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"2003 WC! Acrylic Forum Art Show"
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Author: Ivyleaf, Contributing Editor

Our Acrylic Forum members have been creating some amazing art in the past year. They are a fantastic group, always willing to help and offer encouragement to each other. They are willing to take a leap, and experiment with techniques or subjects they have never worked with before.

This show is just a glimpse into the artwork and the people that you will find when you enter the Acrylic Forum. All WC! members who earned their Acrylic Forum Badges prior to August 11, 2003 were invited to participate in this show. The entries received for this show really capture the diversity that makes this forum such a great resource for all acrylic artists.

Enjoy the show!
WC! Member: andyvry

Title: "Beached Cats"

Info: 20x16 inches on stretched paper, using W&N "Finity" acrylics and a little liquid gloss medium for glazing.

Painted from a reference photo of the cats only, the surroundings are pure invention. The boats themselves I paid a lot of attention to getting them to look 'real' but the setting I chose to keep that 'loose' because I was looking to create a 'fresh air' feel in the painting. I am happy with the outcome. This painting has now been sold.

I enjoy the community spirit of WC! and the many contributors who are willing to share their work and ideas. I find that both stimulating and encouraging.
WC! Member: "Artistry" aka L. Diane Johnson

Title: "In The Pink"

Info: 18 x 24 inches, made with Liquitex, Golden, Pebeo, Windsor & Newton acrylic paints, no mediums used, on Stretched Linen

Used all filbert brushes on this piece, building up the paint from dark to light, finishing with the highlights. I looked for differences in value and color temperature between the steps and rocks in this detail. Care must be taken not to get too dark in the shadow areas and to observe the many colors found in shadows in particular.

Due to the subject, that of flowing flowering trees in the Spring, I tried to emulate the sense of movement in the scene. To do this, it was necessary to paint more loosely and keep moving quickly while painting. I sprayed with water to keep areas workable for as long as I needed them to be to achieve the desired effect. Also, using directional strokes with and around objects helped to form them. I was selective about using lost and found edges as necessary to create a sense of depth in this primarily foreground/middle ground landscape.

Since its inception WC! has been an incredible asset to artists at all levels. The Acrylics Forum in particular, has many folks who are experimenting, examining and trying to push acrylic in as many ways as is possible whether through abstract or representational painting techniques, and using various mediums as well. Even as an advanced painter, I have learned a great deal through observing and conversing with others who love the acrylic media.

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