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Photo: Actress Sarah Bernhardt

The Entertainers

During the mid-to-late 19th century, and especially during the French Belle Epoch (1890-1900), the city of Paris was alive with entertainment.

The hustle and bustle of Paris, and especially the northern suburb of Montmartre, became a breeding ground for legends such as the actress Sarah Bernhardt and the long-legged cabaret dancer, Jane Avril. Places such as the Moulin Rouge, the Moulin de la Galette, and the Folies Bergere became veritable institutions of entertainment.

These places, and their occupants, were immortalized almost daily by the swarms of artists in and around Paris. Color posters could not have emerged at a more timely moment. The features in this exhibit will introduce you to the players, and the places, that graced the color posters during fin-de-siecle Paris.

Photo: The Moulin Rouge, c. 1900

The Entertainers
Sarah Bernhardt Jane Avril Loie Fuller
Aristide Bruant Yvette Guilbert La Goulue

The Cabarets and Dance Halls
The Chat Noir The Moulin Rouge The Moulin de la Galette
The Folies Bergère Bal Tabarin

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