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From the artist:

Acrylic, permanent ink. After visiting and old grist mill and store I just had to try capturing it on canvas.

The Learning Gallery: Old Grist Mill

Your Original
Strong Points:
  • There is nice color variegation in the trees.
  • You simplified the subject.
  • Nice blurry background in cool mauve colors giving the foliage a distant look.

My Modified Version
Areas to Work On / My Modifications:

I felt there were more square inches than necessary in the sky and the ground so I cropped it; besides, the mill seemed to be placed in the middle. I wanted a stronger value contrast to pop the front wall out more, so I increased the size of the tree and darkened it. In order to avoid the same tree mass on the left and the right,s I added a larger tree on the right side. The sky is a bit more interesting now, with more blue peeking through the clouds.

Additional comments:

Overall, I feel you knocked off a pretty good painting! :-)

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