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  2. Cat with attitude - a new project
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  15. Project Discussion: Cuddling With Dogs
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  18. Project Discussion: KIDS AND THEIR PETS
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  20. Project Discussion: Out of Africa
  21. Project Discussion: Bird Brains- Habitat Project
  22. Project Discussion: Animal Art Scavenger Hunt
  23. Honor the SF Tiger
  24. Wildlife on bone china boxes
  25. You wanna draw cats & dogs from Real life, Pound closes 01/31, 650 animals may die
  26. Reference images
  27. Out of focus
  28. Book that most inspired my creativity
  29. Questions for artists?
  30. Request to check in
  31. Wolf portrait in pastels (WIP)
  32. BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year Award 2011
  33. Wolf painting
  34. Herd and hay
  35. I painted over it.
  36. Getting back to it
  37. Rhino Poaching In South Africa
  38. Shimmer of Blue
  39. Koala painting now finished
  40. Lion in a pickle
  41. Shall I keep going or throw it away?
  42. Got my eye on you
  43. Anticipation (Foxhound)
  44. Elk Oil Painting
  45. A greyhound WIP
  46. Project; Cats & Dogs Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
  47. PROJECT; Endangered Animals & Birds
  48. What colour paper for background?
  49. Project Discussion: Wildlife Mothers & Babies
  50. New Project; Birds From A To Z
  51. another raccoon
  52. zebra, acrylics
  53. How to paint wet
  54. Looking for WIPs of longer hair dogs
  55. Simple West Highland Terrier on black
  56. Painting on moose antlers
  57. Lion
  58. Elk and Cougar WIP
  59. Penquins wip
  60. Pet portraits can look cartoonish
  61. Pet Portrait - is there much of a market for it ?
  62. Seeking Advise for Animal's Painting
  63. Medical Marijuana are you In?