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From the artist:

My name is Carol, and this is a first effort at a tiger portrait in acrylics. The size is 9" x 12". I draw my own stuff - I do not use photocopies (I am not thinking that I am better than those who don't, thats just the way I do my art. It took lots of hard work to learn to draw - nothing comes very easy for me, so I don't want to sound smug!)

If you have room I would love to have you critique this for me. I am always open to learn and I don't think we can ever learn enough.


The Learning Gallery: Tiger Portrait

Your Original
Strong Points:
  • It is a wonderful job. Well drawn!

My Modified Version
Areas to Work On:

I only have one suggestion. If you leave more breathing space for the tiger at the right side, people will be more comfortable with it. Look at my version. You may want to try to have a variety of colors in the background instead of just a void black area. Even some dark green foliage may look pleasing and help give a home to your tiger.

Additional comments:

You have the hardest part wrapped up, the drawing. Keep it up!

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