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Grun was eventually accepted into the Salon de Paris, also known as the Salon de la Societe des Artistes Francais (The Salon of the Society of French Artists). His first accepted Salon painting was Nature Morte in 1885. Other Salon works included Coin de jardin (1894), Retour du marché (1895, which earned him honorable mention), Fontaine de cuivre (1896), Coin d'office (1897), which got a 3rd class Salon medal), and Antiquaire (1903, which earned a second class medal).

Grun continued to exhibit in the Salon, eventually becoming a member of the Jury and selection commitee. His later works, including the portrait of Cardinal Baudrillart, portrait of Georges Goyau, Reunion d'Artistes, Banc d'oeuvre, The Trio, l'Annamite, la dame au vieux parchemin and The Letter were widely exhibited in France. His works were exhibited in Argentina and Belgium as well. Many of these works can be seen in Grun's Painting Exhibit in this museum.

One of his most important works was entitled un Vendredi au Salon des Artistes Francais, or, "A Friday at the Salon of the French Artists". This piece, which now hangs above the staircase at the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Rouen, France, depicted a number of prominent figures. Among the nearly 100 celebrities in the painting, you will find Jules Cheret, Angelo Mariani, Grun and his Wife (Juliette Toutain-Grun), and of course, his mentor and teacher, Antoine Guillemet.

un Vendredi au Salon des Artistes Francais
Another of his more prominent works was Fin de Souper, or, "After Dinner". This work is also referred to as "The Dinner Party", for obvious reasons. It depicts Grun, his wife, and a number of their friends (including Jules Cheret and Antoine Guillemet) engaged in after dinner revelry. Guillemet is sitting on the right hand side of the painting, leaning on his hand. He is facing (and talking to) Grun's wife Juliette Toutain-Grun. You can see Cheret and Grun in the back/middle of the painting, Grun slightly obscured by Cheret.

Fin de Souper

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