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"Plein Air Oil on the Shores of Lake Superior"
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Author: Larry_Seiler, Contributing Editor

Well...at long last we have finished. Actually, it took me far longer to complete this article than it did to do the painting. My guess is approximately 2 hours to complete the work, and by that time I had been baked by the sun. As usual, we can always learn something...and with all my time spent around water, how could I have managed to forget my sunscreen? I felt it a couple days after!

I'll invite you to check out my last mpeg video, which should end our session with a smile.

  • Click here for my end of the session video clip!

Hope you found this lesson useful, and I'd like to add that I am working on a collection of my how-to's with other demos and more indepth instruction and analysis that will be available on a CD for both Mac and PC users. Please feel free to contact me to inquire as to obtaining a copy! -Larry

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