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"Featured Glass Artist Interview: Jennifer Geldard"
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Author: Glass_Masters, Contributing Editor

V.C. Thank you Jennifer, that step by step demonstration was exceptional. Just one final parting question. We know that many artists start out on a common road, then choose their own path. Could you tell us what your path looks like?

J.G. I think my path is continuing just around the bend. I donít really have a clear view of it. Itís a very solitary walk through the woods where I can stop and check something very closely without worrying about keeping up with the group. I feel if I tried to define my work, or put some kind of schedule to it, Iíll stagnate. Thatís one reason I donít do special orders very often, and production work doesnít interest me at all. The magic is in the process, solving a particular problem on a given day.

V.C. Jennifer, thank you for your time in doing this interview, in allowing us to learn more about you, and to be inspired by your wonderful glass art.
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