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Watercolor Painting, My Way!: Painting Trees: L1/4

Author: Rod Webb, Associate Editor

Mix a green using yellow ochre and ultramarine. Using the side of the brush, drag it across the rough paper to produce a broken effect, leaving sky holes between the foliage.
Add some more ultramarine to darken mix. While the first paint is still wet, apply shadow areas, allowing it to merge, giving soft edges.
Allow to dry. Then, using burnt umber, paint in the trunk and add branches that show in the sky holes.
With mix of raw sienna and burnt umber. applythe foreground using a dry brush technique. This will leave spaces and give texture. Drop in some Burnt Umber to add more texture to the rough ground.
With our original mix add some shrubs either side of our tree. Then with burnt umber add the broken down fence. A simple but effective scene.

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