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Hello, and welcome to Watercolor Painting, My Way! My name is Rod Webb, a veteran watercolorist, and resident of beautiful New Zealand.  I'm one of the many virtual tutors here at WetCanvas! My goal here is to provide a series of step-by-step lessons, as well as some individual tips for all levels of watercolorists.


If you have any questions, I can be reached via email at: [email protected].  I can also be found in the Cafe Guerbois a few nights each week. Be sure to check out the Watercolor forum here at wetcanvas.com - lots of good info there, and plenty of support and assistance.


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Watercolor Painting, My Way! - Online Lesson Index
Sunsets and Silhouettes: Four pages of fun watercolor action!
Intro to Washes: A great one-page lesson for beginners - how to do simple flat and graduated washes!
Autumn Leaves: Join me for an interesting look at painting realistic autumn leaves, complete with water droplets!
A Mountainscape: Mountain scenes depicting majestic peaks can be fun projects, indeed - but they don't have to be difficult, come learn my way!
The Magic of Painting Trees: Trees are one of the most critical components of any good landscape painting. Come learn to paint trees, my way!
There's a Fairy in my Garden!: See my step-by-step walkthrough of the Garden Fairy, a recent project held here in the Cafe Guerbois!
Painting Rocks with Crevaces: The last lesson on rocks was so popular, that I had to do a sequel. Enjoy!
Painting Rocks: A Step-by-step lesson on painting rocks!
Bowl of Fruit: This is the watercolor version of the pastel still life demo I did recently.
Raindrops: These little guys can be tough, so here are a few tips!
Painting Roses: Painting these majestic flowers is always a treat, but sometimes a challenge. Join me!
Shagrock, Sumner, New Zealand: Join me for another exciting landscape demo!
A Landscape Demo: Painting castles is always fun - join me for a step-by-step demo!
Kaiapoi Railway Station: I painted this historic railway station at Kaiapoi, New Zealand some time ago. Come take a look!
An Angle Transfer Tool: Here's my sure-fire way of transferring accurate perspective to your watercolor paintings!
Painting Clouds: Learn the ins and outs of creating clouds - a difficult subject for novices, but as you'll see, it doesn't have to be!
Stretching Watercolor Paper: Stretching your watercolor paper is an excellent way of preventing "buckling" when applying a wash. Learn an easy way!
Painting Rod's Magnolias!: I was bored one day and decided to paint on the magnificent magnolias that grow behind my house. Join me for a full demonstration!
Masking Fluid (Frisket): Do's and Don'ts: Learn the ins and outs of working with Masking Fluid or "frisket".
Painting a Boat Scene, My Way!: Join me as I paint the fishing boat "Clematis" in New Zealand!
Still Life Painting, My Way!: Join me as I work through a still life painting, using my computer to assist me!
Using Plastic Sheets for Textured Backgrounds: Learn to use crumpled plastic shopping bags to spice up your backgrounds!