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Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890):

Born in 1869, the son of a parson, Vincent van Gogh worked in branches of the Paris art dealer Goupil in the Hague, Brussels, and London. In 1876, he became an assistant teacher and preacher in London. During 1877 and 1878, van Gogh trained as a lay preacher, and began to take up an interest in drawing. From 1878 to 1880, he preached the gospel in the mining area of Borinage, but suffered in poverty. His brother, Theo van Gogh, who was an art dealer, began to provide financial support for Vincent. In 1880, Vincent finally decided on a career as an artist, and began studying at the academy in Brussels. He continued his studies in 1885 and 1886 in Antwerp, at the college of art. In 1886, Vincent traveled to Paris, where he studied in the studio (atelier) of Cormon. It was there that Vincent met Bernard and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Through his brother Theo (the art dealer), Vincent met other artists within the impressionism circles. He began to experiment wildly with color, employing the impressionist techniques learned from his friends. He developed a special friendship with Paul Gauguin, and at one point, even roomed with him. Unfortunately, this relationship ultimately ended disastrously due to Vincent's mental instabilities.

In 1890, Vincent exhibited with the Independants in Paris. During that same year, he exhibited with Les Vingt in Brussels, where Anna Boch, a fellow painter and friend, bought the only painting he ever sold in his lifetime. He moved to Auvers, where he was treated by his friend, Doctor Gachet. Unfortunately, Vincent's mental state was beyond help. Out of desperation and frustration, he fatally shot himself in 1890.

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