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From the artist:

I have a passion for seascape art, (raised on the California coastline). I'm self taught and far from experienced. Critiques welcome!

The Learning Gallery: Days Gone By

Your Original
Strong Points:
  • I like the way you depict water. No wonder you like seascapes! It is hard to make water look real and you do it right.
  • You've got nice movement in the ocean.
  • The boat is great. It looks weather beaten.
  • The arch in the rock makes a nice visual tunnel giving a sense of distance.

My Modified Version
Areas to Work On / My Modifications:
  • The rock looks too flat topped. Try not to have straight horizontal (or vertical) lines that run parallel to the frame.
  • Also reduce the amount of flowers. Just a few near the boat will say enough. I've taken the liberty of removing some of them in my version. Remember, less is more. Like using spices. Just a touch will enhance the flavor, too much will spoil the dish. :-)
  • Don't have subjects pointing outward of the picture. The boat's hull in your original is pointing towards the frame. I flipped it to a mirror image. Now it's pointing the opposite way, into the picture. Viewers unconciously tend to wander out of the picture visually when we point in the wrong direction.

Additional comments:

Good luck. Keep on painting. You do well!

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