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"Creating a Signature Banner"
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Author: hlee, Contributing Editor

So you've decided you'd like one of those eye-catching banners featuring your artwork for your WetCanvas! signature. What next? Time to fire up your imaging program of choice and read on! Before you do, however, please remember that you may only include your own, original artwork graphics in your signature banner. Since signatures can no longer include multiple images, you'll have to re-work all of your images into one banner.

Also note that signature lines are also limited to 3 personal links, and WC! links in addition to these 3 personal links. See the user agreement you signed when you joined WetCanvas! for complete restrictions on signature links and banners ( Anti-Spam Policy ) and remember, please don't include nudity in your banners.

This tutorial is available in:
  • Adobe Photoshop (also covers uploading to MyWC!)
  • Irfanview (quick fix for the busy artist) -- starts on page 3
  • GIMP (more elaborate walkthrough) -- starts on page 5

    (For links to obtain the last two programs and other noteworthy points, please see the end of the tutorial. Credits go to Maria Khurram for the tutorials in Photoshop and uploading, to Marty C for the ultra simple demonstration in Irfanview, and to hlee for the demonstration of GIMP.)

    And off you go! :)

  • Making a banner in Photoshop

    1) Open the number of images you want to put in your signature.
    2) Click on Image tab in the menu bar.
    3) Click Image Size.
    4) Adjust the size. Change only Height to 60.
    Don't wait - discuss this topic with fellow artists now in our forum!
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