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The Learning Gallery: Fruit Still Life in Oil

Boy oh boy I feel like sinking my teeth into the fruit!

The strong points in the original painting are:

  • Very accurate colors for the fruits.
  • The orange peel coming down adds a nice rhythmic movement to the painting
    and also helps draw the viewers eye into the painting but taking him on a
    roller coaster ride meanwhile. A triangular shape is very accurate in still lifes.
  • Nice interesting background through hue shift and value changes. I've seen many artists paint the negative space(the area surrounding the elements) a dull monochromatic look.
  • The colors are very accurate. The reflections on the silver well handled.

The images to the left are electronically enhanced copies, with the suggestions of the critiquers incorporated directly into the image.

Specific comments are below.

Areas to work on:

When doing still lifes try to change your perspective by having the horizon line up higher so that the bowl and the silver tea pot will appear more rounded. The way it seems now is that the horizon line is about the height of the bowl. With a higher horizon line we will be able to look into the bowl, thus adding depth and interest to it.

The wine glass seems to look invisible in the middle (that could be the photo). A few strokes of light and reflection will correct that.

The spout of the tea pot seems a bit off.

You may want to add a bit more light to the grapes hanging over the oranges to separate them from the ones on the left (see my modification).

You will achieve better color harmony by adding some hints of green on the tea pot and in the shadows of the table cloth. Reflected color will justify this.

I also added a shadow on the bowl behind the overhanging grapes since that area would receive less light. Also I darkened the bottom of the bowl to make it look more three-dimensional. I worked on the spout. The bowl and the tea pot are a bit more into perspective now.

Additional comments:
Congratulations! Well done!

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