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Related Exhibits from our Individual Artist Collection
Camille Pissarro
The oldest of the Impressionists, Pissarro served as a father figure for many of the younger artists. Come explore the world of the only artist to exhibit in all eight original impressionist exhibitions!
Edouard Manet
The informal leader of the Cafe Guerbois group, and mentor to the younger artists, Manet is considered by many to be the "father of the impressionist movement".
Frederic Bazille
A very diversified artist, and personal friend of Monet, Bazille was killed in action during the Franco-Prussian war. His true potential was never seen. Explore the world of this fascinating young artist.
Claude Monet
Berthe Morisot
Edgar Degas
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Alfred Sisley
Mary Cassatt
Gustave Caillebotte
The "silent partner" of Impressionism, Caillebotte became critical to its success through his generous financial support, as well as his contributions artistically.

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