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Masking Fluid (Frisket) Do's and Dont's: L1

Author: Rod Webb, Associate Editor

What is masking fluid? Masking fluid is latex-rubber fluid that is applied to your watercolor paper, will work as a resistant, preserving the white paper or wash underneath. It is often referred to as "frisket".

Equipment used with masking fluid:

1. Old Toothbrush.

2. Drawing Pen.

3. Old nylon brush with the bristles cut off.

4. Mapping Pen.

5. Medium size old nylon brush

6. Pen made from bamboo.

7. Art Masking Fluid.

To protect your brushes, dip them into dishwash fluid, work into bristles and remove excess. Wash immediately after use and they will clean easily.

A simple pen can be made from a piece of bamboo.

My cut down brush with dishwash applied ready for use.
I pour some fluid into the lid, which is easier than trying to judge the level of fluid in a half-used bottle. This way you can load the pen with the same amount every time.

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