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Author: Frank_Moran, Contributing Editor

The arms are aluminum wire for flexibility wrapped around the shoulder Tee (right).
Several features are built into this armature to allow for variety even though it is rigid; there isn't a head loop, the neck is pre-bent, the shoulders can be narrow or broad, the spine is curved, the hips are high and narrow, the knees are pre-bent and the base has 10 different mounting holes drilled in it. The entire armature is wrapped in small gauge aluminum wire to allow the clay to get a better grip. Below is a sculpture done with this type of armature.
In the fifth example (left), this sculpture is on an all aluminum flexible armature attached to the pipe for stability. The right image shows the shape of the armature.
The loop above the hips is for attaching to the pipe. The support structure is a " NPT pipe flange mounted in the corner on a Formica covered base. The vertical pipe has a larger size Tee fitting over it with thumbscrews to hold it at the desired height. The horizontal part of the Tee has a reducer for the small pipe which has a lead plug pounded into its end that is tapped for a machine screw to attach the armature (below).
The last example (above) is aluminum foil wrapped with small gauge aluminum wire, the legs are thicker aluminum wire wrapped with the smaller gauge wire and held to the base with the modeling medium which is Sculpy here. The figure on the left is a smaller version of what's inside this in-progress calf on the right.
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