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From the artist:


I have painted in most media but after a course in pastels two years ago I fell in love with the vibrant colors and how fast I could work in this media...however I went form realistic still lifes to semi abstract landscapes. I have been sucessful with these abstracts I think because they are so different from most of the other art submitted for jury. So I took the next step with "LillyPond" which is 24"x32" and tried to capture a more impressionistic mood, but to the jury it did not cut it. Please tell me all the reasons you can see why. Thanks for looking! -- signed "Forecaller"

Your Original

Above: My Modifications
My suggestions / modifications:

It is recommendable to dedicate a specific area to the painting that will contain more interest (known as the focal point). In your painting, the pink flowers are scattered throughout. One possibility, if you wish to have so many flowers, would be to put most of them in shadow allowing the sun to reflect off just a few (as seen in my modification above). I would've left out the lilac colored lilies as well.

Additional comments:

Good job - keep it up!

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