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"Beginner's Guide to WetCanvas!"
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Author: MonicaB, Contributing Editor

Welcome to the best place on the web for artists! We know this is a huge site, so we’ve put together this guide to give you an idea of what is here.

WetCanvas is made up of many different parts. The major pieces are:

1. Discussion Forums
2. Articles
3. Project System
4. Reference Image Library
5. The Virtual Gallery
6. My WC!

There are, of course, other features in the site, but these are the major features most artists are interested in. We’ll look at each of these here.

But first, since we are all visual artists, here’s a picture that shows the site with all its major features:
Discussion Forums

By far the most active part of the site, the Discussion Forums are like rooms in a house. Each forum or room is devoted to a single topic. These topics can be anything related to art, such as Watercolor Painting or Still Life Painting. You can find a list and description of each of our forums here:

List of Forums

If you haven’t used discussion forums before, they can be a little confusing, so let’s look at them a little more closely.
Finding the Forums
You can find the forums you want in a number of different ways. The best place to start is here:

List of Forums

Otherwise, as you’re navigating around, you can get to the forums easily. At the bottom of most pages, you will find a Forum Jump menu that looks like this:
You can scroll through this list to access all the forums.
Once You’re In a Forum

Within a discussion forum, there are many conversations going on related to the forum’s topic. Think of it as a huge party – for example, the group on the couch is discussing the best way to apply a watercolor wash for a specific effect, while the group in the corner is talking about the different ways you can use a watercolor pencil. Each conversation is called a thread. Whenever anyone joins the conversation, their comments are a post in the thread.

Here’s a picture of the Drawing and Sketching forum:
Don't wait - discuss this topic with fellow artists now in our forum!
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