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"Get That Sketchbook Out and USE it!!"
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Author: Diahn_Ott, Contributing Editor

This watercolor of one of the daylilies in my garden was done in the large Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.
I’m currently working in a hand+book journal co square journal that is also stitched, so that it lays flat when I’m working. The paper is somewhere between a typical sketchbook and the watercolor Moleskine. It takes all media well, including light washes of watercolor or acrylic ink. The square format is interesting, but requires some forethought in planning! I have to say that I miss my Moleskine (I’ve filled 2 in the last year, cover to cover) and as soon as this one is done, I’ll be going back!
So, those are the basics of the sketchbooks I’ve used – but apart from quick sketches and thumbnails and working out compositions before I start a painting – what else is a sketchbook good for? Well…experimentation, of course!
One of my favorite things to do when I get a new sketchbook, is to go through and pre-color random pages – a swath of watercolor, a spray of ink, a glued in swatch of handmade paper, or even a complete coating of acrylic paint. I find that when I get to that page, I can work whatever random paint is already there into the sketch. For example, on this page, I used some opaque watercolor all across the two-page spread of my Moleskine sketchbook before I made my first mark. Then, when I started sketching the old photographs from one of Deirdre’s (deepat) WDE’s, the antiqued nature of the pages seemed perfect for the images!
You can see in this one how the watercolor interacts with the Moleskine paper.