy skin tones help!
  188. Burnt Umber problematic?
  189. PR122 & PV19 on the same watercolor palette?
  190. Lukas 1862 with "beewax"?
  191. Mixing Browns and Tans with a Limited Palette
  192. Black, to use or not to use?
  193. Pigment Mountain
  194. PR 170 Naphthol Red Lightfastness? In Oil
  195. unusual color formulations
  196. Color Mixing Charts: Blessing or Curse to creativity?
  197. Temperatures of colours
  198. Stumped About A Shadow
  199. Strontium Yellow
  200. White skin by underpaiting?
  201. Thickening Walnut Oil?
  202. Please Help! I cant pulverise Lapis Lazuli!
  203. Daniel Smith discontinues acrylics
  204. Can I burnish oil paint to bring out colour?
  205. Hue angle of clear, midday sky?
  206. more mixing steps: red + blue and yellow + violet
  207. Which Pigment is the Best Match for Clear, Midday Sky?
  208. Making Titanium White Less Opaque in Oils
  209. Using Beeswax in paint making?
  210. Glaze Strength x-posted in Acrylics
  211. 8 Yellow Pigments Swatches
  212. Lapis Lazuli and genuine ultramarine
  213. water-soluble oils
  214. How to Mix non-Yellow, High Value, High Chroma Green?
  215. Analogous Palette Play, Anyone?
  216. Help with Color Match
  217. Dueling Raw Siennas
  218. Natural Colors With Acrylics
  219. Mixing Help?
  220. Color Chart Photo Lighting & WC Thank You Note
  221. Does using egg change the color?
  222. Psychological Impact of Colors
  223. Matte paint
  224. Need a middle range acrylic red for unusual palette
  225. Getting back into painting(acrylics),need some suggestions.
  226. Help newbie understand colour mixing?
  227. Limited palette people - how and why?
  228. question about dry brush
  229. Studio Production Zinc white
  230. Advice for Getting Started Making Paint - Cross posted in Oil Forum
  231. WIP= Help With A Color
  232. Darkening\Lightening W&N Renaissance Gold Oil paint
  233. Color Charts: Dueling Methods
  234. A low-tinting strength palette
  235. Art Spectrum Oils Pigments for Australian paint fans
  236. PV23: The Only Purple for Black?
  237. Gouache limited palette for portraits, and tips?
  238. How to mix neon/fluorescent colors with lightfast pigments
  239. PO 20 Cadmium Orange
  240. The Great Chromate Comparison!
  241. Mixing Fluorescent pink?
  242. non-toxic replacement for Cadmium Yellow
  243. Williamsburg, Blockx, and Grum Raw Sienna
  244. Question about white gouache. And convenience colors.
  245. The chemistry of paints and painting" 1915 year
  246. Back to our Rare pigment exploration: PV29
  247. Is Cad red light really need in watercolor?
  248. Cobalt Violet- worth it?
  249. Acrylic 6 colours system with CMY
  250. Unlimited Palette?