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The Story of Grun's Bal Tabarin Controversy

In 1904, Grun stirred up quite a bit controversy in Paris with his release of his now famous Bal Tabarin poster. The poster depicts a beautiful lady, out out on the town with two gentleman, no doubt all out for a good time at the Bal Tabarin, a local revue. So what's the problem you ask? You will notice in the image to the right that the gentleman standing behind the lady is black. In today's modern society, this would not be a problem, however, apparently some bigots in Parisienne society objected quite adamantly to this. Chaix was forced to re-issue the poster, substituting a white man for the original fellow. This particular work, and many of Grun's other posters, can be viewed in our online exhibit of Grun's Posters.

Bal Tabarin

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